Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals

Happy September friends!  

Today's monthly goals go perfectly with Andrea's What's On...series because the theme today is What's on your project list.  The perfect little combination.

For me, the year begins with September.  No matter how old I get, the school calendar still feels right and September is the beginning.

Before I share this month's goals, here's how August turned out...

1. Let's just go ahead and say that my plan is to read 2 books every month from here on out.  Last year, I think I read like 3 books the entire year and this year, I'll read at least 24...which I LOVE!  I actually read 3 books this month.  

First, I read Carole Radziwill's The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating novel.  It was okay.  I love Carole on the Real Housewives of New York City, so I really wanted to read her new novel...and it started good and ended good...but I probably could have taken 150 pages out of the middle.  It was just kind of long.  If you like her on RHONY, then you should read it because it's funny and quirky like her...but I'm not sure I'm actually recommending it to everyone.

The second book I read was Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, and it was so good!  It's chilling and suspenseful with a fabulous plot and cast of characters.  I highly recommend this one if you like a thriller.  In October, Ben Affleck stars in the movie based on this book...and I will be there to see it!

And finally, Joanna Odom sent me her book on adoption called God Always Has a Plan and I loved that too!  Joanna's family has recently gone through the adoption process, so if that's something you're in the middle of or thinking about, you should read it.  It's very honest, encouraging and full of love.

2. I've been a pinning fool lately!  Here is my Back to School Board...

My Fall Food Board...

My Fall & Winter Style Board...

3. I cleaned out Kensington's closet and made her school clothes and shoes in the forefront.

4. Oils...okay, I have been playing with my oils.  For lots of oil tips, click here and read the comments.  You girls left so many great ones!!  Thank you so much!

As for me, I have been drinking a glass of water with 3 drops of lemon oil every morning for digestion...and I feel great, so that's a keeper.

I have been putting Thieves on my kids' feet every night and in their diffusers along with Peace and Calming to keep them healthy and boost their immunity...and they haven't been sick (but to be honest, my kids never get sick, so it's hard to tell if it's working or if my kids' super immunity is just in play...nevertheless, no one has been sick and everyone has been sleeping well.

I had a cut and a small burn over the last month and I used Lavender to heal it...and they both healed right up!

I've been using Progessence Plus for hormonal imbalances every night...but I think that one needs more time to work than just a month.  I'm giving this one another month.

I've been putting Frankincense on my face at night to remove any brown spots or discoloration and I liked it so much, I even lent it to a friend who asked about it.

The thing is that I typically don't do anything in our house to be preventative.  If someone were to ever get sick, I would give them medicine but since that doesn't happen a lot, I usually don't worry about being preventative...now that I've been using oils, I've found that what I've been doing is a lot of preventative things...so, if that sounds appealing to you, then you would love oils!  I am going to continue using them this month too...if some oil on my kiddos' feet at night will keep them healthy, I'm all about that.  Again, for great tips, click here

5. I'm almost done planning Kensington's sixth birthday party (insert me sobbing...how is she already six?!?!).  Sigh.  My baby is getting so big now.

6. And our house is decorated for fall now :).  That will be my Shade of Shay on Thursday!!  Come back to see!

So, what are my goals for September???  Here you go...

1. Read 2 more books
I don't know yet what I'll read but I'm most definitely going to read two more :).

2. Family goes to Wednesday night church
Our church has great Wednesday night activities for families but since our kids were younger before, we didn't attend.  Now that our kids are a bit older and they can participate in the children's choir and such, we're going to start going every week.  This week is the kick-off of the Wednesday night activities (we don't have them during the summer), so we're going!  I know that some weeks we'll be too tired and might not want to get back out and go...but I'm really hoping we stick with this.  I think my kids will love their activities and I know Andrew and I will enjoy the adult Bible studies.

3. Walk to school twice a week
Kensington's school is within walking distance of our house, so twice a week, our goal is to walk.  It's faster to drive and some days we have activities right after school which means we need to be fast...but at least twice a week, I want to walk (and my kids really want to walk!!).

4. Have friends over for dinner
I love having friends over for dinner, so my goal this crazy-busy September is to do that at least once.

5. Find the perfect fall polish
You know I adore me some nail polish...so my goal this month is to find the perfect fall polish.  I will let you know what I find out!!  I love a good girly science experiment :).

And don't forget...my goals this month also correspond to Andrea's What's On Your Project List link-up party!

The biggest project we have on our list this fall is to get Ashby's room and closet together :).  Her room is about perfect...but she needs more clothes and pjs plus sippy cups, a highchair and stuff like that.  Sweet girl is coming home soon...we need to get with it and finish up her stuff!

To keep up with the What's On series look below...

And today on my foodie blog, it's Meal Planning Monday...on a Tuesday!

Click here to see my yummy recipe list!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st!

Well, happy September 1 to YOU!  Today is my very favorite day of the year :).  

September 1 just makes me happy.

Here is a little randomness for my favorite day of the year :)....

Ahhhh...it's been a lot of Smith and me now that Kensington is in school.  It's a really bittersweet time.  We both love the one on one time but we also both miss Kensington.  Around 1:00 every day, he starts saying "is it time to leave yet?" over and over again (and that's two hours before we leave to pick her up!).  I'm going to really treasure this time with just my boy :).

She was not super excited about Day 2 of school.  She woke up that morning and told me it was too long of a day and she didn't want to go back.  Sorry kid...you have like 16 more years of school in your future.

But by Day 4, she was super excited to go back!  And on Friday afternoon when I picked her up, she said she didn't want a 3-day weekend because she loved school so much :).  I'm sure some days she'll love it and some days she won't...but at least she ended her week on a high!

He's always holding my hand.  Always.  I love looking down at that face.

I couldn't agree more.

 On Tuesday, my friend Jeni told me I should buy these cargo pants because she got them and they were so cute and comfy.  

So, I looked at the reviews online (all raving about these pants) and ordered them.  They arrived Friday afternoon and the minute I put them on I knew I was in love.  They are so comfy, the material is nice and kind of stretchy (not tight at all!) but thick and well made.  I'm telling you, I will be wearing them all fall and winter.  Love.  Love. Love.

If you missed Pin-spired on Friday, click here to see it.  It's all about Buffalo Check and Leopard!

From my Pin-spired post on Friday, so many of you were raving about these cheetah print booties.  Aren't they cute?!?!  After trying on my pants, I thought this might be the perfect outfit for September 1st...

Speaking of perfection...over on my food blog today, we're getting all geared up for Fall!  I also announced the winner of Pin it to Win it over there too!!  Click here to see the details and who won!

Happy Labor Day friends!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

September Pin-spired

It's September's Pin-spired!!!!  Do you hear me squealing with delight?  It's fall!!!!

I love September!  September is my very favorite month of the year :).  The weather begins to change, the days get shorter, football season is here, soups are made, jeans, sweaters, jackets and booties get to be worn...I love it all!

Happy September Pin-spired to you!

Today, Mel, Sheaffer and I are hosting our monthly Pin-spired...you know, we take images from Pinterest and get inspired by them to freshen up our own wardrobes.  This month, I'm focusing on my new favorite combination...

How cute, right?!?!  Last winter, I wore my Buffalo Check scarf all.the.time...

...it was this navy and red check scarf I found in the men's section at Gap.  Mine is no longer available but they do have a similar version out right now.

So, I took my favorite leopard flats and my new buffalo check shirt and paired them together for this month's Pin-spired...

For a size reference, I bought the shirt in an XS, and I'm wearing them with my favorite Gap jeans too...I love the Always Skinny style!  I buy the regular length and either roll them "boyfriend" style or tuck them into boots.  This style is from last year but there are several similar styles online now.  They run true to size and wash and dry to perfection!  I love them!

Aren't these Pinterest images so fun?!?!  

Distressed jeans, leopard shoes and a little Buffalo Check!  So easy!!

I also changed up the look with my leopard pumps and leopard booties too...

My booties and pumps are from years ago (and no longer in stock) but here are some great alternatives...

And if you're looking for a few more doses of Buffalo Check, here you go...

This cute Buffalo Check jacket would be a great transitional layer to wear in September.

And look how cute this tunic is...

...it comes in two other colors as well.  It would look super cute paired with leopard :).

And since it's fall, you know I'm about to go nuts wearing scarves...so, if you'd rather your check and leopard be a la scarf...then, here you go...

I mean really...won't you wear these scarves all season long?  My plaid and leopard scarves seem to be the ones I wear the most...they're just so easy to throw on :).

Thanks for getting Pin-spired with me!!  Link up below!

Don't forget, right now the Nordstrom Clearance Sale is going on!  Woohoo!

Have the VERY best Labor Day weekend!  If you're looking for a Labor Day menu, click here to see mine!  Enjoy your time off!!


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