Thursday, June 30, 2011

Does your Grandmother text?

Well mine does!  And she texted me this morning requesting new photos on my blog :).  We should never have taught her how to use technology!  (She also beats me at Words With Friends but that's another story.)  Grandmother...I snapped these photos this morning, so this post was meant to be.  Love you!

 Smith William decided it is way more fun to play in the toy basket rather than just play with the toys that are supposed to be in there.


 And this is where he dumped all of the toys.  Thanks Smith.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bermuda: Days 6 and 7...the end :(

How's the best way to end a beach vacation?  Well, at the beach of course!  Day 6 was spent in the water with my little ones.
 I must have thrown this chick up in the air two dozen times in a row.

 Do you see how clear this water is?!

 Papa Jay got into making sand art.  This is his big turtle.

 Daddy dug a hole of course!

 Now, Papa Jay is making sand people.

 Andrew and the sand man.

 Dressed up for our last dinner in Bermuda.

 We ended the night all piled on the bed watching Monster's Inc on the iPad.  Look how cozy cute my kids are!

 Day 7: on our way home

 K taking a little rest in the stroller before heading to the airport

What a wonderful vacation!  We love you Papa Jay and Lovie!  Thanks for playing with us all week.

Next stop for the Shull Four...St. Petersburg...and I don't mean Florida.  Oh yes...stayed tuned...


Bermuda: Day 5, shopping with dinner on the beach!!

Day 5 took us into Hamilton, Bermuda for some fabulous shopping and lunch.  
 I love my Dad!!

 Can I just say how much easier it is traveling with kids this age as opposed to traveling with them when they were babies?!  Instead of packing all of the formula, bottles, baby food, baby snacks, etc...they can eat right off the menu.  Sooooo nice!

 At the end of our shopping, we headed to a nearby park so that the kids could run around a bit.

 This boy loves his Lovie!

 On this night, the hotel had a steak dinner on the beach.  Super fun to head back to the beach for dinner.

 At the table on the beach.  The steak and potato dinner was great for us adults and Smith but Kensington wasn't a huge fan.  We let her eat in reverse this night.  She ate off the dessert bar first and then had her entree back in the room.

 Love this picture!

 Back in the room.  We ordered room service spaghetti for K and dessert for me :).

Chocolate-pecan torte.  Yummy!!

Click here to see the end of our last days.

Bermuda: Day 4, diggin' the beach

Day 4, we headed back down to the beach.  The warmest it ever was in Bermuda last week was 81...soooo nice.

 Smith loved it when Andrew dug him a huge hole to stand in.  He would play in and around the hole all day.

 Me and hubs

 Kensington loved baking "cakes" in the sand.  A girl after her mommy's own heart.

 Tu-tu cute or what?

 In Smith's hole

 Maybe a little afternoon sweet

 That night, just the 4 Shulls went into town for dinner at the Lobster Pot.  Soooo yummy!  I'm sure Papa Jay and Lovie missed us but that they totally enjoyed a purely grown-up dinner to themselves.  We drank Shirley Temples and had a blast.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel room and ordered room (strawberry) ice cream.  Yum!

Next up, Day 5!

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