Sunday, September 30, 2012

A girl in action!

We tried soccer again yesterday but this time, we brought along a little Missouri for support...
...PawPaw and Nanny came to cheer on the Gators.

They also brought their besties Patty and Stan.  These 4 are a hot mess!  They are fun and crazy all at one time :).

And this week, Kensington did so good!!!  We were so proud of her!  Unlike last week, she totally participated, ran like crazy, kicked the ball and cheered on her team.  A completely different kid.  That's her running (it was so hard for me to get good pics through the ropes!).

She's cheering on her friends and teammates!

Smith was super pumped to pose with Mommy...

3 of my favorite soccer moms...Erika, Sheaffer and Nikki
Fun times!  Thanks for coming Missouri family!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

We love our uncle

This blog is not turning into the Sean Blog...don't you worry...I've just been saving some of these pictures for a few weeks now and want to share them...
...before Sean left, my parents hosted a little dinner to say goodbye.  When you go from seeing someone multiple times a week to not seeing or speaking to them at all for 10 weeks, you have to put on your I Love My Uncle shirts and make the most of it.  These kiddos miss him so much!
Sean always says Smith will be the Bachelor 2037.  He has the eyes, the dimples and the charm.  Watch out ABC.

Sean always says Kensington will not be the Bachelorette.  Ever.  He says she is not allowed to kiss 25 guys. :)

We love our Seanie!

Thanks to Sean, I have Andrew...and now, thanks to Andrew submitting Sean's name one year ago, Sean will hopefully have true love too.  Disney should make a fairy tale out of this!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Because we love him...

This is not the best picture by any stretch of the imagination but I wanted you to see how my crazy wonderful family really is.  On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday, and Sean was the only one not there.  There are 16 of us in the family and we do everything together.  We used to think we were the norm but now we're realizing, most families don't celebrate and socialize as much as we do...and that's ok...we like being a little odd.  When it was time to blow out Mom's candles, we thought we couldn't have that moment without Sean knowing how much we love him, miss him and are proud of him.  My dad quickly made a sign (he loves to make bubble letters!) and snapped our photo.  We sent it off to Bachelor world and he responded quickly back that he loved us too, missed us a lot...and plans on picking a winner.  I guess only time will tell...
We miss that kid.  Our crew of 16 is hoping to expand to 17 when he returns.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Follow the legs...

What is this about?'re going to have to play follow the leader legs to find out...jump on over to my baby, Mix and Match Mama for some more info. 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sean is the Bachelor!!!

I am officially able to share with you today that my little brother Sean will be the next Bachelor on ABC.  Words cannot express how proud we are of him...not for being on TV but for remaining true to himself, for risking another broken heart and for representing himself and our family so well.  We are so excited to see how this journey will unfold.  We love you Sean!  I am so blessed to call you mine.  XOXO

Party! Party!

My mom's birthday was the 12th but we weren't able to celebrate it until this last weekend (lots of craziness in-between!).  I just love my mama XOXO.

Sweet Paisley Marie! 

Casey and Pam

Me and Brandon

My mom spent the majority of the evening in the backyard chasing these two silly kids... times celebrating Lovie's birthday :).
Happy (belated) birthday Mom!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Um, soccer?

This was Kensington on Saturday morning before her first soccer game.  Uniform, check.  Soccer shoes, check.  Tall, ugly socks, check.  Purse, check.  The purse should have been our big warning sign for the game ahead...

With her daddy, Coach Andrew, walking into the indoor soccer field.  (Yes, Andrew Shull managed to put his daughter on a team where A/C is involved...this man requires A/C at all times!)

And this was Kensington during the game.  Standing at the glass with this huge, sad face begging to be removed from the field.  I was ignoring her in the stands.

Still standing there. 
Did she play.  Sort of.  Her daddy dragged her around the field after the ball (thank goodness the coaches are on the field or else another 4 year old would have had to drag her around).  She got her groove for about 30 seconds, kicked and dribbled the ball down the field and then collapsed into a big old girl crying mess.  Will we make her keep playing?  Absolutely!  She might not like soccer but she is following through with her commitment.  (However, her team is probably praying she quits!).
Kids.  They're such a mess sometimes!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i-Phone Life

Some random i-Phone pics for your Thursday.  Did you know that Thursday is my favorite day of the week?  It is.  It has been since junior high...I just love me a Thursday.  It's like a mini-Friday...a start to my weekend :).
A cute girl...pjs and jewelry.  Mini me!

Happy and coloring while mommy makes dinner.

Such a cutie!

Some days, I kiss his face raw.  I just love kissin' on some Smith William!

I went to wake up K for school and found this...two peas in a pod, right?!

Showing off her awesome French shirt that Ms. Lori gave her for her birthday.  She loves a good dog shirt and a good French shirt...this one was tres magnifique!

Love these two!
Have a great mini-Friday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lovie Days

Once upon a time, Shay became a new mommy to baby Kensington...
...Kensington was born on a Monday, released from the hospital on Thursday and by the following Tuesday, her Lovie was at her house declaring every Tuesday a "Lovie Day". 
Tuesdays would consist of Lovie showing up at 9:00 and leaving at 6:00.   At first, these days were for me to gather my thoughts as a new mommy.  I could grocery shop, pay bills, run errands, clean up around the house, go get my hair done, take a nap (which I never did but I should have...) and so on.  They were life savers for me as a new mom.  My friends often joke that they want Lovie Days too (I wish I could share her but I just won't!). 
 However, Lovie Days became an even bigger life saver just a few months in...first, I became pregnant again, which meant me being sick 24/7 (and it's hard to function when you're throwing up round the clock for 9 months), so having one day to function without an infant was so nice.  And on top of that, I've had some health issues for the last 4 years that have required me to visit one or two doctors every.single.Tuesday (how would I have managed that with two kids without some help???), and so not having to worry about them while I was at speech therapy, the orthodontist, the ENT or the periodontist every week was a real blessing. top it all kids have grown to loooooooove Lovie Days.  They wake up almost every morning and ask if it's Lovie Day.  They have spent countless hours playing outside, going to the mall, eating McDonald's, swimming, going for walks, reading books and just lovin' on their Lovie.
But now, Smith and Kensington are both in preschool on Tuesdays, so Lovie Days are coming to an end (sort of...Lovie isn't off the hook for holiday breaks and summer!).  So what's a Lovie to do on Tuesdays now?  She's going to drive an hour to pick them up every Tuesday from school and keep them for just a few short hours because she loves them so.
Thank you mom for all of the Lovie Days.  You have helped me more than you know.  I love you so much.  I was so blessed to grow up in your house where every day was a Lovie Day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kensington's Bistro

Kensington's 4th birthday party was a French Bistro theme.  We had brunch at my house with the family.  The weather was cool, the food was excellent and the company fantastic.  We all gathered together 4 years ago and celebrated her birth, and now, we gathered on her big day and celebrated her big birthday.  We love you Kensington!

Austin and Brooke brought their new puppy Cupcake  This is K eyeing her thinking, "hmmm...I wonder if they'll let me keep her...".

Bryan and Brooke

Brandon and Grandmother

Grandmother, Mom (in her I heart Paris shirt) and me in my c'est bon shirt!
Grandmother and Sean (he's pretty handsome...he should be on TV...)
Where's my brunch?
The best pic with the birthday girl...she's still holding that puppy and giving such a big "cheese" that her eyes are closed.
Papaw with Poppy, Cupcake and Lily...I like this pic because you can see her cute Poodle and Eiffel Tower outfit from Janie and Jack.

Lovie and Papa Jay just spent 2 weeks in Paris and brought Smith back this shirt for the party.  It was perfect!

Love my dad!

Blowing out her giant poodle candle.

Here's to another great year!  We love you Kensington Kate!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Kensington Kate!

Today, my sweet girl turns 4 years old.  Amazing how time flies.  To say that I'm madly in love with this kiddo would be a huge understatement.  She made me a mom...after years of wanting to be a mom...after such heartache and disappointment...God gave me Kensington to make me a mom.  She's funny, independent, sweet and tender-hearted, she loves to sing, play with horses, bake and cook, she's a night-owl, she loves her Poppy, she loves getting dressed and wearing accessories, she loves her family and talks about them constantly...she's my little miracle baby and I thank God every day that he gave her to me.  Love you Kensington Kate!
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