Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a Tuesday

Just a Tuesday at our house...Kensington loves sitting sideways in her chair.
After Smith's nap, Kensington wanted to get into his crib with him. It's hard to believe this used to be her crib (look how long she is in it).

He has this "help me, Mom" look on his face.

Then, she'd been talking about Luke all day, so we called to see if we could walk over and say hello.

I snapped this photo on our way home...again, she's sitting sideways.

Then, after dinner, her daddy suggested we take her for a snow cone. We drove to the snow cone stand, waited in line for her pink cotton candy snow cone, then watched as she threw a fit for not being able to run near the very busy street. Her daddy asked her if she wanted to sit in the car while the rest of us enjoyed our snow cones and she said "yes". And...

...there she is in the car...Andrew wanted to make sure I pointed out that the car is running and we are seated 4 feet from it eating our snow cones on a picnic table :)

Smith enjoyed a few tastes of pink cotton candy snow cone (someone had to eat it)

Then this morning, she was back to normal...
Kensington is really into the Disney princesses now. I walked by the toy room this morning and she was smiling so big at Cinderella. Yesterday, I bought it for her and she immediately said "put the movie on". She has been singing and dancing and talking about Cinderella ever since.

She's even wearing her Disney princesses pjs :)...look at that smile.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Kensington and Smith have really become little buddies. Yesterday, she was all about kissing him. It's so sweet to watch them interact. Yesterday, Kensington said some funny things to her mama...when we went outside to play, she looked in the neighbor's backyard and said "there are no dogs anywhere" (they have 4 dogs). When it was raining and she heard the thunder, she said "what's that sound mommy?"...when I said, "it's rain and thunder", she burst into "rain, rain, go away, come again some other day". And she was all about taking turns yesterday. We were working on a puzzle and she kept saying "mommy's turn", then "Kensington's turn" after we would each go. After lunch when I washed her hands, she said, "mommy's turn" until I washed mine too. She's such a character.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swimmin' on Saturday

We arrived at Lovie's on Saturday afternoon ready to swim.
I think Smith looks a lot like Uncle Seanie...big blue eyes and dimples...those big blue eyes and dimples are what got (get) my brother into and out of a lot of trouble :)

Oh, he's ready for the pool!

Papa Jay and Lovie bought Kensington a wagon full of pool toys

Papa Jay has been making Kensington kiddie strawberry daiquiris this summer...she LOVES them!

He kept rolling over and running his hands through the grass

Papa Jay and Smith

Uncle Sean and K looking at the cows

Lovie needs to get Smith a chair too (he's sitting in Kensington's)

He took a bath, had a bottle, put his jammies on and is ready for bed...or at least snuggle time with Grandmother.

After her bath, she decided to pull her dolls around in her boat.

This was on our way to Mimi's this afternoon. Just hanging out with her shades on.

At Papa and Mimi's house, we decided to show off Smith's sittin' up skills...a work in progress but not bad.

Sitting up all by himself

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday, we went to the kiddie pool with a ton of friends. About 3 minutes into it, I was disciplining Kensington for not sharing when I dropped my camera (only 5 months old) into the water. It was only in there about 3 seconds but didn't work. My sweet friend Sheaffer said she thought she could fix it. She proceeded to "beat the crap out of it" (her words, not mine) and then let it dry out. Apparently, she read somewhere on the Internet that those two things would fix it. So imagine my surprise when I tried it again this morning and it worked. Sheaffer was very proud of herself :). Who knew that letting a friend whack the heck out of your camera and then dry it out would fix the problem??? Thanks Sheaffer :)!
Smith was swinging before we left. He loves this swing. I will put him in it when he's 5 if he'll let me :).

Then, he needed to nap on the play mat before we left.

Now, he's at the pool hanging out.

She only complained twice yesterday that her arm hurt (they said that would happen). What a tough cookie!

Kensington, Jaxson and Carter...I would link you to their blogs but their mommies have them set on private...I really think they do this just to drive me crazy :)

She's "swimming"

And at this point...the camera went SPLAT into the water. Seriously, about two seconds after I took this picture.

And then this morning, it worked! So here is a picture to prove it...

This is Kensington reading one of my French books. I minored in French in college, so I have a whole collection of books in French. For some reason, she's obsessed with this one book (there aren't any pictures). Last night, I found it on the floor, so I sat it on the counter. This morning, she walked by and goes "oh, my book" and set off with it. I also like this picture because Smith is in the background probably thinking "wow, my sister reads French?".

Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25

I was in my kitchen tonight making strawberry-banana pies and watching old re-runs of The King of Queens when I realized that today is June 25. June 25 will always hold a special place in my heart but today, I think it truly symbolizes God's grace. On June 25, 2002, I had to tell a very sweet guy that I couldn't marry him...and on June 25, 2007, I miscarried my first baby. Those were probably the two hardest days of my life. And now, June 25, 2010, I have a wonderful husband (who I met July 4, 2002...yup, just 8 days after the break-up) and two precious, precious babies (that wouldn't be here if my first pregnancy had gone to completion). June 25 used to remind of sad things, but now, I see God's finished work and am so thankful.

Happy June 25,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Praise Jesus Days

Lately, I have had several Praise Jesus Days. These are days that when, in Jesus' name, I ask for something big and he blesses me with my heart's desire. I try to praise Jesus every day but some days are simply titled Praise Jesus Days when night comes. Today was that kind of day...and it's only 1:49.

Last Friday, Kensington fell at the splash park. I thought everything was fine but then on Tuesday, she started complaining about her arm. Whitney insisted I take her to the doctor yesterday and when I did, our pediatrician said her arm was broken. Then I took her to the hospital for x-rays and the radiologist confirmed that it was broken. So last night, I kept thinking about what a bummer it was going to be with Kensington in a cast. This girl loves going to the park, loves swimming and loves running around playing with her friends at Boot Camp. This morning, our pediatrician called back to say that after reviewing the x-rays from the night before, her forearm was fractured in two places and that we needed to go see the orthopedic surgeon right away.

Andrew, Kensington, Smith and I sat in the doctor's office for 1 hour and 15 minutes until finally the doctor came in to see her. When he came in, he asked me what I knew and what I thought. I told him that I knew her forearm was broken and that she needed a cast. He said that her forearm was broken BUT that it would heal on its own and we could leave. That was it. Praise Jesus. My little girl doesn't have to wear a cast all summer (including the 10 days we'll be on vacation), she can swim, play and have a blast with her little friends. She thankfully broke her arm in just the right spot...right where it will heal itself and doesn't require a cast. It's a Praise Jesus Day!

For our present troubles are quite small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a great glory that far outweighs them all. 2 Corinthians 4:17

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kensington Day

After celebrating Smith Day on Wednesday and Thursday morning, Mom and I swapped and I had Kensington Day Thursday night and Friday. I love my little girl so much!
For dinner on Thursday night, we had Chick-fil-a which is very rare for us. Andrew doesn't like eating fast food for dinner (lunch is ok but not dinner), so Kensington and I took advantage of him being gone and had our chicken.
Then we had our final swim lesson with Luke. Afterwards, Andrea and I took the kids for yogurt.

On Friday morning, we headed to the splash park after Boot Camp. Kensington adored the splash park!

I love you Kensington!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More peas, please! (part 2)

A little over a year ago, I posted this about Kensington's first time to eat veggies. Here's a look back at her and new pictures of Smith's first veggie, peas.
My sweet Kensington eating her first veggie...peas!
And my sweet Smith eating his too :)

She was sooo sweet! (still is!)

I'm not sure he loved them as much as his big sis did.

She knew how to open up and anticipate each bite.

Wow, they get big so fast!

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