Saturday, August 23, 2008

Boys trip to Boston and New York

Last weekend, my dad, brother and Andrew went on a guys trip to Boston and New York City. They left on Thursday, went to a Boston Red Sox game that night, drove to New York City and saw a Yankee game on Friday night. I think they had the time of their lives. All three of them came back laughing and telling stories. I am so blessed to have a husband, brother and father that are such great friends. I love my boys!!


Friday, August 22, 2008

We love our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Team BB eating before the show
We are a fun bunch!

signing one of many autographs

Note to self...never be 9 months pregnant and standing next to a gorgeous cheerleader ever again...

Thursday night we went to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders "Friends and Family Dress Rehearsal" to see our BB (aka Brooke Sorenson) perform. She's a third year veteran and we are so proud of her. Those girls work really, really hard. Last night was the Cowboy's first home game, so we got to see a preview of their field performances, and we got to see the 2008/2009 squad photo for the first time. It was not released to the media until Friday morning. We call her BB because when she came into our family two years ago, we already had a Brooke Ann...and it was very confusing to have two of them. One of us said she could be called BB for Big Brooke (since she was a year older than our other Brooke) and it stuck. Although, BB could also stand for Beautiful Brooke! So, she's forever BB. Note to my brother Sean Lowe...if you don't marry this girl, we are going to kill you. She is WONDERFUL!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 Things About Me

I noticed that my friend Holly had a very entertaining list of 100 things about her. Mine won't be nearly as funny but I thought I'd give it a try.

1. I am almost 9 months pregnant
2. I have not enjoyed being pregnant
3. I think the celebrities on the cover of Us who say they love pregnancy are liars
4. And the ones who say they never looked or felt better are even worse liars
5. I love to get in the longest line at the grocery store so that I can flip through Us before I check out
6. I love grocery shopping
7. I love, love, love Market Street
8. I love to shop for other things too
9. I am not a bargain shopper
10. I have a panic attack when I see too many sales racks and bins to dig through
11. I love that Whitney & Erika will dig through the bins for me
12. I love checking out when I've found a great deal, I just hate finding that deal
13. I've started to shop online a lot
14. I am hooked on
15. I have an addictive personality, so I have to limit my exposure to such website
16. Case in point, I buy tons of coffee off of, it's an obsession
17. I love coffee...after 30 weeks of it making me sick, I'm back on it again, thank the Lord!
18. I had true, 24/7 morning sickness until 21 weeks
19. I don't even want to think about those 21 weeks or else this will be my only child
20. Well, my second child b/c anyone who knows me knows Tulip is my first love
21. Yes, Tulip barks and no, I don't think she will bark at the baby
22. Tulip will be excited about me being at home with her all day
23. I am very excited about staying home & managing my office from my house
24. This will give me a lot more time to internet shop and blog hop
25. I didn't think I would like having a blog but it's been a year and I love it
26. My blog is super cute not because I'm creative at all but because I paid a sweet & talented person to design it
27. Some of my friends (Andrea McAnally) are very talented with their blogs...not me
28. These are probably the same people who are good at pics are lucky if they even get printed off my camera and into an album
29. I'm sure my kid will be the one in that Kodak commercial saying "hey mom, get me off your camera".
30. The odds of me actually developing the pictures are slim to none
31. Right now I should be making dinner
32. Cooking is my favorite hobby
33. Being pregnant has made me not want to cook at all
34. Most nights, by the time I'm done cooking, I don't want it so Andrew eats it and I have cereal
35. Chicken has grossed me out the most
36. We're having chicken tonight...
37. I have to feed him some protein and not just cereal too
38. My husband used to be a picky eater but he has improved greatly
39. He now eats things like sundried tomatos and caesar salads which he wouldn't before
40. If I grew up eating his mom's homemade, hearty, deep fried, wonderful food...I'd be picky too
41. She knows how to cook and makes great cookies when we go visit
42. The next time we're visiting Missouri it will be November
43. The leaves will be changing and the weather much, much cooler
44. I hate this Texas weather
45. I hate the heat
46. If I could convince my family, I'd move back to Michigan in a heartbeat
47. We lived there a year and I loved it
48. The high today in Dearborn, MI (where we lived) was 75, McKinney was 91
49. I love the fall and it just feels more like fall when the weather is cooler
50. I am planning on putting all my Halloween and fall decorations out Labor Day
51. I want it out before the baby comes
52. They're inducing me September 15 if it doesn't come sooner
53. I don't want to be putting pumpkins up with a new born
54. I am one of those crazy nuts who puts her Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving
55. Last year, Stonebridge Ranch cited us for having our Christmas lights up outside too early
56. It was only 2 days before Thanksgiving...that's not too early in my book
57. We were fined $140 last week because Andrew watered on the wrong day
58. Along with the fine was a picture of my house time stamped at 11:48 pm with the sprinklers going off
59. That really irritated me
60. At least my grass looks nice
61. When I walk Tulip in the morning, it amazes me how many people just let their grass die in the summer
62. Come on people, you pay a mortgage, don't be cheap on the water bill
63. I enjoy walking Tulip in the morning but miss running
64. I used to run at least 30 miles a week
65. I would run 2 short runs and one long run
66. A long run would range from 16-24 miles
67. The best time to run for me is 5:15 in the morning
68. On Saturdays, my sweet dad would drive to McKinney and catch up with me about half way through to give me water and energy treat
69. Usually the treat was 2 donut holes
70. Donut holes encourage me to run the other half
71. I think I have the best dad in the world
72. I kind of like my mom too :)
73. I talk to each of them a couple times a day
74. Usually we talk about random things
75. Today, my mom needed my opinion about re-tiling her guest bathroom
76. I'm sure tonight, my dad will call about the Olympics
77. We are so hooked on the Olympics
78. Once you get sucked in, you just can't stop watching
79. For no reason at all, I find myself suddenly cheering for the women's synchronized diving
80. Why should I care about diving?
81. I don't even know how to dive
82. I've known how to swim since I was 9 months old but still haven't mastered the simple dive
83. But the Olympics makes you care about stupid sports that otherwise wouldn't interest you
84. I do wish that they weren't being held in China
85. I have major political issues with Communist China
86. I am very opinionated when it comes to politics
87. I got a degree in Journalism just so I could be one of the few conservative journalist in the world
88. Then I realized after working for WFAA-TV for a year that all journalist are biased and liberal so I needed to pick another career choice
89. I listen to 6 hours of conservative talk radio every day.
90. 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh and 3 hours of Sean Hannity
91. This baby will understand what conservatives believe
92. This baby will understand that it was born under a great president
93. I should stop blogging about politics or else my list will be 500 things about Shay
94. I am almost done with this list
95. I am impressed Holly came up with 100 things because it's hard
96. I would be curious to read 100 things about my other blogging friends
97. I must go cook dinner now
98. First, I'll probably read to get my entertainment scoop for the day
99. I don't know why I read that stuff
100. I gotta go


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

God is so good!

Many of you have been praying for my dear friend Keisha and visiting her blog. I received this wonderful e-mail from her today and wanted to share.

I don’t even know where to begin. Last week, I found out on Thursday that I am in remission. Those were not words that I was expecting to hear, but God is so faithful and He exceeded any expectations we had for the day (what a funny thing that I am still surprised by that). But, it was a day to celebrate none the less. So, after 6 chemo treatments and 17 days of radiation, I’m done (for now). I am in an “observation time” meaning that I will go back to the doctor in three weeks and then the first week of October, I will have a PET scan run to make sure that what the doctor saw last week on my CT scan is still true. Everything has shrunk from 5 and 7 centimeters down to ½ in. So, we were excited about that.

So, now I wait. Not in a bad way, I can go back and do whatever. He said I can do anything I feel like doing, which means I will be prowling around Texas and Arkansas for the next two months, chatting with Seniors in high school about this amazing college I know about! And, I will be hitting the American Idol tour in Bossier City and anything else that comes to mind.

But, God has been so good. This journey could have lasted so much longer and I could have been so much worse. Cancer is a serious thing, but I am so grateful for the advances in medicine and all that researchers are doing daily to help find a cure. Just last night as I was coming down I-30, I saw a billboard and all it said on it was “Pray for a Cure for Cancer”. This has definitely taught me a lot about being more observant to things around me and has opened doors to a whole new set of people that I can relate to. From the beginning of this journey, I knew that God had a special purpose for this. While I still haven’t discovered what or how or where or when, I am fervently praying for his guidance. I know He’s got something cookin!

So, thank you for your prayers for me, my family, my staff and those treating me. God has answered and He has been so faithful to me, even at times when I fully did not deserve it. The coming months will be a new journey for me. Redefining “normal” will be difficult and at most confusing. I am already experiencing that, but He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it and of that I am confident.

I am so blessed! Thank you for being so interested in this journey (and for reading this far). I am looking forward to the days ahead that are cancer and treatment free!!!

Thank you for your prayers. Love you Keish!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Shower Time

After the shower, a group of us went to Manny's for dinner...very yum!
I love this picture of Ken and Andrew
My sweet sister-in-law Gretch
Aunt Vicki who came extra early to spend more time with us (and go to Canton!)
My sweet cousins Casey and Brooke

I had a wonderful baby shower over the weekend. My four favorite ladies (Pam, Grandmother, Teresa and Bree) hosted it and it was fabulous. I was very overwhelmed by the turnout of people and the wonderful gifts. I received every big item I needed (car seat, stroller, jogging stroller, swing, bouncer, etc). We made a haul. I was also very grateful that Andrew's family came in from Missouri and came with me. Thanks to Vicki, Gretchen, Patti and Cheryll. I can hardly believe that we have less than 7 weeks to go. I am sooooooooooo ready to have this baby! Casey did an awesome job and took 206 pictures of the shower...I will not make you look at all of them, so I just posted a few.


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