Thursday, October 23, 2014

#shayeveryday2014 Week 42

We've had a really good (but kind of crazy and hectic) week around here.  Here's a look back at my Shay Every Day...

Day 288: I love, love, love, love walking home from school with Kensington.  We walk and she tells me all about her day.  It just might be my very favorite part of the day :).

Day 289: On this special day, both kids had parent involved activities at their schools...Smith had his science fair where we made slime (he loved it!) and Kensington had her community day where her class represented the importance of community participation (she "worked" in the post office).  I absolutely love both of their teachers and am always happy to see what they're doing in the classroom.

Day 290: Woohoo!  It's Fri-day!  My girl was home from school and we were about to head out on what we call "Shull Family Fun Night"...that means we eat Mexican food, play outside at home, get all cleaned up and in our pajamas and watch a movie on our bed.  We love Friday nights!

Day 291: Our annual visit to the local pumpkin patch was a success!

Day 292: I looked down in church and saw that Kensington was writing this.  Think she's excited about her new sister?!  Such a sweet girl!

Day 293: It was "red" day at school and I think she nailed her look :).  After I took this picture, we walked to school and I soaked up the chilly weather.  Yay for fall!

Day 294: Well, I had a little procedure done the day before and was not feeling my best, but there was no way I was missing my hair appointment!  A girl has her priorities, right?

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Don't forget to check out my foodie blog today!  Tonight for supper, you should make my
Beef Stroganoff Meatballs...'s like Beef Stroganoff but in meatball form.  Yum!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Every week, Erika does What I Wore Wednesday, so today, I thought I would give it a try.  Why not, right?  I typically wear the same "uniform" every day...

Boyfriend jeans + Booties + Outerwear = Daily Uniform 

I bought these grey jeans from Gap and just roll them up and go!  I love them as a fun alternative to blue denim.  I also love my Gap sweater (like version) and I love, love, love my buffalo plaid scarf.

 This is a selfie of me leaving the gym...I wish my jeans, jacket and scarf were still in stock but they're all three from years past.  That being said, my nude flats are like my favorite thing ever and still in stock.

I bought this polka dot sweatshirt/sweater thing simply because it was a sweatshirt/sweater thing.  Any excuse to wear a sweatshirt outside of my house, yes please!  

And then I topped it with a military jacket :).  Here is a like version (mine is from last year). know how much I love a scarf.  That being said, I've told you guys about 4 billion times that this is my very favorite scarf!!  I'm wearing it in the denim color but it's available in 28 other colors and they're 2 for $38.  Yes!  They're available in 29 colors and I love.them.all.

Exact flannel shirt (that I also love!!), exact jeans and exact belt.

Ahhh!  And the cutest little accessory in the world :).

There you go...a little something different for my Wednesday!  Thanks Erika for the inspiration!

On my foodie blog today!!  I have Mixed and Matched a Double Batch with Andrea!!  Come see which one of Andrea's recipes I slightly's so yummy and totally fall!!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fifty Two Shades of Shay: Fall Fun!

Because fall is the favorite season around here, Andrew and I make a big effort each year to really celebrate!  I thought it was only fitting that I have a Shade of Shay dedicated to our favorite fall family traditions.  Years from now, I want to be able to look back and remember how we celebrated.  From football to food, with pumpkins, fairs and gorgeous weather in-between, we soak in every minute of these three glorious months.

I love my subway art sign my friend Amy made's all of my favorite parts to the season :).

 Here you go...our favorite fall traditions...

Listen, the Shull family loves Oktoberfest!  We love the German influence, we love the fun music, we love the whimsy and we most definitely love the food!

Putting out my seasonal decorations is a favorite tradition at our house!  My kiddos get so excited when they see their favorite fall thing pop back up in the house...

This was the entrance to our rent house last fall.  Putting the fall decorations out really made that house feel like a home.  You can see the entire post here.

It was so much fun decorating the new house this year for fall!  You can see the entire post here.

I tell you what...very few things make my heart happier than seeing pumpkins scattered around my house :).

During the fall, we spend most Saturdays and Sundays watching football.  Our K-State Wildcats and Dallas Cowboys dominate our weekends (and thankfully, both teams are doing really well this year!!).  It would not be fall without football at the Shull house!

Um, the State Fair of Texas is a HUGE tradition in our state.  Like, really huge. I married this Missouri boy and quickly introduced him to Big Tex and the fabulousness that is a Fletcher's Corny Dog and it's been a family tradition ever since.

No fall is complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch!  Andrew and I visited our first real pumpkin patch when we lived in the Detroit area and knew we would always want to carry on the tradition with our kiddos.

I just love the sight of pumpkins galore!!

And you guys know how much we love our fall food!  We of course stock up on goodies like this...

Dear Target, 
Thank you for having fall everything in your store.  
Hugs and kisses, 

Candy Corn Cupcakes...your kids will think you're super mom :)

Halloween Popcorn...we munched on this the other night while watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

And for supper, we're eating a lot of yummy dinners like my Beer Cheese Joes...

For all of my fall recipes, click here.

Eeks!!  Halloween is one of my very favorite days of the year!  I love, love, love trick or treating with my kiddos!  (I also love digging through their candy and stealing all of the Heath Toffee Bars...but that's just a side note).  My little family carries on the same tradition we had growing up...come home from school and get ready, then we eat a hearty dinner (usally Ghoul-ash!), head out to trick or treat and then come home and pass out candy to neighbors while we sort and snack on our loot.

This year...

...Raphael and Mulan are going to trick or treat with the Slaughter kiddos and we are so excited about that!!

I have a few personal favorite fall traditions...little things that just make me smile this time of year...

...I love buying my kiddos Halloween outfits to wear to school and other festive events.

Ahhh!  So cute!!

I'm also a sucker for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a fall edition of Southern Living magazine.

And don't even get me started on Bath and Body Works fall candles.  I may need to join some BBW Candles Anonymous group for my addiction.  When they go on sale 2 for $22, I just can't help myself.

Speaking of Bath and Body, yes, please.

And a little Pecan Pumpkin Butter on my English muffin each morning just makes my day better.

There you have it!  Some of our favorite things about fall!

Speaking of fall...

Yeah, you need to make this.

Happy Fall Y'all!

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