Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#shayeveryday2013 Week 7

Day 43: I was live in studio with the fabulous Kidd Kraddick

Day 44: dinner with my little brother

Day 45: On Valentine's Day, me and my sweetie officially sold our home.  This was us at our closing.  After 7 years, we said goodbye and started the next chapter.

Day 46: The kids and I started moving a few things into the new rent house (the house that we're building should be complete by the end of the year!).  The kids stayed in their pjs all day and we had a picnic on the floor in the empty house.

Day 47: Moving Day!!  We moved everything into the new house...Lovie brought jumbo chocolate cookies to keep our energy levels up :).

Day 48: In the drive-thru picking up lunch.  Thanks to the time for a home cooked meal on this day.

Day 49: My new morning view.  Monday morning was our first real morning in our new rent house.  I came down the stairs (I've never had stairs before!) and saw this view in the family room.  Two kids, two blankies, one giant stuffed animal and bowls of Cheerios...we're home (for now...).

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Have a great day!


  1. I can't believe you are already so settled in your cute new house...and such a cute pic of you and A on closing day! So excited for y'all and your new chapter!

  2. So awesome that the house sold so quickly!! Loved your Kidd Kraddick interview ~ got to listen to it online the other day!! =)

  3. So cute! What do your kids like to watch? Do you have any tv rules for them?

  4. How exciting for your family! Did it take long for your house to sell?

  5. Our house sold on the first day :)! And I don't have a lot of rules about TV...they only watch kids shows that I think are educational (I think Mickey and Dora count!). They don't watch things like Sponge Bob because that's not educational at all. I let them watch it in the morning, before their naps and before bed. I limit it...but at the same time, they do learn a lot from it!

  6. I love your blog and find you so very refreshing! You aren't a "no-tv, organic only, pinterest-crafty over-achiever"!! Or if you are you don't brag about it :). It is nice that not all moms are crazy competitive and that some are just normal!

  7. Hi Shay!

    I found your blog because of your Bachelor brother, but wanted to say hello and thank you for a wonderful look into your life! I agree with the last are so down to earth! I'm a mom to a 2 year old boy and an 8 month old little girl, so I feel like I can relate to you in a lot of ways!

    God bless you and your family!

  8. Love ur blog! I had a.random question the other girls on The Bachelor (the ones that Sean has.already sent home), do they know how it ends??

  9. Love the pic of the kiddos in the morning! Such a great sight to see them all settled into their new digs. So excited that you're moving! A new house is super fun stuff...and I say that even after moving into a new house every 3 years. :)

  10. Hi Shay. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner (which I've been reading for years), who did something with Sheaffer, which led me here. I've also watched The Bachelor for years and years (and I think your brother is great). But I'm in grad school now and don't have a lot of time to watch, so I love your updates.

    Congrats on your house! We live in Austin and are also selling/building. We close on the sale of our current home (we've been here 6+ years) on Tuesday, and construction begins on our new home on March 1. Fun times!

  11. I enjoy reading your blog! I made the Peanut butter chocolate Neiman Marcus bars from your food blog and those were so good. I think your brother has been the best Bachelor yet and I love reading your weekly updates. We built a house this year and it's definitely exciting and crazy all at the same time. Good luck!


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