Friday, May 9, 2014

Fabulous Friday!

Goodness!  It's Friday and that just means fabulous in my book.

First of all, my Sox are in town playing the this Mother's Day weekend, I'm going to be doing one of my very favorite things...watching baseball with my dad :).  We're going to the game tonight and Sunday afternoon.

This was us in Boston last year.  I'm not going to's waaaaaaay more fun seeing the Sox play in Boston rather than Arlington, TX...but a game is a game and we always have so much fun!  

Lovie bought Smith new shoes.  They're Spider-man.  He loves them.  He thinks they're fabulous :).

Some days, you just need hot chocolate before dinner.  It was like 90 degrees outside but Smith asked for hot chocolate before his meal...and sometimes, you make the best memories by just saying "yes".   

And the emails poured in this week over how fabulous you ladies thought these kids shoes are!  I had so many people email me, comment and post on Instagram that they buy these shoes for their sons and daughters every year and they're just perfection.  

Smith will be rocking his orange all season long and I think Kensington will be wearing the pink (she loves the turquoise color too!).  I love a good shoe that we can wear from park to pool to church to dinner and everywhere in-between!  Fabulous!

I posted this on Instagram this week and you people thought it was hysterical.  The bad news is that I was in a car accident, the good news is that we have a third car at our house for me to drive.  The worst news is that my husband's face is all over it.  Sigh.

Several of you asked, yes, I could get a rental car in the interim...but if a perfectly good car is sitting in my garage, the responsible thing to do is probably drive that...husband's face on the side and all.  

And then some of you asked why I don't drive Andrew's car and let him drive the Shull he explained why on Instagram...

...sigh.  It's really lose-lose.  ;)

This week, I started getting graduation announcements in the mail.  We have some family friends and our babysitter graduating from high school this month, so my go-to gift for girls this year...colored earrings.  

If I were a 18 year old girl graduating high school, I would love a fun pair of earrings as a gift...and as a gift giver, it takes pressure off of me to think of sizes and such since earrings are one size fits all.  I love these studs and these drops.  

Kensington had kindergarten roundup this week and she did not think it was fabulous.  It made her nervous.  This is Kensington and one of her closest friends Molly walking toward the kinder rooms before it started.  Smith (who goes to kinder the following year) was all over this roundup business and I'm pretty sure the teachers thought he was the kid about to enroll.  Kensington is my more quiet, reserved, shy kid and just the thought of being in kinder a few months from now made her super sensitive and nervous.  She'll get the hang of it...but it broke this mama's heart to see how not excited she was.

All the chatter this week is about how much we all love these Lush tops.  I love them.  You love them.  Everyone loves them.  F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

And my Shade of Shay this week about inside my mom bag had you guys commenting too!  

One person asked where my wipes and toy cars and such were for my kids.  What makes this a mom bag?  Here's the this season in my kids' lives, they're over wipes and cars.  Instead, this mama feels like she's always waiting.  I need my reading material for waiting to pick them up at school, waiting at dance, waiting at gymnastics, waiting at the dentist, waiting, waiting, waiting.  I need my calendar for scheduling all of those dates we need (swim lessons, play dates, preschool graduation, birthday parties, tee ball games and so on), my kids need a snack because when they're hungry, they're hungry.  And mints...sometimes, a kid just needs a mint to be happy :). 
This summer, we are going to start swapping recipes over on Mix and Match Mama!  I always find that summer is the hardest season of the year to get motivated for cooking.  We're all so busy enjoying the outdoors that we rarely make it inside to cook.  

Every Friday this summer, I'm going to host a link up party where you can link up your favorite recipe for others to see.  This does not have to be your recipe!!  Link up something you pinned off Pinterest, link up something from Food Network's site, link up something from my blog or another blog...just link up a recipe and then enjoy looking at other's recipes too.  Dinner suggestions all in one place...that's fabulous!

Everyone thought my friend Haley's Busy Boxes were freaking genius fabulous.  I loved this idea!!

And if you need a yummy and simple Mother's Day Menu, I have a fabulous one for you on my foodie blog!  Click here to see.

Speaking of Mother's Day...

Don't forget about the fun $1,000 Mother's Day Giveaway I'm participating in right now!  Click here to enter to win!

And on my foodie blog today...

You should totally grill these burgers this weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh no! I guess I never talked to you about K and Kindergarten round up! Ours is Tuesday, and I so wonder how Carter is going to do. She is going to OWN kindergarten after just a couple of days, I just know it! Carter is freaking out about the fact that it is 5 days a week. My goodness we are going to miss them so much!

  2. Happy Friday! My little Molly is starting kindergarten next year as well. I'm already sad!!

  3. I'm laughing about you driving that car - but love it all the same! Excited for your recipe link party!!!

  4. Tell whoever asked that your friend Andrea carries enough wipes and cars and kid junk for everyone :) hahaha

    I agree with Sheaffer... K will be LOOOOVING it within the first week. Sweet, sweet girl!

  5. My child is so shy and school was really scary for her. I am happy to say she has blossomed with the love and care of her fabulous teachers. Your daughter will too.

  6. I can't wait for the recipe swaps! And the earrings are such a wonderful idea for a gift. Thanks!

  7. Great Post Shay!! Kensington will do great in Kindergarten! My little one is just finishing up his Kindergarten year here in SC and he was SOOOO nervous for the first day but now he is loving it. She will do awesome! Happy Mother's Day!

  8. The Shull mobile is too, too funny!! I'm cracking up! Where do we link the recipes for recipe round up? Can't wait!

  9. I read about Kensington, and it's like you're talking about my daughter. Mine are 5 and 3 (boy) and they are very similar personalities to your two. My daughter started kinder this year and while she is shy/reserved also, she really loved school. My only issue is they wouldn't switch her to morning and we had to drop the nap that she so desperately needs most days. When she gets home, she has 'rest time' right away. That helps. Kensington will do great, but I'm sure Smith (and you) will miss her like crazy.

  10. Ooohh bless you for driving that.. I did giggle!!
    What car were you driving.. Was it a landrover/rangerover.. It looked like a solid vehicle!
    Have a fun weekend!

  11. Funny to see what you have been calling an "old truck" all this time! hahha not my idea of an "old" car to drive.

  12. Have the very best weekend!!! Eat a hot dog for me at the ballpark! xo

  13. Hi Shay:

    Happy Weekend and Happy Mother's Day! Will be keeping Kensington and you in prayer as the first day of Kindergarten approaches... she may be nervous at first, but I know she'll be fine. God Bless!

  14. Have a great Mother's day weekend...sounds like you will =) the swap with Shay coming up...good luck with kindergarten! My little guy is turning 5 and going this year

  15. My oldest (now nearly 14...yikes, where does the time go) was a super shy kindergartener and was none to happy to be starting kindergarten. He had a tough year socially; but was an academic whiz. I'm not sure if that first day was harder on me or him. It sounds like Kensington has some friends that will be going with her to kindergarten...that is awesome!! She'll do just fine! Hard to watch our kids go through harder, uncomfortable times; but also what a blessing to watch them "grow" too. I've watched my son grow from a shy reserved child to a very thoughtful, independent, respectful but still reserved child.

  16. We're going to the Rangers vs. Red Sox game on Saturday! Though we'll be cheering on the Rangers :) My hubby is a HUGE fan so now I am too! Y'all have fun on Friday and Sunday!

  17. Where did your mom find those Spiderman kicks? My son would DIE!!! Thanks for sharing, if you know :)

    GO SOX!

  18. I'm so excited for the recipe swap this summer!!

  19. Shay, I'm sorry to hear about your car accident, but I'm so glad God protected all of you! (Also I'm sorry your redsoxs are losing so bad right now.)

  20. I'm really looking forward to the recipe link-up! I always link up on my favorite sites, and it's like a whole other Pinterest when I start looking at all the stuff.
    You and her will both be loving Kindergarten after the first week or two! Now the homework, that's another story...but it is neat to see them grow up and begin to get independent.

  21. After I read your whole post one thing kept repeating in my mind.....

    'and sometimes, you make the best memories by just saying "yes"'

    Thank you for posting that. I think it was just what I needed!

  22. I'm ROFL at the Shull mobile. Thanks for the chuckle Shay.


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