Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas on the Farm

I'm trying to show our matching Ho Ho Ho t-shirts

Aunt V, Brode and Nanny

She loves her Uncle Jonathan

Our first Christmas morning...a family of four

This is what happens when I spend too much time on the farm...I start carrying a gun


Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's Re-cap 2008...It was big!!!

JANUARY: We find out we're pregnant on 01/16 & tell friends and family
FEBRUARY: Andrew gets his high school jersey retired

MARCH: the whole family heads to Fredericksburg for some R & R

APRIL: Dad and Andrew return from India

MAY: Brandon graduates college

JUNE: Andrew and I go to Italy for 10 days!!

JULY: We get a better picture of baby Shull

AUGUST: I'm stupid enough to stand next to BB 35 weeks pregnant

SEPTEMBER: It's a GIRL!! Welcome to the world Kensington Kate

OCTOBER: I turn 27

And get 3rd row tickets to see Micheal Buble & he touches my hand!!!

NOVEMBER: Happy Thanksgiving

DECEMBER: This was a perfect year!!!!!!


More Weekend Pics (unless you're my parents, do you really care?)

Lily showing off her Christmas sweater
Mommy & Daughter in our matching boots

We just love that hat!

Congratulations Mom & Dad! This sign was in their yard when we got home Saturday.

It was too hard to get a good picture at night with the lights on, so here is a picture during the day

My grandfather and Kensington

My "Mimi" and Kensington

And of course, my Tulip


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

The girls heading out for Jammy Cocoa Christmas
All of us in our Jammys

Dad getting ready to drive us off to look at lights

Kensington in her jammys enjoying the lights

The girls in the back seat

You can't look at lights without a Peppermint Mocha

This is what happens when I don't wear heels...

Dad and BB

That is a street sign in one of the Southlake neighborhoods

Ok, now it's Christmas morning (or at least we're pretending it is).

Merry Christmas Kensington and Papa Jay!

Sean has decided he's into hunting now, so we got him camo

Lovie got her this hat!!!!! Isn't it cute?!!!!!!!!

Lying on the furry blanket Uncle Sean & Aunt BB got her

Lily opening her present from Tulip

Since we're going to Missouri for Christmas and BB will be in Korea for a USO tour, we celebrated Christmas early. On Friday night, we had our 3rd annual "Jammy Cocoa Christmas". That's when we put our PJs on, get Starbucks, and drive around Southlake looking at Christmas lights. This year, we had our Kensington with us...she slept the whole time. Then this morning, "Santa" came and left presents for Kensington and the rest of us. This Christmas has been so special and we know that the older she gets, the more special each Christmas will become. She sat and watched us open all of our gifts and admired the pretty paper. She only squealed with delight one time...that's when mommy opened a Coach girl's got taste!
Merry Christmas!!!!


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