Thursday, June 28, 2012


At first, this post was going to be about how I needed some inspiration in life, so I ordered these things...
My signature Fall scent, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath and Body Works, a new Gooseberry Patch cookbook about Autumn and an Apple Strudel candle.  It's like 104 outside right now and I'm gearing up for the Fall in Mix and Match Mama world, so I need to be inspired by my favorite things.

Just looking at my bounty makes me cooler.

After I snapped these photos, I decided to give you a peak into my world.  I'm a mom of two little kids, I help my husband with his insurance business, I write a food blog, and I now own my very own travel agency...more on that to come...I'm in full swing though.  My world also involves my awesome girlfriends, going to the pool almost daily, watching every Red Sox game on TV,  my brother being on the Bachelorette and a new puppy.  I start my day at 4:50 and don't stop.  I love my life.  I feel extremely blessed.

I keep a picture of Smith on my desk, a picture of me and my dad at Fenway Park and a picture of me and my late grandfather (you'll notice the paper covering our photo...see below).  I am always inspired by these awesome men when I work.

The paper is a copy of my Grandfather's obituary that he wrote shortly before he died.  I value this paper so much.  It's in his handwriting and he addresses his wife (my grandmother), his son, his daughter (my mom) and his 4 grandkids specifically.  I was his oldest grandchild and definitely his favorite...Sean, Brandon and Brooke, don't comment.  I won't publish your rebuttals :).  He saved my part for the very end.  I read it every day (usually more than once).  Love him.  Miss him.

I also keep my Red Sox coaster on my desk and twice a day, it is covered up by a steaming cup of coffee.  A gal can't work without her coffee!

These are just 4 of my cookbooks on my desk...I love reading cookbooks.  Currently I have 11 cookbooks on my desk and 4 travel books.  Food and travel...there's nothing better than that.

That's me.

Monday, June 25, 2012

This is what we do most Mondays...

...hang out at the pool with our friends.  But this next Monday, we're going to be on the Bachelorette.  Look out get to meet the Shulls.

It's Monday...

...but here is one picture from our Saturday :).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Great Wolf Lodge

Last week, when I was in Boston, Andrew took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge for two nights.  I must stop here and say that Andrew truly is a fabulous father.  I won't gush much but seriously, skipping work for two days to take your 3 and 2 year olds to a hotel and water park...pretty awesome if you ask me.  He sent me some i-Phone pics as their little trip progressed, so now I'm sharing them with you.  (A few of them won't rotate correctly...I've now wasted 20 minutes trying to correct it...I'm done...just tilt your head when you look at them :)).

Apparently they did some "guy" shopping at Lowe's on their way out.  He did her hair himself.  I'm quite impressed.

Tilt your head...this is Smith sleeping on the way there in the car.  He has his "suit case" in his lap.

You can't go to the Great Wolf Lodge without wearing wolf ears.  I heard they wore these everywhere...even when he took them out to dinner at a restaurant.

Kensington posing next to some large animal-thing...Smith is most likely clinging to Andrew's leg.

Eating ice cream after their swim.

Both in their bunk beds inside their room.  I'm pretty sure this was their favorite part.

Ok...must gush one more minute...when I came home, I was prepared to do a ton of laundry but Andrew had not only washed and dried all of their clothes, he had put them up as well.  Yes, yes...he's a keeper.  Love them all!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


...come on.  This dude rocked the kilt and dominated in the events.  Just another shot for your Tuesday.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poppy Popsicle

I've mentioned this briefly but in July, after almost 7 years, we had to let our sweet Tulip go live with some family friends.  Andrew and I love, love, loved that dog.  She was our first baby and it was probably the hardest decision we've ever had to make in letting her go.  If you knew Tulip, then you know why we did it...she was the devil :).  Tulip is three pounds of feisty energy and absolutely hates all children.  She is a teacup Yorkie with an attitude of a pit bull.  She is loving life at her new home.  Her new family emails me often with pictures and antidotes.  They completely spoil her rotten and that's exactly what Tulip needs.  They also don't have any small kids...Tulip is in heaven. 

That being said...we've been lonely around the Shull house these last 11 months without a dog.  My kids have asked for one just about daily.  Andrew and I did thorough research on the right breed for us...we contacted several breeders...and on Sunday, we surprised the kids with our new family Poppy Popsicle...

Andrew (and my sweet dad) drove 8 hours to get this particular dog.  The kids were shocked.  Absolutely shocked when we said Daddy brought them home a surprise.

Poppy Popsicle getting to know Kensington.

It was love at first site.  These two have quickly become besties.


Me and Poppy.  Poppy is a Coton de Tulear (leave it to me to get a snooty French dog).

Look at that grin!

Kensington has done nothing this week but play with her new dog.

Sunday night, Kensington wanted Poppy to watch Bolt with her.  (It's a cartoon movie about a girl and her white dog, Bolt.)  They snuggled together for some movie time.

Poppy is right at home.

Some quick facts about kids both have British names...something that was very important to me.  I really, really wanted to name Kensington Poppy instead (because Poppy is totally British) but Andrew vetoed it.  So, I settled on naming our new dog that instead (plus we had Tulip, and my mom has Lily, so this is just another flower name as well).  The kids told us about 3 months ago that they wanted their new dog to be named Popsicle...I asked about Poppy Popsicle and they loved it.  She was named and loved before she came into our home.  Poppy will be about 12 pounds, she doesn't shed and she is suppose to be low energy...check, check, check for my dog criteria.  So far, she's been an absolute dream dog.  We love you Poppy!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One on Fifteen Date

Last night on TV, Sean had a one on one date...last night in real life, he had a one on fifteen date with me and some of my friends.  What a good sport he is!  At the beginning of the season, I asked if he would come to my house the night of his first one on one date with Emily and watch the episode with me and my friends...he did not let me down.  He took a ton of pictures and answered most of their questions (some of these girls asked some in depth, no comment kind of questions!).  Thank you so much Sean!  I'm always so proud to show off my little brother :).

Me, Sean and my friends

Sean's biggest fans!  After everyone left, the babysitter brought the kiddos home (you can't have two toddlers at your watch party!).  Sean wanted to stay around and surprise them.  They squealed and jumped in his arms immediately.  They love their Uncle Seanie!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boston Brick

On Thursday, Dad and I made our annual trip to Boston to see a couple of Red Sox games.  I don't know if there is another weekend I look more forward to all year long.  This year, was particularly special because it is the 100 anniversary of Fenway Park...the oldest and most historic ball park ever.  To honor the anniversary, Fenway Park sold bricks last summer that would be added to Gates B and C and remain a part of Red Sox history forever.  I bought one for a Father's Day gift for my dad and this trip was our first trip to visit our brick.  Because of the came with us too....which made the trip even more special.  (Don't feel sorry for Andrew and the kids...they went on their own mini vacation which I'll blog about later.  And don't feel sorry for Sean...he just came off a 2 month vacation!).
I love Boston.  I love Boston.  I would move there today if I could.  It was was lovely...and they have the best lobster rolls a girl could ask for.  This is Thursday and lobster rolls.

Thursday night, we headed over to Fenway Park for our first game (mom stayed back at the hotel...she's seen a few Sox games and decided to skip out this trip).  This is Yawkey Way...if you know what that means, then you know how cool it is.  If you don''re missing out.

And there is my Dad's brick!  We're officially a part of Red Sox and Fenway Park history.  So cool!!

A little perspective.

Dad pointing to the brick

Me pointing to the brick :)

He was one happy Dad!

Here we are before the game sitting on either side of the famous red seat.  Ted Williams hit the longest home run ever reported at Fenway Park when he hit this seat...that's why they painted it red.

And here we are in our seats before the game.

The next morning (look, there's Mom!), we took the subway back over to Fenway to take the Fenway Park tour and show mom the brick (since she didn't see it the night before).

This is me on top of the Green Monster. 

This is the Green Monster from the other side of the park (in case you didn't know what I was talking about).  The Green Monster is one of the most iconic landmarks in sports history.  Period.

Mom and I at lunch at John Harvard's.  You know I love me some John Harvard's!

Later that night, Dad and I headed back to Fenway for our last game.  One more time, we stopped to look at the brick.

Love my dad and love Boston!  We had the best trip!

If you ever want to know what all of this Red Sox craziness is about, you should watch the Drew Barrymore movie Fever Pitch.  I couldn't explain it nearly as well as the movie portrays it.  It's unlike any other sporting event you'll ever go to.  The history, the traditions, the atmosphere, the's amazing.  Going to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park should be on every one's bucket list.  I'm just so blessed to be a part of it year after year.  Thanks dad.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our little monster

I came home yesterday from running a few errands and found Smith dressed like this...

...wearing his undies, a floatation device and sunglasses.  My mom said he'd been dressed like this for 30 minutes.  He was a "monster".  Aren't you scared?

Fierce monster!

Isn't that the cutest little monster backside?

The red popsicle tongue adds to this monster's charm

When he was done being a monster, he still wanted to wear this know...when he read some books...

...and watched a little TV.  Boys.  Boys are funny.  :)

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