Friday, January 3, 2014

January Pin-spired!

It's baaaack!

Have you missed Pin-spired as much as I have?!?!  It's time for Mel, Sheaffer and me to look to Pinterest for some great style ideas and this month, I'm trying to repeat things so that you can see how often I really wear some of these staple items.  Here I go...

Look #1
I actually found this picture after I posted this one of myself...

...when I posted this pic, everyone loved the leather and plaid, so I decided to recreate another look but this time using my favorite winter staple...the plaid scarf...

A different leather jacket (this one, my Grandmother bought me over 10 years ago!) and my favorite plaid scarf.

With my Gap jeans and booties :).

The reason I love this look is because it uses 3 staple wardrobe pieces that you'll have forever...great jeans, a fun plaid scarf and a "never goes out of style" leather jacket.  These aren't trendy pieces...they're timeless and classic!

This is the absolute best plaid scarf for winter!  I seriously wear mine almost every day.  Gap sold out of them during December but they have been re-stocked and ready to go.  Hurry though, they will sell out again!!  I just love, love, love mine!

And right now...everything at Gap is 40% off!  Yes!  

And for my other favorite plaid scarves (that are just as soft and cozy), I love these...

 I know, I know...
I've been talking about these scarves for two months now.  But ladies, they are seriously that wonderful!

I love my pink one :).

For a ton of other plaid scarf options, click here.

And then wait for it...

...yes!  The famous fringe scarf (the one I'm wearing in the first picture) sold out after Christmas but they have now come out with a different version in 3 new colors (plus black).  You should be freaking out now!  I have said it a million times...this scarf just styles itself.  It's fabulous!

Now, the thing about a leather jacket never goes out of style.  The jacket I'm wearing in the first picture is 3 years old and in the second picture, it's over 10 years old.  Here are some of my favorites right now (3 are faux and 1 is real).  You will love their prices and the way they update your look over and over again!

Leather jackets are just classic.  Plain and simple.  Click here for other leather jacket options.

I realized a few weeks ago that even though I have many, many, many pairs of jeans (collected over the years), I seem to always wear one of my Gap Always Skinny Jeans every single day.  Don't let the word "skinny" throw you off.  They're not tight.  They're perfect for tucking into boots but they also roll up nicely for a boyfriend look...and I wear them with flats too.  My favorite part...they don't stretch out in the rear.  They keep their shape and wash and wear perfectly!  I even prefer them over those pricey jeans...they're perfection!

 Don't believe how much I love these jeans?  Just wait until you see Look #2...

Look #2


My heart belongs to them.

And Michael Buble of course.  My heart belongs to Michael Buble and my red Wellies.

Let me explain, several years ago before I owned a pair of Wellies, I saw a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a red pair of Wellies and cut-off denim shorts...and I fell in love.  I just loved the red Wellies.  

Well, when I decided to purchase my first pair, I chose a very basic and classic black...and I have worn the heck out of them!  Because I loved them so much, last spring, my sweet friend Sheaffer bought me a pair of lavender Wellies (I know...soooooo sweet of her!) and I wear them all the time too.  

So, I know what you're thinking?  Do I really need 3 pair of Wellies?  And the answer is no.  But I'm so glad I have them.  

I have decided that Wellies aren't just for a bright and fun color, they're perfect for cold days when my feet need to stay warm, they're perfect for going to the park with my kids, they're great for walking my dog, they're wonderful on vacations where I have to walk a lot...they really are just good boots.  And because I wear them so much, I was delighted when Santa brought me a red pair!

Oh look how good my red wellies look with my favorite scarf and military jacket (like item)!

It wasn't even raining on this day but it was cold and sunny and I wanted a pop of color!  

This is classic Shay...wearing my destructed jeans (the Gap Skinnys, of course!), striped shirt, plaid scarf and gold jewelry.  All basics.  All things I can wear over and over again.

No matter which color I wear...rain or shine...warm or cold...I love my Wellies.

Click here to see all my favorite colors (including black and red).  Unfortunately, my lavender ones aren't available any more.  But for a really fun bright pink color, click here.

As for sizing, I find that Wellies run true to size or a little big.  I normally wear an 8 and all of my Wellies are 8.  My mom wears an 8.5 but her Wellies are I think you should size down if you're a half size.  As for care and maintenance...I learned how to clean my Wellies by clicking here.  They sparkle after every clean (which is only about once a year!).

And then this is just plain fabulous...

My grandmother was reading my blog before Christmas and saw how I kept referring to this... you should buy the girls in your life a fun and colorful robe.  Well, she took my advice and bought both Catherine and me one...

I mean...really...they are so soft and cozy that I have been wearing mine all the time!  I've never really been a big robe person...but honey, that has changed!  Thanks Grandmother!!  Click here to check them out.

And I've revamped the Shay's Closet portion of my blog (found right below the header).  I've now named it What I'm Wearing.  Every time I get dressed, I'll post a picture in that section of the blog with links to either the exact item or a very similar one!  I get so many emails and comments, that I decided this might help make it easier for you in 2014.  I'll be updating it almost daily, so be sure to click!

And don't forget to check out my foodie blog today for some of my very favorite One Pound meals.  That means, you can use either a pound of ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken in the recipe.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  I can't wait to see how you've been Pin-spired this month!  Link up below!


  1. I love that first look with the fringe scarf--you look gorgeous!
    Ahh--the red wellies are SO fun!
    Thanks for hosting the link up!

  2. Love the plaid! And your red wellies are super cute.

  3. Ahh your red wellies!! I die! Too flippin cute!

  4. Love that "Shay" look!!! You wear it SO well!!! And..the red wellies!!

  5. I recognize Catherine. You guys look cute in your robes.

  6. Hi Shay! Love ur blog, check it daily!! I was wondering about your purse selections. Im a big purse junkie and was curious if you just have a few staples or change them out daily? I also love 'whats in her purse' segments in magazines and thought that would be fun to see whats in yours!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  7. you're so cute!! i love that military you think it runs big or pretty TTS? Just trying to decide between sizes! Thanks!

  8. The military jacket runs very much true to size! You'll love it!

  9. you're so cute!! i love that military you think it runs big or pretty TTS? Just trying to decide between sizes! Thanks!

  10. I'm so happy that Get Pin-Spired is back! I love your plaid scarf options & you've inspired me to get out my leather jacket to wear this winter! Red is my least favorite color, and even I think those red wellies are fab. :)

  11. LOVE your red wellies with the red plaid scarf and military jacket....think it's my fav outfit of yours to date!!! So Shay and SO cute!!!

  12. Love the leather & plaid combo! And I must get a pair of red wellies :)

    I actually featured one of the plaid scarves today too :)

  13. I'm stopping by from the Pinspired linkup. I love the leather and plaid. And those scarves are fabulous!

  14. Hi Shay,
    I was wondering if you wear the cocoa colored bladigan out of the house or not. I like that color but didn't know if it's just to wear around the house. I'm really wanted to purchase one.
    Thanks so much!

  15. Love your looks this month! That fringe scarf really is the best. I got it for my MIL for Christmas and she loves it. It's a staple. And I love my wellies so much as well. I have them in navy, but really want the red ones.

  16. The blardigan is totally for outside of the house! It looks so cute with leggings or skinny jeans and boots!

  17. Those robes are AMAZING - my wife is going to love it when I get her one this Valentines day :) Thanks for the idea!

  18. Just bought the Gap plaid red and navy scarf and the striped shirt! Both things have been on my to buy list and with the 40% off plus some rewards cash I had it and with your encouragement ;) it was time to make the purchase!

  19. I just bought the fringe scarf! I can't wait to get it! :)

  20. I LOVE your fringe scarf and red wellies! Thanks for hosting such a fun link-up! Have a great weekend! :)

  21. Ahhh the red wellies. I have a pair on their way to me as we speak! Thanks for co-hosting!

  22. My pukey kid made me REALLY behind on blog reading. I! LOVED! THIS! POST! And you're right, this entire post is totally vintage Shay! One of the next looks I'm creating is jeans with my red wellies and military jacket! Can't wait!

  23. I highly recommend the Gap Always Skinny jeans you posted about. They are my favorite! I'm closer to your mom's age than yours and they are perfect because they are not too tight (not like legging jeans) but they don't lose their shape or become baggy. They're perfect with boots or flats or whatever you want and are true to size as well!

  24. Hi Shay! I just bought a pair of Gap Always Skinny jeans and I love them! Do you have a favorite pair of boot cut jeans? Thanks :)

  25. The plaid scarf would go great with my equestrian look!

  26. Just wanted to say thanks for posting so early in the morning! My 3 month old wakes up for a feeding at 5ish and I love having something new to look at while we're up :)

  27. I also love the Classic Shay look! Super cute!! And, how darling are your red wellies??!!? I have yet to jump on the Hunter bandwagon...I have NEVER seen a person where them here in California! Isn't that crazy? I think they are cute, but don't know if I could pull them off!

  28. Hi! Do you wear the regular women's tall boots or the kids? I'm 5'2" and I think the women's might hit me right at my knee.. :/

  29. I'm just barely 5'3" and wear women's Wellies! I think they hit at just the right spot! Andrea and Sheaffer are petite too and both wear the women's Wellies.

    1. Thank you for responding :) I'm taking the plunge and ordering myself a pair!


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