Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

This is what an 8 month pregnant gal does on a Friday night...poor Andrew
Tulip waiting anxiously at the top of my parent's stairs for Lily to come play with her
The birthday girl (with that 2nd trimester glow) and her man

Lily loves to jump in the pool after her rubber bone

Lily and Dad sunnin' together
He did not put her on the float. She jumped by herself from the ledge to the raft.

We had a very lazy and wonderful weekend. We spent Friday night at home watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Saturday night we celebrated Kara's birthday at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!) and then we spent the night at my parents' house for a little mini vacation.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Top Ten Things We Love About Tulip

We know our sweet little dog gets a lot of grief from family and friends. If you were 3 pounds, wouldn't you be a little nervous and anxious around big people? We know she barks and snaps at people when she feels threatened but that's only 1% of her little life. 99% of the time, she stays in the house with us and is the sweetest thing ever. This morning, Andrew and I were talking about the things we love most about her...

1. She gets excited when I put my socks on because she knows we're going for a walk

2. She sits in my lap every morning while I do my quiet time.

3. She doesn't shed

4. She sits by the door and waits on us when she needs to go potty

5. She sleeps the minute we put her in the car, whether it's a 10 minute ride or the 6 hours to Missouri

6. She carries her stuffed animals around...never chews them up...just takes care of them

7. When we tell her it's time to go to sleep, she hops right under the covers and doesn't come out until I take her out the next morning

8. She gives great kisses

9. She greets us at the back door every night with a toy in her mouth

10. She makes us want to come home...we are a little family


Baby Shull's Room

We are so excited to finally have the baby's room finished. Everyone keeps asking me how you decorate a nursery when you don't know the sex of the baby. I thought it was easy. This is the nursery we plan on using for all of our babies...so I couldn't make it too gender specific to begin with. When this baby is 18 months to 2 years old, it will be moved into the guest bedroom and can have the girliest or most boyish room ever...in the meantime, mama and daddy will be the only ones truly appreciating it, so we wanted it to reflect our tastes. My brother asked my mom where the clowns were in the room. I'm just not a clown kind of girl, so my kid gets to look at custom bedding, gold frames and chenille. I think he or she will love it. Besides, I figure once the baby comes and all the toys, swings, bouncers, books, etc arrive...it will look like a baby took over. Thanks to the best mom (and interior designer) in the world for helping make my room so special. I told her I wanted my baby's room to look like my friend Andrea's baby's room. Andrea's nursery reflects her taste perfectly and it blends in with the rest of her house. My mom took that idea and made it perfect for our home. Thanks mom.

Farmer Shay

In May, I went to Lowes to pick up my usual summer flowers but found some little tomato and bell pepper plants instead. Andrew gave me a hard time and said I wouldn't be able to grow anything to eat...well...he was quite wrong. I am the proud mama of one tomato and two green bell peppers. He keeps asking me when I'm going to actually eat them, and to be quite honest, I just like to look at them. They are the "fruits" of my hard labor.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bettin' on Baby Shull

Well, I think I have the best family in the world. And since it's been over 19 years since our last baby, they are needless to say very excited about this one. Last night, at our belated Fourth of July party, we all paid $15 a person and turned in our answers to the Shull Baby Pool. It was very interesting to see what everyone thought. We didn't talk about our answers, we just filled out the pool and turned them in. As we looked over everyones entries, it was funny how so many of us think the same thing. Here are the questions and their most popular answer choices. 13 of us participated (sorry Austin...you left too soon!).

Baby's Gender: 10 out of 13 say boy (which is also what my 3 employees and 3 closest friends say)
Baby's Date of Birth: 5 out of 13 say September 19 (two days early).
Baby's Length: group average was 21.5"
Baby's Weight: group average was 7.6 lbs
Time of Day baby is born: 7 out of 13 say before 11:00 AM
First Initial of Baby's Name: 5 out of 13 say S (I thought that was interesting since we've given no clues)
Number of hours I am in labor: 4.5 hours

So, my family thinks I'm having a nice size baby boy and will only be in labor a few hours...I could totally live with that. I love you all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look at our baby!

look at that sweet yawn!

Thanks to Andrea, Andrew and I went to have 4-D photos taken of our baby. It was such a fun experience. The technician was careful to only snap photos from the waist up so that we didn't find out the gender. The baby behaved very well during the session. It had a fascination with one of its feet. It had the little foot all the way up by the head playing with it and wiggling it around. It's hard to believe that in 2 months, this precious little baby will be at home with us.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Italian Riviera Cruise

In the cab on the way to airport...we're so excited!

Waiting for our 12 hour flight...
We made it! After a shower and nap, we're ready to see the ship

My husband was having a hard time taking a serious picture
...maybe I was too...

Our first port...Sicilly!

Our second port...Malta...we had know idea we'd be back a week later...
This is the BEST cruise line ever! It's Holland America and they're wonderful!
Out on the deck of our ship before dinner

Now we're at our 3rd port...Croatia...which was gorgeous too!

Mom and Andrew at dinner

My favorite stop...the island of Capri...GORGEOUS!

Our last port took us to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower...it really does lean A LOT!

We are supposed to be heading home now...but we're still on the boat for what becomes 2 more days!
Having a blast on our extended trip...
Back in Malta at 1:30 in the morning trying to fly to DFW
We're so tired but had a great trip!

Andrew, my mom, my dad and I just finished a wonderful Italian Riviera Cruise. It was supposed to last 7 days but due to flight problems, we ended up staying on the ship another 2 days. It was a wonderful 9 days cruising "the boot" of Italy. We visited ports in Sicily, Malta, Croatia, Capri, Livorno and Pisa. These are only a few of the over 300 pictures I took. It was really hard to pick because all of the ports were so beautiful and different, so I tried to grab a couple from each day. We had a fabulous time!!!!!

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