Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smith's Ski Lodge

Yesterday was Smith William's 2nd birthday party!  Where has the time gone???  We had our traditional "big family birthday" party (I have a big, crazy, fun family that celebrates birthdays like no body's business) and it was a blast.  There are way too many pictures for one here are the photos of the party decor and of actual people to come...but for now...this is how Smith's Ski Lodge looked...

Invitations of course by Slightly Askew Designs

Every year, I have a sign made for my kids' birthday parties.  I hope to have a wall full of these signs one day (so far...we have 6!)  The fabulous sign AND snow man were created by the super talented Amy Kulak.  Contact me and I'll get you her info.

When people came in my entry, it was "snowing" on their heads.  I couldn't get a shot of all the snowflakes at once but trust me...there were a lot (I know because I cut them all out!).

Slightly Askew also created my birthday banner and all of my food labels...she's the best.  And the sweetest :).

You have to have a Hot Cocoa Bar at a Ski Lodge!  I knew my 23 year old cousin Brooke would appreciate this the most...she did...I'm pretty sure she had 4 cups and left on a major sugar high.  Click here for Paula Deen's super yummy cocoa recipe.

Hot Cocoa Toppings

White Winter Punch for anyone wanting a cold drink (it's just 7-Up and pineapple sherbet)

My sister-in-law G makes this yummy fruit salsa...I could eat it with a spoon!  Recipe to come over at Mix and Match Mama.

G serves hers up with either cinnamon graham crackers or cinnamon pita chips...

...I opted for the cinnamon pita chips.

This was the birthday boy's favorite :).  Recipe to come over at Mix and Match :).

My famous pinwheels made an appearance (of course!).

All of the girls left with a Hot Chocolate candle from Bath and Body Works.

While the guys left with Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Williams-Sonoma.

I think Smith's Ski Lodge was a success!



  1. So glad that I get to be a teensy part of your kids' super cute parties. Can't believe that you already have SIX birthday signs! SIGH - when I come up with a magic formula to slow time down I'll let ya know. :)

  2. CUTE pics so far! Can't wait to see some people! I will be checking back later tonight. No pressure....... :)

  3. yiu always ,ome up with the most creative birthday parties!! I love this one... perfect for a winter party!


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