Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It was a zoo out there!

On Friday, Andrea, Sheaffer, Erika, Lisa, Narci, Jeni, Manda and I took 13 of our kiddos to the Dallas Zoo (some of the older kids were in school and some of the babies stayed with sitters) and had the BEST time!  This was the first year that I can remember us going where the kids were actually independent and easy!  No potty training, no diapers, no stopping for bottles, and everyone knew how to walk together and stay with us.  We lost no one.  That is a miracle in and of itself!  My kiddos were soooooooo excited about zoo day!

At the zoo entrance...I love the shadows of my friends and me taking pics of this group :).

Kensington and Ebby Lee walking sweet.

Lots of lookin' on this beautiful day!

I just love him so much (even in that dreadful Yankees t-shirt!)

Everyone peering in at the African animals.

Group shot!

At the end, we let them play in the cold water.  They loved it!

I love zoo day with these two!

His favorite part was riding this "horse" :).

And besides the zoo, here are some other things we've been up to...
Kensington is super into Bowen these days!  I found them like this at the gym...they were having the best time sliding across the floor.

For all of you Webb City people out there...look who met us for dinner after tee ball practice the other night?  Yup.  Coach Roderique.  Fun dinner with his sweet family!

Ready for tee ball pictures :)

Saturday in town.  They just love hanging out together.

On Monday at McDonald's, Erika noticed that Bowen and I were dressed alike.  We both had on navy and maroon striped shirts with our distressed jeans.  Seriously...he could be my kid.  I might steal him one of these days!  Oh!  And you like my necklace?!?!  Don't forget that I'm giving one away right now!  Click here for details!

Three cute boys.  Smith, Nixon and Carter :)

And Wedges Sale Alert!!

These wedges that I talked about last week are on sale today!  They're 33% off and available in 5 colors!  Woohoo!

Dinner tonight is a fun twist on the's my Sesame Chicken Tostadas!



  1. Loved zoo day! I've gotta say, we've all got some really great kids!!! And Queen Elizabeth taking a selfie? HILARIOUS!

  2. The zoo day was a blast!!! I LOVE that pic of K and B on scooters. WAY TOO CUTE!

  3. The royal spoof pics are too funny!

  4. I think Smith in a baseball uniform might beat out Smith in a tux. So. Darn. Cute.

  5. I'm sure I won't be the only one to ask...where is kensingtons cute outfit from?!

  6. I may or may not have squealed seeing Smith dressed for t ball pictures. I need a son. Asap.. just to dress him up for tball :)


  7. Zoo day was the best!! Love the picture of Smith in his uniform!!!! Precious!

  8. We need to plan a zoo day soon! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  9. Love seeing the photos you are all took from your trip to the zoo :) And how adorable is Smith in that Indians uniform?!?! Love it!

  10. That picture of Smith in his tee ball uniform is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!

  11. I know you get this ALL the time, but what lipstick are you wearing in the zoo pictures? Thanks! :)

  12. I love you and your blog !!!! You are so beautiful Shay!!!

  13. Your zoo day looks like sooo much fun!! And that pic of Smith all ready for his tball pics?! I die!! He is too too cute!!


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