Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Shulls

This year, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Andrew's mom and dad.  They drove down from Missouri and we shopped, ate and played for two days straight.  It was so much fun! 

We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite restaurant Eddie V's.  This is Smith and me in the back of the car :).

Nanny and PawPaw love hanging out with our little family (and eating at Eddie V's!)

Saying cheese with his mouth full of food (sorry about that!)

Our little group

After looking at lights, we drove home and got ready for Santa to come over.  Cookies and milk!

One last picture before heading to bed.  I wish I could freeze them at this age FOREVER!

Christmas morning. Looks like Santa came :)

I love her sweet face!

The best part about our Christmas???  The snow!  Look at our backyard!

Poppy was the ultimate snow dog

I love these two!

Throwing snowballs

Look at that snow ball sail by!  My girl has an arm!

So much fun!!  Smith played for about 5 minutes and then he was ready to head inside.  Such a memorable Christmas! 


  1. What a great family Christmas! And the snow is beautiful! Can I ask what eyeshadow shade(s) you usually wear? It always looks so nice and natural and I really need something new! :)

  2. Love it!! Can't get over that snow ~ so awesome!!! We enjoyed (insert sarcasm here!) warm temps, 100% humidity & tornado warnings for Christmas ~ CRAZY weather!! Looks like you all had a really enjoyable Christmas!! =)

    ps...clearly great minds think alike because i posted about our christmas eve & christmas day today too!! =)

  3. Hi Jen!
    I am a makeup junkie :). My favorites are MAC and Nars. I'm wearing Nars in these pics. I have on a sparkly one called Baby something and Odine. I love them all! Thank you!

  4. Just curious - how often does it snow in Dallas? Is it rare occasion? My parents may be moving.

  5. Dallas weather is funny. Last year, it didn't snow one time...the year before, it snowed so much, schools were closed for 7 days. There really is no rhyme or can snow in Thanksgiving and it can snow in April...or it won't at all. I would guess that we usually have 2 or 3 snow days a year...but again, Dallas weather is crazy. We also usually have 100 days over 100 degrees...that stinks.

  6. We got 6" up here in Little Rock! My kids played outside for hours the past two days.

  7. I can't believe all that snow you got!!! In Texas!!! So fun! Looked like a wonderful Christmas!

  8. You DID NOT get snow in Texas. We live 1500 miles north of you and had no snow.

    Jealous. That's the only word that comes to mind.


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