Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bachelor Recap Episode 8: Hometown Visits!

I just love hometown visits week on the Bachelor!  We had the best experience when Sean brought Emily home to meet us on the Bachelorette.  I just know all four of the families were so excited to meet Sean and more importantly, see their daughters!  

Here are some quick facts about hometown dates:
1. While the contestants are not filming their specific date, they stay in LA and hang out with their handlers.  Sean had the best time with his handler Adam during this time period.  He went to a baseball game, a basketball game, he went to the beach, had massages, ate at fun restaurants...he was completely spoiled!  They do not see the other 3 contestants until the rose ceremony after the hometowns are complete.

2. The contestants fly into their hometown with the crew and only see their family on the one specific day of filming.  They don't spend the night at home.  When Sean brought Emily home, we saw him for the first time that morning when they filmed him walking into the back yard and then he left with the crew that night and flew back to LA.

3. The contestants do get to decide what they want to do on their dates.  They get to pick the activity and stuff themselves.

Being the travel agent that I am...we're going to look at these cities one at a time and do the pros and cons of Sean falling in love with a girl that lives in a different city...let's let the city speak for itself...

AshLee in Houston
There are a lot of pros to Sean marrying a Houston girl...

First, as you can see on my map here...her family would only be a few hours from mine.  This would make holiday gatherings so easy and convenient   Plus, if Sean and AshLee decided to move to Houston, he wouldn't be far from us.  And their children would be Texans through and through.

Plus...I love seeing the Red Sox play the Astros because that stadium is awesome!  Since he doesn't have a Boston girl in the top 4, this is a pretty good baseball angle for me...and you know, I always love a baseball angle.

And a recipe to go with AshLee's date...Tex Mex, of course!  My Fiesta Chicken with Rice pairs nicely with a Houston gal.

My favorite part of AshLee's date was listening to her dad talk about falling in love with her.  That was such a special story told by a man with such a big heart.  I wanted to give him the rose!

Catherine in Seattle
Seattle would be a beautiful location for me to visit if Sean picks Catherine.  Let's see the pros...

Well, first of all...it's so outdoorsy!  And I love all things outdoors!  (Well...not really.  I have no desire to go camping...sleeping and pottying outside do not sound like things I want to do!  But hiking, shopping, dining and seeing a Mariners game sound like lovely outdoors activities!)

And...if you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with Frasier.  I know, I know...weird, right?  But I love to watch it before bed at night.  It's relaxing and mindless and funny all at the same time.  And well...it takes place in Seattle, so that gives this city a big bonus in my eyes (yes, I know it was actually filmed in some Hollywood sound studio but I like to pretend!).

And when I think Seattle...I think coffee.  My Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut Bundt Cake is the recipe that reminds me of Seattle.

My favorite part of this date was the honesty of Catherine's family.  I am not one to sugarcoat things, so I appreciate how honest and direct her family was.  It's tempting to just go along with things since cameras are there...so I highly respect them for being truthful despite the cameras and crew filming them.  They really showed how much they love Catherine and really had her best interests at heart.

Lindsay in Fort Leonard Wood
We are blended family of Texans and obnoxious show-me state Missourians over here at the Shull house, so Lindsay would fit right in!

Andrew's family is from Joplin, so if Sean picks Lindsay, we will be near her family too.  Right now, our family is dominated by Texans with just little old Andrew representing Missouri by himself...he needs someone else to be on his team :).

And come on?!  Her dad is a Two Star General!  That is so impressive that I think General Yenter deserves to be a "pro" on my list today.

And since I'm married to a Missouri boy, I know what the people of the Midwest like...meat and potatoes!  My Coach's Stack would win the heart of any Missouri lady (or gentleman!).

My favorite part of Lindsay's date was when her and Sean were just walking around the town square.  That seemed so normal and just like something a real couple would do on a weekend (no harnesses or helmets needed to be involved in this date...perhaps the first time this season!).

Desiree in LA
Sweet Des made it to hometown dates but it didn't go well for her after that.

A little Hollywood would have been a fun addition to our family...but sadly, she didn't get the rose.  I haven't had the opportunity to meet Des but she seems beautiful both inside and out.  She was one of my favorite girls this season by a mile.

Too bad he didn't pick her...I was hoping that if she were my new sister-in-law, I could somehow find my way onto the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I love these ladies :).

And to me, nothing says Hollywood more than Champagne.  My Pink Champagne Bundt Cake would even delight a Housewife.

I felt so bad for Des.  I would have been mortified and so angry if my brother would have acted the way her brother acted.  Des is such a sweet girl with a big heart...I can only imagine that watching last night's episode was really sad for her and her parents.  Such a beautiful girl!

Don't forget, tonight is Sean Tells All  at 9/8c.

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Ok, next up...three girls and a guy head to Thailand.  That sounds really far away...


  1. Such a fun way to look at things!!!!!!!
    And listen....the pink champagne bundt cake is might be my fav of all times.

  2. Love this behind the scenes peek into the show! I didn't know you were a travel agent, we're going to have to talk Italy sometime soon. Hubby and I are planning a trip for next year. And that cake looks divine!

  3. I love how you organized this post with recipes that go with the cities! How clever and cute are you? :)

  4. I love how you always put a fun spin on your recaps!! I can only imagine how you felt watching Des's brother say the things he did!! I don't even for real know Sean and i was ready to clock him!! Can't believe how close the finale is ~ so exciting!! =)

  5. My heart was breaking for Des last night, she really was one of my favorites! I would seriously have murdered my brother if he had acted that way...what a jerk! I felt sorry for Sean as well, having to sit there and put up with a creep like that. Bless his heart. Looking forward to Sean Tells All tonight, is this in place of the girls tell all?? I kind of like this better if so, I can only imagine that it would have turned into a bash Tierra fest!

  6. I think Houston and Missouri sound like very practical choices for a Texas boy! I will miss Desiree, I really grew to love her. Can't wait for the special episode tonight! Still need to try the pink champagne & chocolate coffee hazelnut bundts!

  7. All I remember from this post is the bundt cake recipe I just printed! It looks divine!
    I agree about Des's brother - so sad!

  8. Maureen W. (Maryland)February 19, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    It must be so hard for you to write these posts objectively, without giving anything away :) I thought about the women geographically, too. With how close your family is, I can't imagine your brother moving away and not being able to see your kids weekly or be there for all of the family parties. I know we only get to see what the producers want us to see, but here's my take:
    ASHLEE - geographically a good fit, comes from a similar family background, I think she needs Sean, but doesn't necessarily have what he needs. I like her maturity, and sometimes it is good to have a balance between serious and playful in a couple.
    LINDSAY - Your family has a 100% success rate with people from MO :) similar family with a strong father figure (cutest general ever!) I could see her goofing around with your kids and eating cupcakes in your kitchen.
    DES - I think they got along well together, but in a bubble, not taking into account family, faith, lifestyle, location, etc. She would make a better friend than wife, especially for the kind of provider/husband Sean seems to be.
    CATHERINE - For as much chemistry as they seem to have, their lives just don't seem to mesh well, long term.
    I like to assess each girl by seeing if I can picture them in Mix and Match Mama's kitchen :) Lindsay is the front runner for that!

  9. I was sooooooo bummed Dez didn't get a rose. She was my favorite!!! Her brother was ridiculous....ugh.
    Can't wait for Sean tells all tonight!!

  10. Your coach's stack can take me on a hometown date any day of the week! I'm adding that to my dinner list for next week!

  11. Love the "behind the scenes" angle we get from you :)

  12. I love how you organized this post. Such an awesome idea to put recipes with each lady. I love AshLee! Poor Des, I would disown my brother forever. He was a jerk. Love you blog :)

  13. great post.
    will you be doing a blog post about sean tells all show

    love your blog

  14. Great recap! It seems like Sean is catching a lot of slack for letting Des go, but only he know what is right in his heart! I hope he is happy with the decision he made and wish him the best! Can't wait to watch him 'tell all!'

  15. Great Blog today Shay!

    I think you should keep blogging The Bachelor / Bachelorette even when Sean is done!

  16. Love the insider info you share! Thanks! I really like his final girls ... that never happens on The Bachelor (someone is always crazy or a B), but Sean has good taste & values. I'm pulling for Lindsay though, they seem to have some real chemistry. Btw, how are you a Red Sox fan if you're married to a Missouri boy? We live in Ft. Worth and my hubs is from St. Louis so I am a Cardinal fan ... I think it was in our vows - LOL. Can't wait to see Sean Tell All tonight :)

  17. Great post! This has been so fun this season to read your family perspective of things! Your family is adorable and you should be so proud of how Sean is portraying himself. Not sure i could have stayed in control when talking to Des' brother. (Poor girl).

  18. I loved last night episodes and I loved seeing my two favorites AshLee and Lindsay! I ADORE both of them. I think any girl will be so lucky to come into your family. By the way your champagne cake has my name all over it! Can't wait to see round 2 tonight!

  19. Hi! I love your angel chicken and am fixing your lemon bundt cake today. Say, if it doesn't work out with Sean and his #1 pick, I hope he'll give Des another chance! I was reminded of Molly (when Jason was The Bachelor) - she told him he was making a mistake when he sent her home, and that's exactly what Des said to Sean! You know how that ended! All he needs to do is tell her brother to speak only when spoken to and punch him out if he does otherwise! Ha-ha! Love your website! Pat

  20. This is so cute! I love how you organized your recap and, for your sake, I'm pulling for AshLee!! And it seriously must be so difficult to write these and not give anything away. Sean's lucky to have such a great sister!

  21. Love your take on things......when I was watching the going ons with Des' brother.....I thought to myself....she will be going....Sean is NEVER going to expose his cute little niece and nephew to this guy....ha, ha......after watching last night....it "appears" it's Lindsey......Ashlee??...nice, I like her....but she seems a little too serious all the time......Catherine?....as one of the other commentators stated...it does not appear their lives are going to mesh together well at all.....and frankly, after the things her sisters said...???....I was a little surprised he didn't let her and Des go...ha, ha....although on that one guy's website...who I won't mention by name....he tells us who Sean picks...???.....and it's not who I would have thought...????.....love your inside info......

  22. Last night's episode was intense. I felt so bad for Des. And I was really surprised when Sean sent her home, but I sort of understand it.

  23. I love your Behind the Scenes stuff. So neat to hear what really happens during the week...

    I noticed that you did all Pros and NO Cons! I realize that it would be hard to be totally objective, so I can see why that was skipped... ;-)

    I have to say that I have not had a favorite lady this season (because I feel like a Big Sister too and my opinions change with every show) and this episode changed my mind yet again. I do have to say that I really think Des was sweet and she got me when she told him to not let her go at the end... I was okay until she said that. (Then tears poured down).

    I don't envy Sean's position AT ALL. What a tough thing to do!!

  24. So great to read your recaps!! :) I also felt so bad for Des and had actually picked her as the final pick from the first night, but I guess that won't be happening. Her brother was unacceptable!! Ugg. Poor girl. I am happy with the 3 finalists though. They all seem like really great girls. I was wondering, do you actually know who he ends up with or is that kept secret from family as well??

  25. I found your blog from Blue Eyed Bride and am loving the behind the scenes info on the show! I had to comment today because my hubby and I actually live in Joplin, so whoo hoo for the shout out! Excited to see who Sean chooses, and love checking out your recipes!

  26. You are very creative! My daughter and I have enjoyed watching your very sweet brother on the show. We have such a soft spot for Ashly! I think that you need to get sponsors for your blog and pursue a career, kind of like "Miss Mustard Seed". Check out our blog at VintageBegonia.com and look at my favorite links which will take you to Miss Mustard Seed.

  27. Thanks for your take on the bachelor! It is so creatively inspired. I love the travel theme! Especially since Shay is the best travel agent around! She has just helped custom design my 25th wedding anniversary trip to Europe. I am thrilled. She truly knows what she is talking about and will make sure you get the best deal for your money!

  28. I loooove your blog! I love how Sean shows good family values which is becoming absent in our society these days. He has a lot to offer a girl and I hope he ends up with the one who appreciates that the most! Anyway, your kids are adorable. They are lucky to have a mom who is so into them and strives to give them the best life. Great role model!

  29. When did the "Sean Tells All" tape?

  30. Thanks so much for your great insight! I feel like I know you're family now. I have a bachelor brother who lives in Dallas, too. Maybe I could get him on the show next! I find myself watching the show going, I bet Shay will really like that... Weird!!!!

    One Berry Blog

  31. Will you be doing a recap of Sean's Tell All? What did you think about it?

  32. With my move and everything this week, I don't think I'll have time to do a recap of Sean Tells All...maybe, I'll touch on that in next week's recap. I thought it was an honor that they decided to do this show about him!

  33. I love hearing about other people who love Fraiser! My husband and I LOVE settling down at the end of the day for an episode before bed. Since the whole series is on netflix, we've just been slowly watching the whole thing in order. So fun!

  34. at the Bachelor viewing party i had last night, a friend told me about your blog, so i thought i'd come check it out! so fun to read the insights from the POV of a sister! what a fun blog you have and your family just seems so amazing!

    i wanted to know your opinion on why it didn't work out with Des. like you, she was my favorite... from the very first cocktail party even. i totally pictured them together and they seemed to mesh so naturally and easily that i was shocked and i think my stomach jumped up into my throat when her name didn't get called! i'm weird and really get into people's lives who i don't even know, but i really thought (like Des) that he was making the biggest mistake! i'm glad he's happy with Catherine now, but Des still has my heart...

    P.S. i like to tell people that Sean is my cousin (jokingly, of course) because my mom's maiden name is Lowe and i have a bunch of Lowe cousins!


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