Friday, June 13, 2014

Fabulous Friday the 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th and if you know me, you know that I love the number 13.  It has always been my number and for some weird reason, it always seems to find me in happy situations.  To celebrate this Friday the 13th, I thought I'd share with you 13 things that make me happy today...

Nothing says summer like blowing water at each other through a pool noodle.  These two kids crack me up constantly.  The three of us went to the pool on Tuesday and they had more fun doing this than swimming :).

This weekend, Gap is having a BIG SALE!   Woohoo!

Tonight, Kensington and I are getting our nails done.  This is one of my favorite little things to do with my sweet girl.

I told you last week that now is the time to look at watches!  So many watches are 40% off right now!  That's a crazy good price!  I think I might actually start doing some Christmas shopping.  This would make a great gift at a great price...and I'll be thankful in December that I did it!

I came home from the grocery store the other evening and saw my whole world on one bike riding down the street.  The kids were in the buggy and the dog was on there too.  My whole world...on one bike.

The kids and I bought one of these Zoku Quick Pop Makers on Wednesday for some summer fun and homemade popsicles...and so far, we love it!  I will post some of our creations on Mix and Match Mama this summer.

I love these solid scarves that are on sale right now 2 for $38 (and come in 30 different colors!).  I went to the mall on Monday and bought the kelly green and khaki colors (but it was a hard decision because I wanted them all!).
The first two are the ones I bought...but I really loved the other 28 choices too!  These are light enough for spring and summer but many of the colors are dark enough to wear through fall.  I can't wait to show you pics of me in them!

This weekend, we're eating dinner on the patio every single night.  My Grilled Shrimp Tacos are most definitely on the menu!

My mom took my kids to see Maleficent and they LOVED it!  They are talking about it so much that now I'm going to take them back to see it a second time.

Banana Pudding ice cream from Blue Bell.  Buy it.  Just buy it.


Sheaffer and I are so excited about Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale next month!  What I love most about this sale is that there are a lot of fall/winter items on sale and not just leftover summer things.  Last year, I bought boots at 40% off and some great outerwear and scarves just in time for fall.  I know it's only summer but I love scouring for some good fall sales!  Stay tuned for more!

Speaking of Sheaffer...coming up on Monday, I do my Closet Confession on her blog.  It was so tough going after Andrea because her closet is amazing!

And finally, this Sunday is Father's Day!!  I am so blessed to have two such amazing fathers to celebrate.  My husband is such a sweet daddy to my kiddos.  I am grateful every single day for his presence in our kids' lives.  

And this guy...well, this guy is like the best dad ever.  Thank you Jesus for my sweet dad.

On the foodie blog today...we're linking up and sharing our favorite summer desserts!  Did you know that tomorrow is National Strawberry Shortcake Day?!?!  To celebrate, I made my easy Strawberry Shortcake Trifle.  

And finally, several of you have asked about the Erin Condren giveaway.  All 10 winners were announced on Tuesday and all 10 winners have since claimed their prizes.  Thank you!

Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. Um, SO excited about the Nordstrom sale! Better start saving up for that baby boy right now!

    It took me a full day of the website being down, but I finally snagged my life planner yesterday, can't WAIT to get it! :)

  2. Okay, so the mention of the Anniversary Sale gave me heart palpitations. WHAT WILL BE ON SALE? WHAT KIND OF DEALS WILL WE GET? HOW MUCH MONEY AM I GOING TO SAVE?
    I'm going to have to start prepping very soon. And you know I'm not kidding.

  3. Love this!! I got engaged on Friday the 13th so that's always been my number too :)

  4. The banana pudding ice cream,,,my favorite. If you ever see the front porch banana pudding ice cream buy it, you will not be sorry!! Happy Friday !!!!

  5. Banana Pudding ice cream??? I haven't eaten in three days... so I'm pretty sure this is warranted. Maybe toast first... but then banana pudding ice cream. And those are the scarves I've been talking about for a sweet forever! THE BEST, right?!?! So glad you got them! I've been drooling over the kelly green, I bet it's GORGEOUS on you :)

  6. My Friday the 13th's weren't the greatest in high school. My boyfriend (husband now) dropped a tree in the woods on his leg while I was prepping for my high school prom. But many years later, our sweet baby girl was born on Friday the 13th (and the day before Valentine's Day) and we now have a total different outlook on the Friday 13th!!

    I love to read your blog, very uplifting. Always excited to see your pics!

  7. Hi Shay,

    What brand and color nail polish is in that picture?

  8. I really hope you are going to discuss the wallpaper leading into your closet. Because it is amazing and I need it in my house!

  9. Those scarves look SO fabulous and I pretty much want every single color, how to decide on just a couple...I have no idea! Also, just the outside of your closet looks gorgeous so I can't wait to see the inside!! Have such a great weekend with your beautiful family!!!

  10. I spy more wallpaper! And I LOVE it!!

  11. happy happy weekend!! and yes on the bb banana pudding!! oh my wow, it's goooood! xo

  12. I'm going to have to try that banana pudding ice cream! Can't wait to see your closet tour too! Thought I should share these Red Sox wedges I saw! Go Sox!

    and these

  13. I completely skipped the half yearly sale this year to save for anniversary. I cannot wait for next month! I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

  14. I love your blog. It is inspiring and fresh. Keep up the great work!
    Kris in Seattle

  15. I have been trying to decide if my 6.5 year old can handle the movie. Sounds like you give it a thumbs up!

  16. Just to let you know about the wedges that another reader posted about....I bought the same exact pair but with the Baltimore Ravens on them and they are awesome wedges. You should do a post about all the Red Sox clothes/shoes/decorations you have. I have an entire room plus an entire wardrobe (complete with rain boots, cowboy boots, wedge sandals, fuzzy wedge boots) dedicated to my Ravens.

  17. So many fun summery things!!! That banana pudding ice-cream! and bike rides! and pool time! love it all and these sweet, precious moments!

  18. I was born on a Friday the 13th and for 50 yrs it's been my number! My mom was also born on a Friday the 13th so I take that as a great omen!! And yes #11!!! Nordstrom half yearly sale is my go to start of fall shopping hoorah!


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