Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conversations with an 18 month old...

I didn't realize I would be having conversations with an 18 month old, but my days are filled with them.

Recently, Kensington has started sitting on her little potty (with her diaper and clothes on) and pottying. That's great...we just need her to do it without the clothes on. She knows that if she sits on the potty (with or without clothes on ) and goes, she gets a sucker. So now, she'll run up to me and say she has a dirty diaper and ask for her sucker. "Dirty (pointing to her bottom), sucker please!?". She hasn't quite figured out that she doesn't just get a sucker for having a dirty diaper.
Yesterday, we went to the park and she climbed up to slide. I stood at the bottom to catch her and she shouted "watch out Mommy!"...she was afraid she'd slide into me.

Her new favorite hobby is tormenting my already epileptic, bi-polar dog. She'll shout "Come here Tulip" and chase her around the house. I really think Tulip is near suicide.

Every single time the phone rings, Kensington says "Hello Papa". It doesn't matter what she's doing, she'll stop and say that. Since I speak to my dad many, many times a day (thankfully!), she's right 90% of the time. She thinks it's so funny that Papa Jay calls Mommy so much (I'm pretty sure Lovie thinks it's funny too).

My kid cracks me up every day...every day. She says things that completely amaze me (How does she know what a squirrel is? I don't remember teaching her that but she knows and says squirrel when we see one.)

Seeing her with big cousin Brode this last weekend makes me even more excited about Smith getting a little older. They are going to have so much fun together (and keep me entertained!).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shull 8.0

Once upon a time, Andrew and Jonathan Shull and their wives enjoyed many trips together as four...and then, there were four more. This weekend, the other Shull four traveled down to our house to meet Smith, hang out, eat lots of food, shop and have a wonderful time. What was once four is now eight...four kids 3 and under.
"Mom, what are all these people doing in our house?"

When you visit us, you must eat at Manny's for authentic Mexican food. Gretchen and Brode (3).

Sylvia (5 months) enjoying a lick of salty tortilla chip

It's hard not to smile when you're eating Mexican food in Texas

The majority of the trip, Sylvia and Smith hung out on the activity mat. They loved it! I was amazed at how "into" each other they were. 12 weeks apart...they're going to be great friends.

Brode and Kensington (18 months apart), really played well together. They had lots of fun in our new tub.

Cousins :)

My favorite part of the weekend was Saturday morning. We went to an Easter festival in our neighborhood. There was a petting zoo, train ride, bounce house, face painting, egg hunt, and tons of candy. Kensington loved this baby goat. She kept calling it a doggy.

Petting a bunny

I loved the pig

Daddy loved the baby chick

This boy is getting so big!!!! This last week, he has really become a mama's boy :).

Kensington cracked up looking at the Easter bunny

Riding the train with Daddy

Jonathan and Sylvia

The other Shull four

The 6 "true" Shulls...Gretchen and I are just "adopted" Shulls :)

Me, G, and the babies

Heading back to the car...best buddies

The big kids spent the day with their daddies while the little kids stayed with me and G. We headed to North Park Mall to do some serious shopping.

The little ones slept through the shopping

Hanging out in Smith's bed

I think he loves his Aunt Gretchen

Thanks for coming Shulls! We love you!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The tongue

I had to post something about the tongue today. Just had to. I cracked open my Beth Moore Bible Study to work on this week's lesson and when I started reading that it was about how powerful the tongue was...I just knew it was time to blog.

Yesterday, I went to see my SIXTEENTH doctor about my jaw. I always smile inwardly when people ask why I have braces and I say, "I have TMJ"...9 times out of 10 whoever is asking says they have it too. I always just smile to myself and say something pleasant to them. This morning, when I took both of my kids to their well visits, their doctor told me she had TMJ too...sure she does. Here's the thing...I HAVE THE WORST CASE EVER!!!!!!!! Ok...I feel better now.

My mom told me yesterday that being the best at having the worst TMJ wasn't something to be proud of. She's right...that's why I never go on and on to people when they tell me they have TMJ too...it's just not the contest I want to win.

So, rewind to yesterday when Dr. 16 told me she and doctors 15, 14, and 13 have a plan to get me fixed (By the way, she said on a scale of 1 to 10, my severity was an 11...lovely). Praise the Lord. Then today, I crack open my Bible study about the powerful tongue and I just chuckled at how God times everything.

The tongue is my whole problem.

The Bible says the tongue is powerful. This small part of your body can build people up and tear others down. The tongue can say things that ruin relationships forever and restores them too. The tongue is so dang powerful! And it's ruining my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, here's the run down (humor me...I know you don't really care). My gigantic tonsils (they're seriously huge and could win an award themselves) are blocking too much of my airway and have been my whole life. (Since I was never a sick kid, the doctors never wanted to remove them before). Anyway, gigantic tonsils are blocking my airway and causing me breathing difficulties...my body has been compensating for this by using the tongue to give me extra breathing room. By doing this, stupid tongue has moved my jaw over, caused my gums to recede, caused at least one tooth to fall out (gross, I know), and created this massive problem I have been dealing with for 13 years. (13 years...click here to read why I'm optimistic this is the year to have it corrected.)

My newest doc is a tongue doctor...did you know there was such a thing? She's the only one in Dallas...and we have a plan. My tonsils are coming out April 30, the lovely braces will stay on at least another year and speech therapy once a week will take place to put that silly tongue back in the right spot. I am highly optimistic.

It's been 13 years, 16 doctors, 2 sets of braces, 7 retainers, 1 set of spiked bumpers, three rounds of Botox injections, one gum graft surgery, one crown ,and way too much money...but I feel like it's almost over.

I just had to blog. With all of this tongue talk in my life, I had to ask...do you realize how potent your tongue is? Not only can it mess up relationships, it can move bones in your face (I have the x-rays to prove it). God created something crazy and powerful when he created the tongue.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bathroom Before and After

Before: we had a bi-fold door that was always in the way
After: they cut through the sheetrock and put in a pocket door (plus re-painted our bedroom wall)

Before: nasty old wallpaper and insert plastic shower with brassy gold framing


After: new wallpaper and custom tiled shower with new hardware and framing

They made the shower taller, a bit wider and added a travertine ledge

tiles on the shower floor

Before: big, boring bathroom tub

After: travertine decking, new hardware and jetted whirlpool tub with custom cabinets

You can kind of see the new tile on our floor in this picture. We replaced the 12x12 old tile with new 18x18 ceramic tile (you can also see the antique french detail on my tub cabinets)

After: we replaced the wallpaper and all of the crown molding (plus scraped the popcorn off of the ceiling and painted the ceiling and all of the trim)

Before: old mini-blinds and old counter tops around tub

After: travertine counter tops around tub and we took down the blinds. We're replacing them with Plantation Shutters but they won't be ready for another couple of weeks (they're custom)...will post picture after they're installed

Before: old closet door with brass framing

After: new closet door

Before: old ceiling fan on popcorn ceiling

After: new ceiling fan on freshly painted ceiling

Before: old potty and old potty room with cheap cabinets

After: custom cabinet and new (taller) potty

We even have a new toilet paper holder :)

And I threw out all of our old towels and bought new

Before: old lights and one gigantic mirror

After: new lights with individual mirrors

Before: old counter tops and cabinets (plus look at old floor)

Old counters didn't extend out to tub

Old cabinets

After: new travertine counters, two new mirrors, new lights, new sinks, new hardware...the counters and cabinets were built longer to take up that extra space

Up close to new cabinets, custom built to look country French

Andrew's side with new medicine cabinet built in

New medicine cabinet (they cut out the sheetrock and built it in)

3 long weeks, lots of workers, even more dust, tons of noise, some money :)...all worth it to have the bathroom we wanted. Yay!!!

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