Monday, January 31, 2011

Kensington Kate

 I took this picture of Kensington in May 2009 (she was 8 months); I took it with my Blackberry and just kept it saved on my phone.  I knew I needed to do something with it because she looks so sweet, so I thought I'd just blog it (yes, 20 months later but oh well).  That's my sweet girl!

And then my sweet friend Andrea emailed me this picture today.  Isn't she too precious?!  This was from McDonalds two weeks ago.  She's still so sweet!  I love you K!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ahhhh... boy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lowe Boys

My dad sent me this picture today (from Smith's birthday party).  These are the Lowe boys.  Sean (27), Smith (1), Jay (55), and Roy (85).  Even though Smith is the only one whose last name isn't Lowe, I think he's all "Lowe".  I love these men so much.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Move over Keurig!

I have blogged many, many, many times about my love for the Keurig Coffee Pot.  But move over baby because I have found a new love.  This is the Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Pot and it ROCKS!

I bought this for my mom for Christmas (I get my coffee passion from her), and she called me every single day for the first week telling me how much I needed one.  She even left Andrew a message on our home machine telling him that this would be the perfect gift for me.  She was in love with her pot and new I'd be in love too.  Well, my sweet hubby surprised me today with a Cuisinart of my very own.

I know some of you (like my friend Linda S.) share my passion for the Keurig, so I felt like it was my duty to inform you of this little beauty.  It uses K-Cups just like the Keurig but it can also brew regular ground coffee.  Plus, it is super, super, super quiet compared to the Keurig (which is a tad noisy turning on and while brewing).  For anyone who loves their Keruig, they'll love this one even better.

Thank you Mom for insisting my hubby get me one!  And thank you Andrew for listening :).


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smith's Missouri Birthday

On Thursday, we headed north to snowy Missouri to celebrate Smith's birthday with the Shull clan.  This time, Lovie and Papa Jay came too :).  It had been three years since they visited the farm and my in-laws thought they were long over due (my in-laws make no bones about the fact that they enjoy my parents more than us :)).  Click here to see the pictures from my parents' last trip three years ago (I was 8 weeks pregnant, throwing up every hour and had much shorter hair...praise the Lord things are different now!).
 I will admit...we were there 3 whole days and I did a horrible job taking a variety of pictures.  Here is one of Smith and me before dinner on Friday night.

 Smith took a few dips in Nanny's sink

 At his birthday party on Saturday night at Pizza By Stout (of course)

 Andrew had just taught her how to blow the wrapper off of a straw...she's laughing because... was stuck on Smith's head :)

 Smith has started giving the best sloppy kisses.  What's so sweet is that Andrew was ready to snap our picture and I kept saying "smile Smith" but instead he kissed me.  I love this boy!

 Red velvet cupcakes for his party

 The best I could get of Sylvia (15 months) and Smith (12 months)

 Trying to open presents

 PawPaw and Nanny bought Smith this Fropper.  We all "fropped".

 Uncle Dave and Aunt Vicki got Smith a Tow Mater push car, so then Brode went and got their version and all 4 kids rode around.

Kisses from Brode

We had the best time.  Why didn't I take more pictures?  Thank you Nanny and PawPaw for hosting all 6 of us!  Thank you Lovie and Papa Jay for driving 6 hours for yet another party for Smith!  Thank you Dave and Vicki for coming to the party!  And thank you Jon, G, Brode and Sylvia for letting us celebrate in your home!  We love you guys!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And on his birthday...

 Smith woke up all smiles on his first birthday.

 He ate a pancake and orange slices for breakfast.

 He played with his new purple ball.

 He took his shoes and socks off in the car.

 He was happy one of Mommy's errands was to the sporting goods store (so he could see the manly stuff).

 He rode up front in the big car while we grocery shopped.

 He played endlessly with the matchbox cars his buddy Luke gave him.

 He climbed in and out of Kensington's chair (with his matchbox cars).

 He rode around on his big truck (with his matchbox cars).

 Smith ate a yummy vanilla bean cupcake after dinner.

Before bed, he played some more with his trucks.

Yesterday, some of our sweet friends gave Smith a bunch of "boy toys" for his birthday.  He usually gets stuck playing with Kensington's stuff, so my friends really wanted him to have some boy stuff.  We played and played all day with his new trucks and cars.

Happy Birthday baby!

Happy Birthday Smith William!

Smith William Shull
January 18, 2010
12:30 PM
8 pounds, 20 inches

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Smith has been the icing on the cake.  We considered ourselves so blessed to just have Kensington that Smith was bonus.  We were convinced up until the very last second that we were having a girl, Ashby London, so when Dr. Riegel told Andrew to look, we were both very surprised.  (a nurse in the O.R. was surprised too because she said she was 100% sure the baby was a girl based on the heart rate...she ate crow :)). 

Here are some facts about Smith:
1. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks.
2. He's always been a great napper.
3. His favorite part of the day is playing right after his nap.
4. His least favorite part of the day is going to Stroller Strides...unless his stroller is moving, he's crying.
5. His favorite friends are Brock and Will (both almost 4 years old but entertain Smith and make him laugh every single day as we work out).  He also loves Nixon who I know will be his BFF.
6. His favorite food is peanut butter crackers and/or Nilla Wafers.
7. His favorite toy is our remote control.
8. He loves to climb on Kensington's chair and jump/fall off...he laughs and laughs and then does it again.
9. He has big blue eyes dimples like his mommy and Uncle Seanie.
10. He loves my parents' dog Lily Rose.
11. He hates Tulip.
12. He claps, waves, blows kisses, makes the "touchdown" sign with his hands and gives the best high-fives.
13. He adores his daddy and says "dada" at least 100 times a day.

We love you Smith William so very much!  God went above and beyond by blessing us with you. 

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