Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big kids

The following are a bunch of pictures of my big kids from the last few days. We busted out the "big boy" clothes on Thursday and haven't looked back. Even though Smith is still swimming in his 0-3 month clothes, I was ready for him to look like a little man. Enjoy!

At Chick-fil-A with Ebby Lee and Kirby...I know that Erika's arm is in the picture but I couldn't resist posting it because of Ebby Lee's face...priceless.

Miss Kirby turned one on Friday! Happy Birthday Kirby!!!

When did she get so big????

My sweet Brooke had her 21st birthday party on Saturday

Kensington wasn't happy about sitting still for a picture with Papa Jay

So then Papa Jay wasn't happy either

Our grandmother got Brooke her champagne for her 21st birthday...non-alcoholic champagne

Casey got Pebbles an Ed Hardy dog collar...I was trying to snap a picture

What a busy weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a Wednesday!

Disclaimer: My daughter does have more than two things to wear! After publishing these pictures, I realized that in my last 3 or 4 posts, she has been wearing the same thing! Due to the snow and cold weather, when we get home for the day, I put her "comfy clothes" on her... a.k.a. her footie pjs or purple sweats. Beginning tomorrow, I will try and snap pictures of her wearing her real clothes...with her hair done...I keep taking pictures when she's all "un-done" :).

When I walked into my bathroom this morning, she was sitting on her potty reading a book. I left the room, went to my study to grab my camera and came back...she was still sitting there reading her book. We haven't "used" the potty yet, but she likes to talk about it and sit on it...and apparently read on it.

This is a face only a mother could love...absolute trouble.

My very talented cousin Brooke is a fashion design student at UNT. One of her garments was picked for a fashion show, so of course all of the ladies in my family had to see the big runway show. We are so proud of Brooke! She is so talented!!! This is Casey and me at the show.

Grandmother and Brooke

That is her dress! So pretty!!!!

Another picture

Since I was gone most of the day at the fashion show, Daddy stayed at home with the kids. When I got back, we all four headed to the park to play. Look at Mr. Smith's big blue eyes...just like his mama's!

All tuckered out after the park

Watching the Olympics with Daddy...I love the zip up onesies!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine

Some pictures from our Valentine's weekend...

I love this picture!!! I was folding laundry in my room with Smith on the floor and Kensington playing with her blocks. I went to grab another load from the dryer and when I returned, I noticed that Kensington had let Smith borrow a block. She was still playing and didn't say anything to me about how she shared...but she did. She waited for Mommy to leave the room, then she "shared" her block with Smith. He looks like he likes it.

On Thursday, Andrew took Kensington to play on the golf course. She loved it!

If they are ever casting for Cindy Lou Who in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas.", I think my kid could get the part.

We decided to have a pancake party on Friday morning since Daddy stayed home due to the snow.

Stirring the pancake batter

Reading her Valentine's Day cards again while Daddy made pancakes

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowy, snowy day

What does one do when it's a snowy, snowy day outside? She blogs a ton of random pictures and videos from this last week while her babies are both in their cribs napping (praise the Lord!). My mom called me this morning and told me to soak in every minute of this day...she said these are memories I'll cherish forever. Such words of wisdom from my mama! Me and my babies have been playing all morning they rest and I blog :).

Andrew and I just love these pjs!
Uncle Seanie came to watch the Super Bowl at our house. Kensington is wearing the Dallas Cowboys t-shirt he bought her when she was a little baby...maybe next year, they'll actually be in the Super Bowl.

Lovie and Papa Jay wore their Smith shirts to Super Bowl was my genius father that said "hey, why don't you look online at Smith University and buys some t-shirts". Such a smart guy!

We brought the activity mat back out for Smith. This was baby Kensington's VERY FAVORITE you can see, she's still into it. She has been playing with it as much as Smith!

This morning, we woke up to lots of snow. It has not stopped snowing all day. I'm talking big flakes!!! I don't ever remember a snowy season like this one before in Dallas.

I just love the view out of the back of our house!!!!

More view!

Rockin' the pig tails

She has seriously been playing with her Valentine's Day card ALL WEEK! She loves opening and shutting it and saying "bear". Thank you Papa Jay and Lovie!

I was trying to take a picture of her dancing...this was the best I could do.

What would a snow day be without some video???

And another video :)


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