Sunday, November 29, 2009


This year, we headed up to Missouri for Thanksgiving. I didn't do a great job taking pictures. There are no pictures of all three kids together, Gretchen, Cheryll or Vicki. I guess we were having too much fun to stop and take pics.

I'm super excited about two things: 1. Christmas is officially here!!!! Even though it's been Christmas at our house for two weeks, it's officially here now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. 2. My baby will be here 7 weeks from tomorrow (if not earlier). January 18 can't come fast enough!
We left McKinney at 6:30 on Wednesday night so that Kensington could sleep on the way to Missouri. Here she is in her PJs watching Mickey's "A Christmas Carol" before going to sleep.
This is me and my sweet, sweet niece Sylvia. She's beautiful!

My baby on Thanksgiving Day

I guess I did get one picture with all three kids in it...well, all 5 if you count Jonathan and Andrew. The Shull boys and their babies.

Kensington is finally old enough to enjoy Nanny's play room with Brode.

Outside looking at the cows with Daddy. Nanny and Grandpa (PawPaw...I don't know...there was a big dispute on what to call Andrew's dad) live on a farm with lots of cows.

Kensington and Paw, Shull...yes, Kensington and Steve Shull playing with the arcade car at Pizza By Stout

At Pizza By Stout

Kensington with her BFFs...Mickey, Minnie and Blue (by the way, she now says Minnie Mouse, not just Minnie...she just picked that up on her own)

Rocking her babies in the rocking chair

Andrew and I were packing the car up to head home when we saw Kensington minding her own business inside one of Nanny's baskets.

Miss Syliva

Since we're not going back up to Missouri for Christmas this year (I'll be 36 weeks pregnant by then), we opened our gifts with the whole family at Jonathan and Gretchen's house.

On the way home, we stopped for dinner. This was Kensington in the boothe while we ate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks Kara!

My sweet, sweet friend Kara made this dress for Kensington's birthday and I kept forgetting to snap pictures of her in it, but I remembered on Sunday. Thank you Kara! We love you!

This is the stone statue next to my front door. My dad taught Kensington how to put stuff in the dog's mouth, so now we can't walk by without her putting something in there...I think this is Christmas light box paper...basically trash...she found.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Ugg kind of day

On Saturday, Kensington wore her pink Uggs for the first time. She loved them! This was the only picutre I could get where she was standing still. (Yup, that's my Christmas tree right there next to her and our stockings in the back ground)
We decided to go to Costco to get some Christmas stuff. This was the most valuable thing in our basket :)

This is a video of Kensington excited about the treasure Mommy and Daddy bought her at Costco...

And anyone who read this post, knows how proud I am of this video. She's been saying this word for about 3 weeks, but this was the first time I remembered to get it on video.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Our new baby...

Our new baby...
Noooooo...not the one inside my tummy...our new car! Yes...because having one car with your husband's face on the side is just not enough, we apparently needed two. I know you people are all jealous of our hot new Nissan Cube :)...with Andrew's face all over it. Will I be driving one? No way! Andrew and one of our employees get to drive around 24/7 in the Andrew-mobiles...I just get to admire from a distance.
Here are the pictures from Sean's birthday dinner on Monday night.
My baby brother turned 26!

Kensington loves her Uncle Seanie!!!

Andrew took this picture yesterday morning because he was impressed with her good posture. What a cutie!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looks so easy...

As Kensington's mommy, I love having new pictures of her around my house. However, when I look at those sweet pictures I posted here, I always chuckle to myself about how they came to be...those pictures look so sweet and easy but there is always work behind getting a one year old to be perfect on picture day. This was the first time I realized Kensington could put the phrase "no mommy" together. I love new pictures, Kensington could care less.

This is what I think Kensington is saying on picture day...
A petticoat mom? I have to stand here in a petticoat?

I'd rather just chill out.

It's a good thing you wore a tank under that sweater mom...I'm not going to make this easy.

But I don't want to stand still and smile!

I'm outta here.

Don't make me do this!


I understand the lecture...I'll stand here.

Ohhh...what's that?

The floor is way more interesting then your big stomach.

Don't force me to snuggle with your tummy!

I'm done!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sleep eating

This happened a few weeks ago and my mom got mad that we didn't video tape it, so when it happened yesterday, I ran and got the camera. This is Kensington eating her peanut butter crackers for lunch...ASLEEP! I looked over at her and she had her eyes closed and was sleeping while continuing to eat her lunch. I turned the camera off right as she was lying her head back to officially sleep (with cracker in hand). My poor sleepy child...Target must have really worn her out that morning!


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