Monday, August 31, 2009


Whew! What a busy weekend!!! On Thursday afternoon, the three of us loaded up and headed to Missouri. On Friday night, we went to Andrew's high school's football game, Saturday we had Brode's third birthday and Andrew's high school reunion, then on Sunday, we celebrated Kensington's first birthday with our Missouri family. It was crazy busy but so much fun!

At the farm on Friday morning...checkin' out the cows

At the Webb City High football game...the weather was GORGEOUS!

Me and my sis Gretchen. This is what 19 weeks and 30 weeks looks like next to each other.

Ready for Brode's party

Brode's behind that gift...that boy was fun to watch open presents

About to blow out his candles

On our way to Andrew's 10 Year High School Reunion

Sunday morning with Daddy

At Kensington's first birthday party

Nanny and PawPaw with the birthday girl

Our favorite Webb City people, Jennifer, Ryan and little Evie. They were so sweet to come!

Once Kensington opened her purse from Aunt G, she wouldn't put it down. She opened all of the other gifts with it on her shoulder.

Checking out her new doll house (with the purse on her shoulder)

Yummy cupcakes!!!

Her first birthday candle to blow out!

Thank you so much to Jonathan and Gretchen for letting us stay at their new house. They were the best hosts! It's hard to believe that we've already started celebrating my baby's first birthday...where did this time go??? And also, thank you to Brassy Blueberries for having such cute clothes! My friend Whitney and her mom opened a boutique and have stocked it full of great clothes. The tops I bought aren't maternity but they worked perfectly!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just love this photo! She wants to know what I'm doing.

She pushes her walker up and down the hall all day!

Always interested in mommy and the camera.

Her new trick is to get in the Bumbo by herself...her only problem is getting out.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fever Pitch

I just got home from the trip of a lifetime. My sweet dad took me to Boston to see the Red Sox play the Yankees. It was sooooooo much fun! You see, my dad is a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan. If you've ever seen the Drew Barrymore movie Fever Pitch, you understand that Red Sox fans live and breathe for the game.

But the BEST part about this weekend, was spending time with my dad! I love my dad so much and am so thankful to have had this wonderful weekend with him!

We've arrived in Boston!
My dad is a smart man...he takes pregnant gal to eat FIRST THING! We headed to Quincy Market for food and shopping.

Quincy Market is this wonderful section of downtown Boston with stores and people everywhere.

Enjoying my pizza

It's hard to take pictures when it's only two people traveling...I'm trying to snap this one myself

We went by to see Cheers

And the next day, we saw the Old North Church...where Paul Revere signaled that the British were coming. Such a cool part of US History right in the middle of Boston.

I know it's hard to tell...but that's me standing on the steps of M.I.T....don't you think I belong :). This school intimidated me just standing near the entrance.

After we saw M.I.T., we headed over to Harvard...this is the Law School

Me at Harvard...with these killer braces...I could fit right in with the freshman...maybe the knocked up freshman :)

Andrew insisted my dad take me to John Harvard's for lunch. I emailed him a picture from our boothe. The food was soooooo good! He was smart to insist.

Dad at John Harvard's

Me at John Harvard's

Look at the name of this's Shay's...

Ok...if you're a girl, other than my friend Lori, you probably won't appreciate the rest of this post...maybe tell your hubbies to look...I went to Fenway Park and experienced some major baseball history

What we came for...Fenway Park!

Red Sox fans are awesome! It was so much fun to ride the subway to the game with Sox fans and experience the game against their biggest rivals...the New York Yankees! Here we are on Yawkey Way.

The Green Monster...legendary!

Me and Pesky Pole

Thanks dad for a wonderful trip! I love you!!!

And just in case you were wondering what the other father/daughter duo were doing all are the three pictures they sent me while I was away:

Don't look like we're missing mommy yet :(

All snuggled

Watching the Cowboys play the Titans on TV

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