Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smith's Surf Shop: Part 2

Part 2 of Smith's Surf Shop is the post about the actual guests :).  If you want to see the decor, check out Part 1.

Happy Birthday Smith!

Good thing he's not excited!

Sweet girl

Waiting on their guests (Smith was super excited to wear his swimsuit to his party :).

Papa Jay and Lovie saying hang loose!

Grandmother and Papaw

Me and my boy

Paisley and Brandon

What in the world?!  This is my 88 year old retired Marine, Southern Baptist preacher grandfather.  He decided to really come dressed for the occasion.  We are NOT a boring family!

Papa and my dad...Papa is ready for a swim.  He has the sunscreen down his nose and everything!

Smith and Uncle Seanie

Dad and me

I'm pretty sure he stayed this happy the entire day!

Kensington loves her Aunt Brooke!

Sean and our Mimi

Sean and the kiddos eating lunch...these three stick together!

About to open presents

He's so excited!

Eeeks!  It's over!  What a fun party!!


  1. That picture of your grandfather is absolutely priceless. What a hoot!!!!!

  2. So so fun!! Totally reminds me of my family. My sister isn't married yet and she sits with the kiddos too. It's so nice to see other Christians out there.

  3. so so fun! love all the pics. love your family. thanks for sharing.

  4. You throw the best parties! I love your "only make 3" rule. Genius!
    Did you get your shirt from Target? If so, I have the same one! :-)

  5. Your Papa is hilarious! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. This shirt is from Nordstom, this season!

  7. That picture of your grandpa needs to be framed for your son to hang with his party sign. Love it!!

    And why is Sean wearing a shirt? You don't go surfing with a shirt on. I mean we don't see enough of him shirtless on Bachelor. LOL!

  8. LOVE your grandpa ~ that is the best!! And love all the fun & joy in Smith's sweet little face in every picture of him!! =)

  9. I love this post SO MUCH. Your granddad managed to outshine both The Bachelor AND the cutest birthday boy in Texas. He may be 88 years old, but he has still GOT IT. :)

  10. Very cute! Are you sure your grandfather is 88? What great genes! Super fun :)

  11. I have no idea how you do all that you do - up at 4:30, working, blogging, and going above and beyond as a mom. I have three kids, a pile of unwashed laundry, a messy house and am just getting by sometimes... You are beginning to make me feel a little inadequate :)

  12. All I have to say is that I would love to be a fly on the wall at one of your family parties! :)

  13. Love your grandfather's outfit- just awesome!! What a fun party!

  14. Your grandpa was awesome! Cute, cute party Shay!

  15. LOVE that your Grandpa really took the theme to heart. As I always say you have the most fun family!! And, Happy 3rd Birthday to your little surfer dude!!

    :) Erin

    PS... So funny for me looking at your pictures with everyone in short sleeves being in 22 degree Long Island!

  16. Happy Birthday smith!(: your so adorable!

  17. Beautiful and fun pics! I'm getting ready (4 months in advance) to start planning my daughter's party - it's so fun to see other's creativity! Great job Shay!

  18. Such a great party! Love that you have it just family.

  19. This looks like such a fun party!!! I love it all!


  20. Do you just have the two cousins? I never hear you talk about the other side so I was just wondering.

  21. I have two cousins on my mom's side (Brandon and Brooke...Brandon is married to Casey and Brooke is married to Austin). I have three cousins on my dad's side but they're all three much older than Sean and Me. They all have grown kids, one of them even has a grandkid. One of the three of them was at the party but I didn't snap a picture of her. Her name is Leah and even though she is sooooo much older than me (I like to tease her about that!), she is super helpful with my kiddos. She loves playing with them and is great to have around (plus, she is super funny!). That's it! I just have 5 cousins.


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