Sunday, October 31, 2010

Full Monty

We're in big girl panties.  I say "we" because it's a team effort.  On Wednesday and Thursday, Kensington wore them around most of the day.  On Friday, my friends Helen and Nancy told me I needed an "all or nothing" approach.  The exact phrase was "you need to go full monty".  So, since Friday at 10:50 a.m., Kensington Kate has worn nothing but undies unless she was asleep in bed.  So far, so good.  Yes, she's had some accidents, but she's also done a great job using the potty and she finally today, told me that she needed to go.  She's worn her panties out to eat dinner on Friday night (no accident), she wore them in the car to my grandparents' house (1 hour drive with no accident there or back)...she's worn them all weekend.  I'm so proud of my big girl...I'm actually, really proud of us for surviving.  We just need to continue to work extra hard today and tomorrow because she has school on Tuesday and I want to send her with confidence.
 We're spending a lot of time in the bathroom these days, so Kensington has discovered how cool it is to wear mommy's high heels.

 She's dancing and singing "Let it Snow".  Seriously.

 While at my grandparents' house on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Stinker enjoyed sitting in the magazine basket.

 We went on a walk Saturday evening, and I snapped these pictures as the event was unfolding...event: Smith daring to touch Kensington's Capri Sun.

 Reaction to said event: Smith getting scolded by big sister.

 Poor Lily.  Kensington loves walking my dad and mom's dog...the dog on the other hand, hates it.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday, was my 29th birthday :).  I am thrilled to be saying bye bye to my 20s.  After two sets of braces, tongue therapy, infertility, and 18 months of morning sickness, my 20s have taken years off my life :).  The best part about my birthday was spending time with my sweet family.  My mom made me dinner on Sunday night, and we all celebrated.

 Doesn't Casey look fantastic!  She's due 1/11/11,

 My mom also made homemade enchiladas, tacos and cornbread...but I only photographed the cake.  You can tell where my heart is.

 Helping Mommy open gifts

 Sean, me Brandon and Brooke.  The 4 Higginbotham grandkids.

 Papaw and Kensington

 Sweet Ryan (who met my entire family for the first time-except for my parents and my kids) does great with my kiddos.

 I love my dad!

 So mature.

 Ryan and me

My goal for 29...get these stinkin' braces taken off and never, ever have them put on again.  Bring on 30!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Shay

Yesterday, we were hanging out with my brother and his new girlfriend when we did what every annoying family does...we busted out the old photo albums and made her look at pictures.  Bless her heart, right?  When we opened my baby album, I was quite surprised to see how much I looked like Smith as an infant.  I snapped some pictures of some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  What do you think?

 It doesn't help that I have no hair and am wearing blue. 

 I knew he looked like my brother, but honestly, I think if I put Smith in this dress, he would look just like this :).  By the way, that little birth mark disappeared one day.  (Thank goodness!)

 That is a Smith smile.  And can someone please explain to me how my grandmother hasn't aged in 29 years?



And, we also went into Stride Rite yesterday to browse when someone spotted "sparkly shoes" and had to have them.  Since they were super cute and she did need another pair of sneakers, we obliged.

Here's the thing about Kensington.  Kensington looks like big Andrew but she looks nothing like baby Andrew.  In fact, big Andrew looks nothing like baby Andrew.  I told Andrew that I think something happened to the little boy in the pictures in his baby book and his mom kidnapped him as a replacement.  He pointed out that if his mom had kidnapped a baby, she would have picked a girl.  Good point.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

As you probably remember, I am one of those obnoxious people who start Christmas shopping in August and begin actively singing carols in September.  I am in full swing for Christmas already.  Here are a few of my favorite things so far this season.
 Since I am the self-proclaimed candle queen, I have already purchased 4 Christmas scented candles.

 Adorable matching Christmas pjs for my kiddos

 I have blogged in depth before on my addiction to Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel scent.  It's seasonal and when it comes out, I buy at least one case.  Yes, case.  Last weekend, I noticed that it was out again, so I picked up a few new ones.

 Then I came home and added them to the remaining bottles from last year's case.  Yes.  I have a problem.  I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs but I do buy WAY too much Vanilla Bean Noel.

And this is a picture of what I did today while Smith napped and Kensington was in school.  I filled 6 boxes and 1 trash bag full of just Kensington's clothes to give to my cousin Casey.  Casey owns a Kid to Kid store and since I'm not having any more kids, I don't need to be hanging on to all of these clothes.  Good grief, this child is barely two and look at all of these clothes!  I'm embarrassed.

Merry Christmas (it's not too early, right?),

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you dance with the stars?

Well, Kensington does.  Every Monday night, we turn on DWTS and she dances right along with them.  Yesterday afternoon, she got a pink skirt out of my closet and brought it to me.  She asked if she could wear it.  She wore it ALL day.  She wore it outside, she wore it inside, she danced in it and then when it was time to go to sleep, she asked if she could sleep in it.  Her daddy said yes.
 Here she is dancing in her pjs and my pink skirt.

 She's "re-fueling".
 During a commercial break, everyone piled on Daddy.
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