Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun in the sun!

We had the best, best weekend! Andrew's mom and dad came down to celebrate Memorial Day with my big, crazy family and of course, they fit right in. This is the first Memorial Day in FOUR YEARS that I haven't been pregnant! (2007-found out on Memorial Day that I was pregnant, miscarried on June 25, 2008-7 months pregnant with Kensington, 2009-6 weeks pregnant with Smith). You know how I hate being pregnant, so this year was extra fabulous for me because I'll never have to worry about being pregnant again :).
My big boy on our way to Bryan and Pam's house (I say big boy but he's only in the 38 percentile for weight and 66 for height!)
Wearing his first swim suit

Don't they look thrilled to being posing for a picture...

First time in the pool

Some of the guys playing volleyball

Nanny and Kensington had the best time together!

We had to take a picture since we were both sporting the stripes

Asleep on Grandmother's lap

Swimming with her floaties on

She loves to walk Lily and's so unfortunate that her own dog hates her guts...I have to pay someone to walk our own dog. Ironic, huh?

I love this little girl so much! Words cannot express how much I love her!

Checking out Uncle Bryan's waterfall

So tired after all that swimming! (Do you see what I'm about to eat...chocolate cake with a chocolate chip cookie...ate every bite!)

This was on Monday...Andrew and I got passes to Hawaiian Falls and took the kids for our first time. I only got two pictures this trip...we were having so much fun that I forgot to take more. My sweet little family of four.

Eating lunch inbetween playing

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My babies are simply growing like weeds!!! Over the last few days, we've had some substantial milestones at the Shull house. First off...Kensington is officially sleeping in a big girl full-size bed. As a matter of fact, she's working on a lovely nap right now. While we were in San Diego, she started hopping right out of the crib (or as my mom put it, "swinging that thunder thigh right over"). So on Saturday night, we put her in her big bed and haven't looked back. She lays down and after a minute or so of fussing, she's fast asleep. This is from night one...
...could Minnie Mouse be any closer????
And then there's my sweet Smith...
...on Sunday, he tried rice cereal for the first time.

I think he likes it :)...can you believe how quickly he's grown??? He's so big now!

And here he is in the exer-saucer. He really loves this.


Monday, May 24, 2010

For Uncle Seanie


We love you Seanie! (Lola and Ellie too!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

San Diego

On Wednesday, my hubby and I flew off to San Diego for three wonderful nights. Andrew had a business meeting out there and I decided to tag along. While we were gone, Lovie and Papa Jay came to the rescue to take care of our kids. I COULD NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT MY PARENTS! I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!! My kids decided they would grow up quickly on Papa Jay and Lovie's watch...
1. Smith started rolling over (pictures to come) while with my parents
2. Kensington learned how to get right out of her tonight...she is officially sleeping in her big girl bed. She's been asleep in it for 1 hour (please say a prayer that she stays put!!). I will post pictures of her tomorrow sleeping like a big girl
Off to San Diego
We're here!

The spectacular view from our hotel room on the 16th floor of the Manchester Grand Hyatt (side note: the last time Andrew and I were here, he was playing football for Kansas State along with my brother and we were all there for the Holiday Bowl...that was over 7 years ago! The football team and my family stayed in this hotel. At the time, we were only dating (although he had purchased my ring), so I guess this means we've come full circle.

At the beach...the highs stayed in the mid 60s the entire time we were there, so we weren't able to swim or lay out

At Torrey Pines Golf Course

You know how I love my Starbucks every day...even in San Diego

On Coronado Island

On our last day, we decided to visit the was as amazing as everyone says it is

That monkey on the right is an only weighs 4 oz!! It was so cute!

A baby elephant picture for my Kensington

The zoo has this ski lift type thing that goes over the entire park. These are some pictures we took from above.

My hard working husband qualified for this business trip because he rocks :)! There are over 17,000 State Farm agents in the US and only 2% qualified...he's the youngest agent to ever qualify from the state of Texas. Needless to say, I'm quite proud. This dude could make ANY business successful! I love you baby, thank you! (And thank you Trisha, Jamie, Dawn, Mark, Helen and Bear for working so hard for us at the office. You guys MAKE US ROCK!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby elephants

On Saturday, Andrew and I took the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo. Every time I would ask Kensington which animal she wanted to see at the zoo, she would say "baby elephants". I have no idea why she stuck the "baby" in front of elephant, but that was her consistent answer.
Here she is looking at the gorillas
And the baby elephants! She was so excited!!

At one point, Kensington and Andrew were looking at the white tiger when Kensington told Andrew "I so happy". That little phrase made the whole day even more special.

Next up...Sea World...

Smith Share

For 3 days, I kept telling Kensington to get out of Smith's Bumbo activity center. I couldn't believe she could fit in there in the first place. I would catch her in there, pull her out (she could get in but not out) and remind her that the play center was Smith's. Finally on the third day, she looked at me and said "Smith share". And she was right. I'm always telling Kensington that she has to share her toys and blankets with Smith, so she was reminding me that he needed to share his toy with her. So, if you come to my house and see my 20 month old in a toy designed for babies up to 6 months old, then you know why...because Smith needs to share.

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