Thursday, April 4, 2013

DWTS Recap Episode 3: Cha-Cha

So, this week, Dancing With The Stars had a prom theme which I loved!  Watching two hours of ballroom dancing could get a little tedious if not done well, and I think DWTS does it very well!  The prom theme kept me interested and entertained because I loved hearing the back stories of the celebrities and their own prom experiences.  Plus...the music was super fun and the costumes extra sparkly...and Brooke Burke-Chavet's hair rocked my world.

Sean danced the Cha-Cha to YMCA...let's face it...that is probably the cheesiest song in the world.  However, I thought Peta did a great job using that song and making the Cha-Cha extra fun!  Each week, I continue to be amazed at how much better Sean is doing.  You can see all of his hard work and practice paying off.

The judges were really happy with his performance too.  On a side note, I'm pretty sure Sean is trying to wear any costume that doesn't involve sequins and velvet...this week overalls, last week, this..., smart man.  He's managing to look manly and cool while dancing sans sequins and glitter.

I'm still madly in love with Andy Dick.  Eight words I thought I'd never say.

I think Kellie is a force to be reckoned with.  She continues to impress me week after week.

And Wynonna...needed to go home.  I love her!  I respect her!  But I don't think it's fair to send someone else home when she really wasn't dancing out there.  Tony is dancing around her and she kind of just walks along beside him.  I feel bad for Tony (who never really gets a true competitor each season) but I think the right person was sent home.  

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Three episodes down...who will win that Mirror Ball Trophy???

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  1. OH MY GOSH! You are sooooooo right about Sean and his costumes! I hadn't even thought about it. YES! That is hilarious! And Yes...Wynona can sing me Love Can Build a Bridge all day long....but she needed to go home.

  2. I'm bummed that I missed it this week. DWTS has got to be such an awesome experience for your brother and family!

  3. Tony had Melissa Rycroft last season for the All-Stars and they won the whole thing! :)

    1. Yes! Someone wasn't watching "dancing with the Stars"as we were to believe. No need to feel sorry for Tony!! He WON LAST YEAR!

  4. So glad you pointed out about his costumes. I figured they were just trying to portray him as a dumb jock, but the more manly costumes without sequins makes more sense!!! He is doing great and I agree- Wynona needed to go home!!! Poor Tony!

  5. agreed, agreed, & agreed!!
    Sean is totally doing better and better each week!! And i hadn't even thought of the trend in costumes but that is hilarious!

    Kellie is truly amazing and beautiful and i'm loving her!!

    I have to admit i was kind of annoyed when they announced Andy Dick was going to be on this season but he has totally won my heart!

    And, yes. The right person definitely went home. =)

  6. I am in love with Andy Dick too! That man has totally changed!!!! And yes, Wynonna needed to go home. I love her as a singer though:) And my husband and I both agree Sean has really improved, its fun to see!

  7. I am loving watching Sean on Dancing With The Stars. However, I hope the reports of him being a "diva" to the crew are false. I heard the story on TMZ and they said he is the diva of all divas that has ever been on the show. Also, I live in Oklahoma and they did a story about it on KATT radio here saying the same thing. I hope the reports are false because he seems like such a nice guy. I hope being on The Bachelor has not gone to his head. Love him!

  8. I agree about tony. The only real talent that he was with was Melissa. Hopefully next season he will get someone better. I wasn't thrilled with Wynona. It didn't even look like she was trying. Derek always gets great gals! Do you know what happened to Maks this season? Just curious :-)
    Sean has it hard because he's not in the entertainment industry but you can really tell he's working hard!

  9. What great recap!! I am loving this season of DWTS!!

  10. First, you've never, ever heard me say I've watched DWTS on a regular basis. Ever. I've watched every single season of the Bachelor but I've never said I was a DWTS fan...that being said, look back at some of Tony's partners...Sara Evans, Leeza Gibbons, Jane Seymour, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Susan Lucci, Kate Gosselin, Wendy Williams, Martina Navratilova and now Wynonna Judd. I think my point was made. Clearly.


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