Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bachelor Episode 3 Recap: Top 3 Edition

Last night was the 3rd episode, so everything today is in 3s!

3  of my Favorite Moments:

Sean's legitimate Guinness World Record (I've seen the evidence...this was totally legit!).  

My dad has 3 records:
1. Driving the 48 states in the least amount of time (He couldn't speed!  A ticket would have disqualified him from any of the records.)
2. Driving the 48 states using the least amount of fuel.
3. Driving the 48 states in the least amount of miles covered.

Sean showing off his football skills.  

Here are 3 facts about Sean and football:
1. He played high school football at two different schools (Freshman thru Junior year at Irving High and Senior year at Lamar High)
2. He received a full ride to Kansas State University on a football scholarship.
3. He played two different positions while he was there: linebacker and tight end.

Sean and the ladies on the beach (such brave ladies to be on the beach in their bikinis!).

Here are 3 facts about Sean (and our family) regarding beach activity:
1. Mom, Sean and I get seasick...we have vacation home movies to prove it.  It's not pretty!
2. No one in our family is a "boat person" but Sean has always insisted he is.  So, he's the only "boat person" in the family...I hope one day he marries into a family that likes boats!
3. Sunscreen is our friend.  We have that Irish blood that makes us extra susceptible to a sunburn!

3 Favorite People on Twitter last night:
1. @thecourtneykerr
2. @Possessionista
3. @AshleySpivey

3 Favorite Girls (from last night's episode):
1. AshLee (I loved her sweet testimony about her childhood and her faith!) Her date was my favorite part of the show last night!!
2. Lesley (She seemed super honest and genuine...a really sincere girl.)   
3. Tierra (Hey...she made last night pretty funny/dramatic/intense/entertaining...I'll give her props for that!)

I asked Sean yesterday to describe me as his sister in 3 words.  See below...

 If I had to describe him as a brother, I would say:

1. Loyal (don't mess with me or he'll kick your butt!)
2. Understanding (sometimes I vent to him and he's really good at listening!)
3. Loving (he has the biggest heart...for our family, his friends and the Lord)

Three Random Facts about Sean:

1. He loves independent films.  He's always telling me about some movie I've never heard of because he saw it at the Indy theater.  When you watch the Academy Awards and hear the long list of nominees that you've never heard of...chances are, he's seen all of them.

2. He's flippin' awesome at Words With Friends.  I played him once and quit when the score was like 850 to six.  He dominates everyone in the family.

3. He's a night owl (the exact opposite of me!).  In college, I would go stay with him almost every weekend because I wanted to see Andrew at K-State where they went to school...Sean would be going to bed when I was just about to wake up...SERIOUSLY!  That dude is productive in the evenings and I'm productive early in the morning.

Sean has 3 best girl friends who I love to death!  Sometimes, I forget that they're really his friends because I claim them as my own :).  That's me, Stephanie, Ashley and Laura (and our sweet cousin Casey!).

Sean's 3 Favorite Mix and Match Mama Meals (my foodie blog for those of you that are new):

Thanks for stopping by for my Episode 3 recap!  Don't forget to check out my friend Sheaffer's blog on Wednesday for her special A Bachelorette Told Me To edition.  It's the 3rd one...click here to see the first edition and here to see the second edition.



  1. SUCH A FUN POST!!!!! I loved it!!!!
    Linking up to you right now from my post today.

  2. I love this post. I only saw the last 30 minutes last night. I will have to watch the beginning online later. Tierra drives me crazy. She is so rude and annoying and doesn't seem to have a good heart. I don't know how you have time to keep up multiple blogs.

  3. Love this post! And I am going to HAVE to make those whoopie pies-just saved the link to my "Favorites" :)

  4. That was a great post can`t wait till next week I hear that we will be seeing two episode next week on mon than on tue. Tierra need to go I was mad that he keeped her how did you Kensington take the new that she was staying for another week? I think it would be cool if sean did a guess post for you just a thought have a great week.

  5. Love your recap! Ashlee's story was so touching I was crying like a baby!

  6. I would also love a guest post by Sean!! How cute are you, not staying with Andrew when you went to visit?! So sweet :)

  7. Reading your tweets about Kensington and Tierra CRACK ME UP! :)
    Thank you so much for letting us hear what you think every week!!

  8. Good morning!!! As usual i didn't get to watch live but did scroll back thru twitter while i watched and my fave tweets were:

    1) your tweet about Kensington switching to bubble guppies if Tierra's team won
    2) Andrew's tweet about Kensington crying about going to bed b/c she wanted to see Tierra fall
    3)your tweet "awkward" ~ ha! 'nuff said!

    It cracks me up that Kensington has such a strong opinion about one girl!! And i love that she is so protective of her uncle Seanie! Such a sweetie!

    Fun post!! I so love the dynamic of you and Sean's relationship ~ what a blessing!! It really seems like so much more of Sean's heart, sense of humor & personality are shining this season ~ you've got yourself a great brother!! =)

  9. Love This Post! Your Recipes all look yummy! Thanks for letting us in on all the Twitter names last week! It gave last nights episode a whole new spin!! I think Kensington should have her own Twitter "account" for all her funny Tierra comments! I agree with her wholeheartedly! I even quoted her again on my Bachelor Blog last night!

  10. Great recap. What do the girls do during the week? Do they just hang out at the house by the pool and read? ;) they don't get to go out on the town, right?

  11. I wish your parents would have had 10 more children because obviously they are doing something right! I had tears streaming down my face as I watched Sean with those girls at the amusement park. He has such compassion and love and it is something that is so rare to find. Whoever ends up with him is a very lucky girl! I love your posts and today's post was no exception! I love seeing a little insight and random facts about you and your brother!!

    -Rachel Tapscott

  12. Maureen W. (Maryland)January 22, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    Not boat people? Do you just load up on seasickness meds when you go on "the big boat" (cruises)? For some reason this season is much easier/more peaceful to watch b/c of Sean's good heart. He seemed so genuinely happy on the Magic Mountain date with the two young girls, so genuinely touched by Ashlee's story, so genuinely happy to bring Sarah's dog out for a visit, and so genuinely not interested in drama/gossip (from Kacie). Your family has every reason to be proud of him, and your kids can learn so much from watching him. XOXO

  13. Love seeing a sister's reaction to the episodes. All of us stay at home moms here get so wrapped up in the stories so I can't imagine what it would be like if it were MY little brother! Mind if I ask a couple questions?
    1. WHY are there NEVER any convos about faith/religion/God on the show? Do they happen and ABC just doesn't air any?
    2. Do you have TRUE favorites from the beginning? Is it difficult to get past those first impressions just from watching the show? (I couldn't get past the "drunk bride")
    3. Does your brother REALLY not have a physical type? I could pick my brothers' women out physically in abotu 5 seconds!

    Making those brownies for our watch night. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your brother is so sweet and genuine. I cried when he and AshLee were talking. I still can't decided if I like Tierra or not. :) Also, I was wondering if he and Kaycie are still friends. It seems like (for me) it would be hard to go back to being friends after what happened.

  15. Love this recap! Loved last night's episode! You guys are the world record family. love it! You didn't mention Kacie B...poor thing.

  16. Fun post!
    My family and I were wondering - Does Sean come up with the ideas for the dates??
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. Love! You and your brother are so blessed to have each other! :)

  18. Ok...let me answer some questions:
    1. Sean does have a say in the dates. Before the show starts filming, they ask him questions, give him options and discuss everything with him.

    2. I'm pretty sure he and Kacie and still friends. He really thinks the world of her.

    3. Does my opinion of the girls change while watching the show? Not really. I pretty much know everything about everyone before the show even airs, so I'm not surprised by much.

    4. Faith was discussed a lot between Sean and the girls but it's hard to take a week's worth of footage and cut it down to less than two hours (minus the commercial breaks). Don't worry...it was openly discussed. No one is hiding anything.

    5. When the girls aren't on a date, they're hanging around the house swimming, reading, etc. No TV, no internet and no leaving. It sounds pretty awesome to me!

    6. Sean really doesn't have a type. He has dated a wide range of girls. I can honestly say that.

  19. I love your recaps so much :) I did one today too...i'd love it if you read it!

    Your parents really raised a great son...it seems like he does multiple things during the show every week that amaze me! The date with him and AshLee last night was absolutely precious and so touching!! It made me so happy :)

    Have a great rest of your day!!


  20. Why in the world wouldn't he date one of his girl friends? Those girls are gorgeous! Even the friend's cousin. And seriously.. you just made my stomach churn for that brownie you posted. I'm wondering if the vending machine downstairs has anything remotely as satisfying... and now I'm wondering why I am at work... ugh.

  21. Shay, that was another awesome recap. You are so creative with your ideas. I loved watching his dates last night. He handles situations with compassion and maturity. I have a question. This was based on AshLee's date at the amusement park. Do the producers give them any wardrobe suggestions for their dates? I felt so bad watching her in heels and a dress. Keep up the good work, Big Sis.

  22. From what I understand, they do get cues about what to wear on the dates. :)

  23. Really enjoyed last night's episode. I knew Kacie was in trouble when Sean called her crazy.

    Your chicken and waffles look yummy!

  24. I loved last nights episode! Two questions...does your brother pick who he goes on the one on one dates with or do the producers have a say? I think the girls he has done the one on one dates with have been such great quality...good picks! And also, if a producer thinks a certain girl will create some drama (not naming names - kenningston knows who i am talking about!) do they urge your brother to keep them on or are all of his picks 100% his?

  25. I love your recaps and the inside scoop! Loved AshLee so much. She seems so sweet and genuine. And a whole day of having Six Flags to ourselves sounds like the world's best date to me!

  26. Just wanted to say I love love love your blog and your kids are so cute! Also, since you obviously know who Sean picks in the end, I was wondering if you got the opportunity to meet the final two on the show during the last date where they usually meet the family? Thanks!

  27. I'll answer some more questions:
    1. Remember, I can't comment on the end. Sorry!

    2. From what I understand, Sean does have a say about who he takes on dates. He has more input in this stuff than people understand.

  28. Have seen some "compromising" photos of Sean...ex: him coming out of the shower wrapped in a towel that barely covers..him sitting with a martini glass...did he pose for these or were they photo-shopped? Also as Christians what is your opinion of drinking alcohol?

  29. Any photo you see of Sean that comes from ABC is legit. He totally posed for the shot of him coming out of the shower (I can't recall the martini one but that is probably legit too). He doesn't take himself too seriously...obviously, he works hard for his smokin' bod, so he doesn't mind them spoofing it (which is what they're doing). As for drinking, as Christians, we're taught not to judge. If people want to enjoy a drink, that's fine by us. In my opinion, as long as you're law abiding (not drinking under the age limit, drinking and driving, public intoxication, etc) then you're not doing anything wrong. Being a Christian isn't about following a bunch of rules and looking down on others, it's about realizing that you're a sinner, that you're incapable of securing your own salvation, and trusting in Jesus Christ for your life.

  30. I love that I live on the east coast and yet, your posts are up before my kids and I even get up in the morning!--and I love your response to the alcohol question. Couldn't agree more :)

    I loved Sean's date with Ashlee--so sweet--and thought Sean was a gentleman for Kacie by sending her home before the rose ceremony.

    So far I'm really liking Desiree and Lesley and wish they would show more of Catherine!

  31. Thanks for all the time you put forth here. I always wonder about the "behind the scenes" of the Bachelor/Bachelorette but don't really need to ask questions. I'm just FINALLY glad that our society is seeing a good-hearted, wholesome Christian that is a true gentleman. Let's hope it will pave the way for more positive prime time television shows. May God continue to bless you and your entire family and thank you for putting your lives out there for all the world to see. I'm happy to know there are still good people with good morals and values. I also love your comment about Christians...so true and so often forgotten. Legalism is where people often get lost.

  32. Thank you. I appreciate and respect your answer.

  33. I love reading these each week!

    I have a question and sorry if you have already answered this somewhere.. I couldn't find it.

    Is a "week" on the show really 7 days? It seems like there are 3 days worth of dates and 1 day for a cocktail party/rose ceremony. Do they just not do anything on the other 3 days each week or after the 4 days does the next "week" start?

    Hopefully that makes sense!

  34. I get this question a lot: does it really take them a week to film a week of the show? The answer: pretty much. Once they start traveling, you have to allow for several days of travel time on both the front end of the week and the back end of the week. The hometown dates take about two weeks total (so that's two weeks for one episode). When they're in LA the first part of the season, those "weeks" are only actually about 4 to 5 days. Make sense?

  35. I'm dying to know, so fingers crossed that you just might know the answer, but WHY is the ground outside of the Bachelor mansion ALWAYS wet???

  36. They spray the concrete driveway with water because it makes it look prettier on camera :).

  37. Thanks for the mention, Shay. Your site is fab, and your family is darling.


  38. Thank you for answer more question I just love your blog and look forward to reading every post.
    Your kids are soo cute
    I think that Sean should do a guess post it would be so cool

    can't wait to see what happens next week

  39. It is SOOO much fun to come here after watching my episode. I finally finished it tonight with my hubby. (We have 4 kids, and there isn't always time to watch it all in one sitting) We are Christians and positively love Sean! We watched last season, and I was devastated and confused when Emily sent him home, but obviously she was not the girl for him. I would have chosen him in a second! It made NO sense to send him home!!! I was thrilled when he was THE bachelor! I totally adored Ashlee! We were both crying all though their date. Sean is so genuine and sweet (LEO!!! Come on! That is so romantic!!!). He is well spoken and caring. Whoever he chooses had better be deserving of him! Cannot wait for next episode! Thank you for taking the time to answer people's questions. It's all really interesting.

  40. Great post!! I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are for next week!!!


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