Friday, July 31, 2009


Andrew has had a tough time fighting the jetlag from Bangladesh (12 hour difference)...looks like it might be contagious.

Erika and I went to Canton with our girls on Thursday and we ran into Aunt BB!!

We don't have much to report from the Shull household. This week, Andrew came home from Bangladesh, so we tried to get life "back to normal". As far as PS is concern: I am feeling better. Not fabulous but better. I have actually eaten some meals that don't consist of plain noodles and cereal. My new love...chocolate milk...I can't get enough. Having Kensington keep me busy takes my mind off of feeling crummy. Next week, week 15...things will start looking up, right???

Monday, July 27, 2009


A weekend of firsts for Miss Kensington:
1. First time to have a swim party with friends at Lovie's house. Paxton, Mackey, Kirby, Ebby Lee, Brant and Morgan all came to swim
2. First time to eat a PB&J sandwich (her mommy's favorite)
3. First juice box...LOVED IT!
4. First time to spend a week without Daddy...he was in Bangladesh with Papa Jay on a mission trip
5. First time for mommy to buy her back to school clothes (she is not going to school but all of the "back to school" clothes were out and oh so cute, so mommy got her some).

And here are some random pictures we snapped this weekend...

Eating Cheerios at Mimi's Cafe
Uncle Seanie gave her an orange slice...Heaven!

Mommy bought her these baby girl "big shades"...mommy loves her big white shades too

She went to Fellowship Church two Sundays in a row with Uncle Sean. This is her sitting in a big table for the first time eating Cheerios. When we went to pick her up, there were 4 little ones all sitting there eating cute.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Cool Chick

Over the last month, Kensington has become OBSESSED with sunglasses. She doesn't care whose they are or if they fit, she'll wear them. The funniest part is that she'll just keep them on (for like 20 minutes at a time), never messing with them. My dad swears she knows she looks cool in them. Here are some pictures of her this week in a variety of shades.

In Lovie's glasses

Wearing Daddy's glasses during a diaper change

Papa Jay and Lovie bought her some of her own!

Trying on another pair at Janie and Jack

Yes...that's a nasty scratch on her cheek...

Who doesn't wear sunglasses at lunch?

Waiving bye bye with Aunt BB

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear Kensington...

Dear Kensington,
Today you are 10 months old! I can't believe it. These last ten months have flown by so quickly. Every day is another new adventure with you. You are my little best friend. I always wanted a girl because I love the special relationship I have with my mom and grandmother...they're my best friends. And now, you're the fourth member of our little clique. You fit in so perfectly!

In your life right now, things are changing. I watch every day as you become less baby and more big girl. You love to get that from me! You sit and talk to yourself, your books, your toys and us all of the time. You like when Daddy and I read you books but you also like to "read" them yourself. I often see you flipping through the pages, talking out loud and pointing at the pictures...just like we do when we read to you. You think everything is funny. This morning, you found mommy's "winter" socks hysterical (daddy had it too cold in the house for even your pregnant mommy). You were pulling on them, biting them and laughing at them. You also ate a "big girl" breakfast of sliced strawberries and toast this morning. I just love it.

I took this picture last week when we got home. It sums up your easy going attitude perfectly. I had handed you a bottle for the ride drank it all and then sat it next to you while you took a nap. You're just the sweetest, easiest little girl. I love you!


Monday, July 13, 2009


So...if you are one of my friends out there and thinking to yourself, "gee, I haven't seen Shay in a while", well...I'm still here...just not feeling great and hating this thing called pregnancy.

We went to the doctor on Friday and saw the little tyke again. Baby had two legs and two arms...kicking and waiving quite a bit. The heartrate was all looked well. As for this mama, all doesn't feel well. But I will survive...I thought I had it rough the first time, but this second time has been much, much harder.

On the Kensington front, she's growing like a weed. Today at Hobby Lobby (yes, I finally left my house!), she dropped some envelopes and said "uh oh". She's been saying "uh oh" but this one was perfectly timed. She's so sweet.

More later....

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Andrew and I were folding laundry ten feet away...
Uh oh...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did you know...

Did you know that it is possible to make an entire meal out of dill pickles and Pringles?

Did you know that I have already started my Christmas shopping?

Did you know that Kensington gives the best high fives?

Did you know that this morning, I sat in my big chair and ate 4 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels and watched "Will and Grace" re-runs?

Did you know that my sweet husband took me on a date last night and we saw "Public Enemies"?

Did you know that "Public Enemies" was worth the money just to look at pretty boy Johnny Depp?

Did you know that last summer when I was pregnant, I was convinced that our dishwasher smelled horrible and made Andrew buy us another one?

Did you know that now that I'm pregnant again, the new dishwasher smells just as bad?

Did you know that I am sensitive to smells?

Did you know that Kensington is starting to climb on things?

Did you know that Kensington climbing makes me nervous?

Did you know that it's 11:03 and I'm still in my PJs?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

7 Years of 4ths

Seven years ago, I was a college student. That July 4th, my parents were on vacation, but I stopped by their house to check on my brother who had been away at Kansas State getting ready for football. When I opened the door from the garage to the house, I saw a really tall guy (without a shirt on) walking down the hallway. His name was Andrew Shull....and here we are today.

So, it's kind of become a tradition to spend July 4th with his family and mine together. This year was no exception. His mom and dad came down and we had a great time hanging out. On Saturday, we went to my parents' house for a pool party. Happy July 4th!!!

she's getting good at her straw sippin' skills

PawPaw and Nanny

Me and my mom (I pray every day to look this good)

Yes, she is playing with parents bought them for her in San Antonio

Uncle Seanie and K have their serious faces on

After I say a prayer to look like my mom, I say one to look like my grandmother too. It's not July 4th without a red and white bikini!

Here's the deal: my family LOVES to play volleyball in the pool. It's been going on for 30 plus years. We love it! However, we kept rotating the losers to another team until finally the loser team was made up of the four mom, my dad, my brother and me. Us Lowes couldn't be declared the losers of the pool...we got our game faces on and took them down!

My family of four rubbing it into Andrew's face that we beat his team :)

We're going to swim to Daddy now...

Off she goes!

Kensington did great...daddy was not likin' this swimming under the water thing. It made him nervous.

And of course, my family will do anything for a is my dad "helping" Sean swim to his mommy. He's 25.

Nanny and Kensington

Me and Casey

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