Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

I can't believe the year is over!  Here is my annual review of the last 12 months.  If you want to look back even further...see below...


on the 18th, sweet Smith William turned TWO!  We celebrated here on his actual birthday by going to the Rainforest Cafe but then we also celebrated with Smith's Ski Lodge over the weekend.


We enjoyed our last month of winter with lots of time playing at home...

...and lunch dates with our favorite friends at our favorite places.


On the 13th, Andrew and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary...we also knew a big secret...on the 15th, Sean left to start filming the Bachelorette :).  We played outside and welcomed spring this month.


Andrew celebrated his 31st birthday... the most magical place on Earth!  The 4 of us plus Lovie and Papa Jay headed to Walt Disney World for 8 wonderful days.


This guy was home after 11 weeks of filming the Bachelorette.

Sean was home just in time for our cousin Brooke's wedding :)

These two squirts were excited that school was over and summer was beginning!


June was super crazy and fun!  We did this (swim with our friends) almost every single day.

We welcomed Poppy Popsicle into the family.

Dad and I went to Fenway Park to see the brick I bought him for Father's Day... awesome piece of history now :).

And every Monday night, I hosted a bunch of ladies for Bachelorette watching parties (and one time, the big guy himself came).


Thanks to my brother, I was able to meet one of my icons...Kidd Kraddick :).

We headed to Missouri for some fun with the rest of the Shulls!

I hosted the Bachelorette finale party at my house...there were tears...but the whole time, I knew the secret...Sean was going to be the Bachelor.  Geez...I know so many's amazing that I haven't had a nervous breakdown!


 We survived our last hot summer month with lots of snow cones, swimming pool time and silliness!

We were so happy to welcome in fall!!

Kensington played her first (and probably last) season of soccer.

On the 15th, she turned FOUR!  We celebrated with Kensington's Bistro.

And my little brother became the Bachelor.  Holy Moly.  That's huge!


Andrew and I spent 10 days in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.  It was glorious!

But we were so, so happy to come home to this!!


The first half of November was a big fat blur.  A huge blur.  But the second half...we relaxed, enjoyed Thanksgiving and ushered in the most wonderful time of the year!

Super relaxing!


December was wonderful!  We spent so much time together as a family, we ate delicious holiday food, we sang hundreds of carols, we danced to music, we watched a dozen Christmas movies, we looked at lights almost every night, we laughed with our friends and spent precious time with our family.  December ended our year perfectly.

When we started 2012, we had no idea what was in store.  We didn't know how huge the Bachelorette would be for our family...we had no earthly idea that the Bachelor would evolve from it.  I didn't know that I would be starting (and loving) a travel agency...we had no idea. 

I've blogged before that 13 is my lucky number.  I'm not a superstitious person but I do have a connection with the number 13.  This year is far, I know that my brother will star in my absolute favorite TV show and that I'm building my dream home.  2013 sounds pretty good, right?  However, I also know that life is unexpected...bad things happen...good things happen...the future happens.  I pray that I return here in 12 months happy, healthy, and unscathed by 2013...but you just never know.  What I do know is that the Lord is good.  God is in control.  Every matter what trials I face...God will grant me the strength to endure.  Life isn't easy...I don't pretend like it is.  I'm just super grateful with each passing day that I live in His grace...that I have hope in His future and that I can rely on His strength.  May God bless you and yours this upcoming year.

Happy New Year!

For those of you coming over for Bachelor recaps, make sure you click here to see the first one.  Thanks!

Friday, December 28, 2012


On my to-do list this morning was "blog Instagram pictures" and when I went to do that, I realized that one of my besties Andrea did the exact same thing.  We think alike 99.9% of the time so this doesn't shock me. 
Sean has been telling me to use my Instagram account for over a year.  But with Twitter, two Face Book accounts, Pinterest, and three blogs, I kept thinking why, why, why, why???  But now I know's just so much fun!  Follow me at mixandmatchmama (of course!).  Here's what I've been Insta-loving this last month...
on our way to school...just so much preciousness going on back there.

Kensington and her accessories

Me and my love

The world's greatest grandparents

About to ice skate for the first time

At the movies with my man


A present she wrapped herself under her tree

My heart

I could kiss those lips off her face!

Such a boy!

The three best gifts I've ever mom took them shopping at Target and told them to buy Andrew and I each something for Christmas.  My girl picked me out gloves, bangles and a necklace.  I will cherish them forever.  Doesn't she know me well?  So precious!

Rockin' our Christmas pjs

Because it's good to be a silly mom

Their new rides

Snuggle time with my girl

Snuggle time with my boy
So much more Insta-love in our future!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Shulls

This year, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Andrew's mom and dad.  They drove down from Missouri and we shopped, ate and played for two days straight.  It was so much fun! 

We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite restaurant Eddie V's.  This is Smith and me in the back of the car :).

Nanny and PawPaw love hanging out with our little family (and eating at Eddie V's!)

Saying cheese with his mouth full of food (sorry about that!)

Our little group

After looking at lights, we drove home and got ready for Santa to come over.  Cookies and milk!

One last picture before heading to bed.  I wish I could freeze them at this age FOREVER!

Christmas morning. Looks like Santa came :)

I love her sweet face!

The best part about our Christmas???  The snow!  Look at our backyard!

Poppy was the ultimate snow dog

I love these two!

Throwing snowballs

Look at that snow ball sail by!  My girl has an arm!

So much fun!!  Smith played for about 5 minutes and then he was ready to head inside.  Such a memorable Christmas! 

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