Thursday, May 8, 2014

#shayeveryday2014 Week 18

Day 120: I came in the kitchen and my sweet 4 year old boy had made his very own lunch including rolling up his own turkey wrap.  He told me to take a picture of his lunch and put it on my blog with the recipe for the "whole world to see".  Here's the recipe...wrap turkey in a tortilla :).

Day 121: After school, we got drinks and sat across the street and looked at the new house.  We're moving in two weeks!

Day 122: Friday!!

Day 123: Andrew had things to do on this Saturday, so after tee ball, I drove the kiddos to my parents' house.  I sat on their patio and they turned on the Red Sox game, gave me magazines and pie and played with my kids...I think they wanted me to stay.  Forever.

Day 124: Selfie before church!  Love these two!!

Day 125: An airbag deployment in my face was not the way I wanted this day to begin.  On the way to the gym, I was unfortunately, car #4 in a five car pileup.  The airbags deployed, the rear windshield busted out and the front and rear of my car were destroyed.  Thankfully, although the car isn't going to make it, the kids and I walked away with just a few bruises and scrapes.  Thank you Jesus!!

Day 126: We started off our day praying it was much less eventful than the day before :).  Life is good.

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After Monday's post, I had many of you email me about the Lush shirt.  Several of you wanted to know how it looked with shorts, so on Tuesday, I wore it with shorts just for you :).  Remember, my pattern is no longer in stock but there are so many new patterns in the exact same shirt online right now.  Here it is with shorts...

I just paired it with my Gap shorts and wedges (sorry, the wedges are two years old!).  I think the shirt is really versatile with pants and/or shorts!  Click here to see all of the colors and patterns.

And on the foodie blog today... 

A yummy Mother's Day Menu that will make both you and your mama quite happy.



  1. Smith making his own lunch is precious. I love that he wanted "the whole world to see". The pic of K and S is too cute. And most importantly, so very thankful that the Shulls are okay. Love you Shulls!

  2. How does the shirt run size wise? I have several in my basket. Just debating the size. And I love your car. What "was" it?

  3. I ordered my shirt yesterday! Also, got the adorable slip ons for my boy at Old Navy.

  4. Love that pic of Kensington and Smith... K looks like she's having a blast :) And the pic of Smith making his lunch is PRESH! #kidofafoodieblogger

    So so so glad that all of you are fine!!! PRAISE JESUS!

  5. Oh goodness, as a mom of young kids, your picture of your accident made my heart stop. I am so sorry that you and your kids had such a scary morning this week. Praise Jesus that you are all ok. I will pray for you and everyone involved in the accident.

  6. Is that the silver or gold Stella & Dot necklace? Love you style!

  7. So happy to hear you are okay! How scary that must have been. On a complete side note, I love that shirt! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm so sorry about your accident, but glad you guys are okay! And can I just tell you how excited I am about seeing your new house!! I can't wait until you "reveal" on your blog! :-)

  9. So so happy everyone is okay! So scary!! And congrats on the move! Definitely sounds like something to celebrate with Sonic. the pineapple slush is my favorite!

  10. I'm so upset I didn't get to see you this week! Let's get together soon. By the way, love this shirt.

  11. Is that Essie Marshmallow on your toes?

  12. Hi Shay! I wondered if I can ask a question about your shirt (LOVE the look in the last picture!). It says that it is dry clean only, but with 100% polyester, I wonder about being able to wash it. What do you do? Thanks! Great post!

  13. How cute is Smith and little lunch!
    So glad you all are okay! It is too bad about your car though :(

  14. Wow that looks like a pretty bad accident. Thankfully you all are ok.

  15. I'm wearing OPI Alpine Snow on my toes :).

    I have dry cleaned and hand-washed the shirt and then laid it out to dry. Both work well!

    And yes, I am praying for Ryan's family!

  16. Good thing you guys were safe. It's really hard to be safe on the road, especially if you’re being a careful driver while the rest of the world isn’t. No matter how much we try to keep our kids safe, we'll never know what might happen. Hope you and your kids feel better soon. Always be careful. :)

    Eric Risk

  17. My lush top just it! They did have some of the ivory dot in stock which is what I ordered.

  18. Love that picture of Smith making his own lunch and telling you to share it so the world can see! So , so sweet!

  19. I saw your car on the truck as I was running to the store. I remember saying a prayer for the drivers and their passengers, and hoping there weren't any kidlets involved. That is not a kind road - I live right off of it just south of there and it's crazy. So glad to hear y'all are okay.

  20. Where did you find your shorts? I'm almost 32 and have a 7 mo old, and all of a sudden I feel like my shorts are too short! I'm not willing to go down the "walking short" path, so I"m on the hunt for a solution. Thanks!


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