Friday, January 29, 2010

This week

So here are some of the things we've been up to this week...
We taught Smith the importance of watching Minnie Mouse on TV

Daddy took Kensington to the park to play...they didn't mean to dress alike

This is what Daddy and Smith thought of Obama's State of the Union address

We still eat our breakfast together on the floor...please excuse my red robe which keeps showing up in pictures. My mom bought this for me from Victoria's Secret when I was 19...and I still wear it EVERY DAY! Money well spent Mom.

We have a new obsession with Mommy's study and her desk...this child can run off and be up on my chair banging away at my keyboard within seconds.

We're still lovin' those blue eyes!

Kensington finally asked if she could hold Smith. This is the first picture...she looks really nervous.

Now she seems more confident

Patting his head

We've been working on Kensington's manners since before Christmas. She has mastered the word "please" and knows that when she says it, she can basically have whatever she wants because who can resist a child that says please??? I frequently hear "Cheeto please", "outside please", "Minnie please" this video, I took away her juice just so you could hear her ask for it back...I'm so mean :)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's compare...

From the first time I laid eyes on Smith, I thought he looked like his big sister...not exactly like her...but I think they really resemble one another. Then the other day, he was lying in my lap and I really saw the similarities. What do you think?
Kensington at 3 weeks

Smith at one week (sorry about the photo quality, I only had my camera phone within arms reach)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Redefining normal

Today, we started redefining normal at our house. We had such a wonderfully busy and very blessed week last week but it was exhausting. It was so nice to send Andrew back to work and have my house to myself...and my two kiddos...and yes, my dog.
One week old's hard to believe he's small enough to be cuddling a diaper cloth...that's going to change so fast!

My big girl eating an Eggo and banana for breakfast

I always sort and fold laundry on my, we had a new "pile"...a boy pile! Look at the blue!

Kensington is taking care of her baby today too

In his swing

We've been saving the Little People Barn that my parents bought Kensington for Christmas for today...I knew she would like a new toy to kick off our new routine. She LOVED it! That's the beauty of kids not remembering what they get for Christmas.

While in the toy room, I noticed this was the time...

Which reminded me of this picture the nurse snapped last baby boy is officially one week old!

The three of us busted out our new ride and went for a walk

Smith enjoying the walk

Little Miss enjoying the new ride...she climbed right in...she really loved being up front

I'm going to love my new normal!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friends and Family

This weekend, we were truly blessed with lots of visits from family and friends!!

Sheaffer and Carter stopped by with a yummy Mexican casserole and delicious brownies...they were so good!

Then, we met Lovie, Papa Jay and Uncle Sean for lunch followed by shopping at Babies R Us

Smith's first visit to a restaurant

Uncle Seanie trying to steal goldfish crackers

Smith still enjoying the restaurant

Mickey Mouse is outside of Babies R Us, so of course we had to visit

Then, Grandmother and Papaw came to visit

Followed by Casey and Brandon

And then Bryan and Pam

On Sunday, Kara, Tim and Landry stopped by

This is what he wore to church for the first time. He looked so cute!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

At home...

There really is no place like home...
Lovie and her grandbabies

Smith enjoying the sun...he needed a little light since he was slightly jaundice

First time in the swing

Kensington helping put his paci back in

Now she's pointing out his nose

Very interested in the bottle feels good to stretch after being crammed in mommy's tummy

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