Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Week!

We've had one of those C-R-A-Z-Y weeks...the kind of week that even a weekend doesn't help you recover from.  Thankfully, this next week looks calm and quiet.  We ate brunch at Spoons this two boys enjoying our time :).


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I think it's time...

...for Kensington to get a king-sized bed.  Seriously...look at all of those stuffed animals! 

You can't even see her face in this picture!  Geez!  And if I remove one secretly, she'll instantly walk in her room and notice.  I allow this madness because she is a great sleeper.  Mama needs her kids to take naps, so whatever makes that happen, can happen.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew (part 2)

Last weekend (I know...I'm behind), we celebrated Andrew's birthday yet again (we celebrated his actual birthday in Disney World here).  This time, we had dinner at Bucca di Beppo and then dessert at Mom and Dad's house.  The whole crazy gang was there...well...almost all of us...
Me and my boy

The birthday boy and our girl

It's a bride sandwich!  One month to go!!

Three lovely generations :)

And this year, Andrew requested my mom make something cookie dough-ish with chocolate.  Thankfully, she's the Mix and Match Mama's Mama, so she had no problem whipping together cookie dough brownie bars and raspberry lemon bars (recipes to come soon).

Happy Birthday love!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ice Cream Truck

Last night, Andrew was letting the kids play with the water hose out front when they heard the greatest sound a kid can hear...the ice cream truck!

So excited!  The ice cream truck has never stopped by our house before!

We were being extra silly as we patiently waited for him to stop.

So many sugary choices!

Kensington picked a Tweety Bird and Smith a Bugs Bunny.

Such happy kiddos!

We hope the ice cream truck stops by every night!

And one more thing...yesterday, my mom came over to watch the kids all day.  Hmmm...what does your mom do when she babysits two toddlers for 10 hours?  Well my mom loads said toddlers into the car, drives them to Lowe's, buys several hundred dollars worth of shrubs, a tree and pretty plants and then plants them in my front yard while the kids played.  I know.  She's a rock star, right?  I came home at 5:00 last night and my yard looked amazing!  She had planted everything.  She totally rocks!  I was exhausted just thinking of the work she did.  Thanks Mom! Love you!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Ebby Lee and Nixon!

This week, Ebby Lee turned 3 and Nixon 2.  Happy Birthday to the Slaughter kiddos!  We love you!!

4 of the sweetest girls EVER!  Mackey, Ebby Lee, Kirby and Kensington (soon, sweet Neeley will be big enough to be there too!).

Smith with the Easter Bunny :)

Special thanks to Sheaffer's blog...where I stole these pictures :)!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disney World Days 7 & 8, Wrapping things up :)

On our last full day, we had breakfast at the famous Chef Mickey's.  This is a MUST if you're taking your kiddos to Disney World.  Mickey and all of this friends are at breakfast and visit with your kids at each table.  So fun!

The only person Smith wanted to see was Donald Duck.  Until this trip, I didn't realize Smith had such a thing for the Donald.  He was totally psyched!

Goofy came by first

Then Mickey stopped by.

Smith's very favorite man, Donald Duck!

Donald giving Smith a big hug.

Of course, Minnie was there too.

And Pluto!

After breakfast, we headed back to the pool for some more swimming fun.

After dinner, Kensington asked if she could have her hair "wrapped".  We had been walking by the hair wrapping station for a full week and she never said a word.  But on our last night, after our last meal, at the last possible moment, she asked...and I caved.  I'm so glad I did though....I really think it was the most special part of the trip for her (I know!  After all the other stuff we did!).  She felt like such a big girl!  Here she is about to get "wrapped".

She picked pink, purple and white as her colors.

She's so proud!

This is Day 8 on our way to the airport, she still showing off her hair :).

And in case you're's been exactly one week today and it's still wrapped.  Eventually, I will remove it :).

So, that was our trip!  We had been talking about this trip for months and months.  The kids were so ready to go and I really think they had the BEST time.  It's always sooooooooo much fun traveling with my parents.  Honestly, those two make me laugh harder than anyone else.  The three of us are a hot mess sometimes (poor Andrew having to deal with us!).  My kids were really, really sweet.  They just soaked up all of the magic.  It was fabulous!

If I had to give Disney advice to someone else, here's what I'd say...
1. Take your kids while they're young.  The magic will wear off soon, so take them when they really still believe that they are actually hugging Mickey Mouse.  Three and two were perfect ages in my opinion.

2. Don't go in April!  It was too crowded and hot.  I've been before in the summer (don't go then either if you can!) but I've also been in November and January and those two months were much cooler and the crowds were way down. 

3. Stay on the Disney property.  The magic really begins with your hotel room.  Plus it's super convenient!!  Our resort was probably my favorite part of the trip. 

That's it for now.  Where will we go next???  There are more adventures to come in 2012.  Next up, I think it's time to head back to my Magic Kingdom.  Baseball season has started.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disney World Day 6, The Pool

After 4 full days at the parks, we were desperately needing a day of nothing.  The Yacht Club Resort had amazing pools and a faux beach, so that was where we spent Day 6.

The pools opened at 10:00 and we showed up at you can see, my kids were eager for them to let us in.

Water!  Water!  Water!  She was so happy to be back in the water (it's been since August!).

Not exactly the best picture of Dad, Andrew and me but you can see some of the beach area and the main pool area.

Kensington slid approximately 4, 678 times.

Smith refused to slide on his bottom.  He slid on his tummy every single time.

Silly kids all cleaned up for dinner.  (He's still lovin' his spray bottle!).

We went back to Epcot and ate at...Mexico!  I'm sure the sombreros tipped you off a little bit :).

After a full day of swimming...this is what you look like.  This was 7 PM, we pushed her back to the room, put her on the bed, put her pjs on her and she never once woke up.  The next time she was conscious was 8 AM.  That's a tired girl!

Click here for Days 7 and 8.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney World Day 5, Hollywood Studios

Day 5 took us to Hollywood Studios where we screamed like little girls on the Tower of Terror ride :).

Me and my little girl who did not ride the super fun (and yet scary) ride.

The big guy himself!  Here's the thing for all of you Disney-virgins.  The characters (especially Mickey Mouse) don't just walk around the parks all the time.  They are brought out at specific times to specific locations to meet kids and you must wait in a long line (and the lines are stopped after a certain point and the characters go back into hiding).  To finally meet Mickey Mouse was a HUGE deal. 

We also loved on Winnie the Pooh

Remember back on Day 4 when I told you that every day we let the kids pick one toy for the day...well since the very first day, all Smith asked for was this $17 spray fan.  I kept distracting him with other stuff because I didn't want to pay $17 for a spray fan, I didn't want him to soak himself with water, blah, blah, blah...but the sweet boy would ask and then be really sweet when I distracted him with other stuff.  Finally, on Day 5 I bought him his fan :).  I realized that all of the stuff I was distracting him with was more than $17, that it was 94 degrees outside and I would LOVE to be sprayed with water myself and that the boy was soooooooo happy to have his little fan.  I should have just bought him the fan on Day 1 and he wouldn't have asked for one more thing the entire week.  He was in love.

Kensington with popcorn and a drink at Disney (see Daisy Duck poking out of the back of her stroller...her toy for the day)...that's the good life.

Kensington wearing not one but two mother like wrists and ankles are always adorned.

On this night, we went back to Epcot to have dinner at my favorite restaurant (which again, required reservations 6 months in advance!).  At this restaurant, you were able to meet most of the princesses.  (Which makes life so much easier because then you don't have to hunt them down and stand in line for hours to meet them.)

Princess Aurora


At one point, they asked all of the "princesses" in the restaurant to do a little princess conga line thing around the restaurant.  Notice anyone suspicious back there in line???

What?  Smith does everything his sister does, including princess conga line things.

Smith has been waiting to meet Snow White since birth practically.  She is all he has talked about.  He had to meet Snow White.  He totally cared less about all of the other princesses and characters but when she walked up to our table, he jumped down and turned on his "Andrew Shull charm".

And he hasn't stopped talking about her since.  He loved him some Snow White!


She was my personal favorite of the evening.  She was really fun and super cute!

We ended the night with the light show.  We let the kids each pick out a light toy...Smith the fan and K a necklace (jewelry of course!) that lit up.  Fun day!!

Click here for Day 6.

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