Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William and Princess Kate go to the zoo

Well, sort of...this morning, as Andrew and I watched several hours of the Royal wedding on TV, he pointed out that our kids were Smith WILLIAM and Kensington KATE.  Since we chose their name specifically because they were British names, this seemed rather fitting.  Plus, most days I feel like we treat them like royalty.  So after the wedding on TV, the three of us headed over to the Fort Worth Zoo.  That's where all the Royals go, right?

 This year, they introduced dinosaurs at the zoo.  Kensington thought they were pretty cool until...

 ...they started moving and "roaring".  That made her hide and Smith cry.

 Here she is looking at the elephants with Kara.  Sweet Kara and Landry met us there today.

 Miss Landry

 I know that a lot of people disagree but I think this kid looks like her mama.

 And this one does too.  (Sorry Andrew.  Maybe you and your next wife will have kids that look like you :)).

 Self-portrait  #1

 And self-portrait #2

 Nope.  Not scared of the big snake.  Tapping on the glass daring it to snap at her.

I love my little royals!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Every boy needs...

...a cool hat!

Thanks Lovie and Papa Jay!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter! Easter! Easter!

We had a fantastic Easter!  Here are some moments...
 Little bow tie Smith with his Papa Jay

 Me and my girl, Brooke!

 Uncle Seanie matched my kiddos :)  Aren't they cute together?!

 Lovie and Paisley

 The girls

 The boys

 The "I'm done taking pictures" face

 The best attempt of a family picture

 Just us two

 Aunt Brooke with her two loves...Paisley and Austin

 My handsome men

 I just wanted a picture of the back of her hair and dress :)

 Lovie The Easter Bunny left the kiddos baskets full of fabulous goodies!

 New sunglasses and new trucks...this guy is in heaven!

 And so is this gal!

 Next, we changed clothes and hunted Easter eggs.

 Daddy helped find the eggs

 Grandmother and Paisley

This sums up our day :).  Happy Easter everyone!  He is risen!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kiss me!

Tonight after dinner, we went to Home Depot to grab a few things.

I said, "Kensington, why don't you give Smith a kiss?".  And she did....

Well, little did I know that Smith would become a kissing MACHINE!

I took 15 pictures of him kissing his sister.  She was laughing, he was kissing, I was snapping pictures and Andrew was paying for ferns.  Just another evening in the life of the Shull family.

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