Friday, December 28, 2012


On my to-do list this morning was "blog Instagram pictures" and when I went to do that, I realized that one of my besties Andrea did the exact same thing.  We think alike 99.9% of the time so this doesn't shock me. 
Sean has been telling me to use my Instagram account for over a year.  But with Twitter, two Face Book accounts, Pinterest, and three blogs, I kept thinking why, why, why, why???  But now I know's just so much fun!  Follow me at mixandmatchmama (of course!).  Here's what I've been Insta-loving this last month...
on our way to school...just so much preciousness going on back there.

Kensington and her accessories

Me and my love

The world's greatest grandparents

About to ice skate for the first time

At the movies with my man


A present she wrapped herself under her tree

My heart

I could kiss those lips off her face!

Such a boy!

The three best gifts I've ever mom took them shopping at Target and told them to buy Andrew and I each something for Christmas.  My girl picked me out gloves, bangles and a necklace.  I will cherish them forever.  Doesn't she know me well?  So precious!

Rockin' our Christmas pjs

Because it's good to be a silly mom

Their new rides

Snuggle time with my girl

Snuggle time with my boy
So much more Insta-love in our future!


  1. i've had several friends tell me to get an instagram account ~ maybe i'll cave and check it out!

    your gift from Kensington is sooo sweet!! good taste like her mama!! =)

    and Smith's little smile is almost too much ~ such a little charmer!

  2. Beautiful pictures, wonderful memories, and such a sweet family you have. Now I want to set up instagram too!

  3. Seriously, isn't instagram the best? we need to get sheaffer on there!!! :)


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