Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 Vegas 4 Buble= PERFECTION

Several months ago, Andrew surprised me with a trip to Vegas to see Michael Buble in concert. I have to say, on most days I love Andrew because he's a great husband, blah, blah, blah, good provider, yadda, yadda, yadda, attentive father, yeah, yeah, yeah...but this trip...this trip made him THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD! Seriously, this was the BEST little trip with the best husband.
Here we are at the airport at 6 AM about to fly to Vegas.
We've arrived at our hotel, The Bellagio. Less than a year ago, we visited actual Bellagio, Italy. I guess you can say we've come full circle this year :).

We checked into our room at 8:30 AM and headed off to a hotel restaurant for breakfast.

Then, we went to check out our room. It was sooooo nice! The Bellagio is everything you would think it would be.

And look at our view! We were on the 22nd floor with floor to ceiling windows over-looking the famous Bellagio fountains and The Paris hotel. How cool is that?! Seeing the fountains AND the Eiffel Tower at once.

For lunch, we headed to Caesar's Palace and had lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. Our burgers were very good!

Headed off to dinner! (Can you tell we focused on food a lot this weekend?)

Andrew had made us reservations at a steak restaurant on the top of the Palms Hotel. It was named "best view of the strip". I would agree. This is the view from our table on the 55th floor.

We walked through Paris on our way to see our show.

Here we are at Cirque du Soleil's "O". We had 2nd row seats. This was my 4th Cirque show and hands down, without a doubt the best one. I could have seen it 4 more times in a row.

This is the view from our hotel room. The Bellagio fountains went off every 15 minutes at night.

It just doesn't get better than this!

On Saturday morning, we got up to do some more shopping.

Then we went back to Venice (but this time, it was the Venetian Hotel and not Italy).

I think the Venetian Hotel is beautiful too.

So here we go...the real reason we went all the way out to Vegas. Yeah, the food was great, the hotel was fabulous, "O" was awesome, but the real reason we flew to the desert was to see my Michael Buble. Here I am with my tickets about to head to the concert.

Ok, so we stopped to eat again before the concert. A girl has gotta eat, right?

Ummm...Andrew failed to mention that he had gotten us floor seats. We were 19 rows back. By this point, I was completely ecstatic. Seriously...I'm anticipating the knock on my front door any day now with a man serving me my restraining order. I just love Michael Buble :).

No matter how many times we see him in concert, we always think he out does himself. This was my favorite of his concerts so far. This Vegas night was his last concert in North America for the year. We were the 40th city in his 40 city tour, so he made some changes, added some songs, and gave us the performance of the tour (his words, not mine).

He's walking past us now to the center of the floor. I'm not great at taking pictures while the object is moving...sorry!

So, half way through the concert, Buble says that since it's his last concert of the tour, his entire family and fiance came to watch. There were over 30,000 people in the MGM Grand Arena and when the spotlight hit his family's seats, they were NEXT TO OURS! We were sitting next to his family the entire time and didn't realize it. There was my seat, Andrew's seat, a three foot walkway then his parents' seats. This is his mom and dad. He introduced them and his grandparents to the audience. Crazy, huh?

The cute blonde is his fiance. It was really sweet watching her watch his concert. She co-stars in his "Haven't Met You Yet" video.

Confetti falling on us!

The strip as we were walking home.

We had a fantastic time! It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend...but look what we had waiting for us when we got back to Dallas...

Seriously? How did I get so lucky as to have the one guy cuter than Michael Buble living in my house?

Thank you Andrew Shull! XOXO

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can't live without

Several weeks ago, my friends Sheaffer and Andrea posted items on their blogs that they simply can't live without. I LOVE blog hopping and finding new and wonderful things from other bloggers and was instantly excited to read their must haves. I finally had a few moments to upload my absolute favorite (simple things) that I can't live without...
This Urban Decay eye shadow primer is remarkable. I can put it on (then my eye makeup on top) go to the pool, run around in the 105 degree Texas heat with my kids and my eye makeup still stays in place. No creasing, no smudging, no coming's FABULOUS!

My mom is laughing right now. I love, love, love these dried plums (read the package, it says dried plums). My mom laughs because I guess they're really prunes but who wants to eat a prune? I only want to eat a dried plum. I go through at least 2 bags of these a week...yummy!

I just went and counted and I have 61 cookbooks in my kitchen. I collect cookbooks (since cooking is my favorite hobby) but my favorite cookbooks are these Gooseberry Patch ones. I have 6 and love them all. In fact, I'm sure I need to get on Amazon and buy me one or two more right now.

Hello?! If you use a slow cooker and don't use one of these liners then you are MISSING OUT! The easiest dinners in the world come from a slow cooker and with these liners, you'll be cleaned up in no time.

I obsessively clean my counters...thank goodness 409 comes in a natural stone variety (for my granite and travertine).

I heart Bonnie Bell. My cousin Brooke and I are lip gloss junkies. We need therapy. But no matter how many kinds of gloss I matter how much I spend...these $3 lip lites are my absolute favorites. I always carry two in my bag at all times.

Here's wishing you simple things in your life!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flippin' out

After the kids' bath tonight, Kensington figured out how to do a somersault. Once she realized what she was doing, she did a million. We had so much fun watching her flip out.

It didn't take long before she asked Andrew to do one too...

And then they did them simultaneously...

Smith just watched...

My sweet boy!


Sunday, August 22, 2010


About 6 months ago, I realized that Tulip could no longer co-habitate with the rest of the family. Though weighing in at only 3 pounds, she was dominating our family and making our living conditions miserable. That's when she moved to Mexico.
We bought a baby gate that separates our study and dining room from the rest of the house. Tulip lives in "Mexico" and we live across the border in the good ole "USA". Even though the children have passports, they are not allowed to cross the border and enter foreign territory. Tulip is occasionally allowed to use her Visa and come to American soil (to eat and socialize with Andrew and me once the kids are asleep). Other than that, Tulip stays in Mexico and we're in the US. This division of nations has solved many problems in our house and made things much more peaceful (see...I should work for the government...I am apparently great at foreign diplomacy).
On Friday, I noticed that Mr. Smith Shull was starting to get interested in our border and had scooted himself right on over to enemy lines.
I had been folding laundry and when I returned, Smith was at the border.
He's so excited to see "the other side".

Tulip is not a fan of anyone coming near her border. She had scurried up to the front lines and was on patrol for illegals crossing into her country (but really Tulip, how many cross into Mexico?).

My two at the border.

I on the other hand, am currently typing this post from Mexico. I visit often to blog hop and check on my dog :).


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