Monday, March 30, 2015

April Goals

April is going to be a busy month around the Shull house.  Andrew celebrates his birthday on the second, we have Easter, Andrew is going to do mission work overseas, my kiddos start swim lessons and baseball season begins.'s going to be a good month.

Since Andrew is going to be a gone a good chunk of the month, I kept my goals simple.  Before we get to April though...let me recap March...

1. Actually celebrate our 11th Anniversary: Yes, we did!  Thanks to our wonderful babysitters Tab and Erika, we were able to enjoy dinner on our anniversary.

2. Make appointments for everything and everyone: Yup, done, done, done.  We visited the pediatrician, the dentist, the dermatologist, my hair gal...we checked everyone off our list. 

3. Invite 2 families over for dinner: We did this one too!  We invited one familiar family over for dinner (the Slaughters...and we ate Pulled Pork), and then we invited our pastor and his family over for dinner (we ate Beef Enchiladas)...which was a little more out of the box (because we had never had them over before).  Both suppers were really nice and I'm so glad that I followed through and did this.  You really get to know people over supper at your kitchen table.

4. Go to the Perot Museum with Smith: Doing that today!!  Smith, Ashby and I are headed to the museum this morning.  We're all excited about this :).

5. Have a lazy Spring Break: Well, thanks to a little snow, a lot of rain and cold weather...we had a lazy Spring Break.  The weather kept us in (except for the one nice day when we went to the zoo!) and we had a great week!

So, what's on tap for April?  Here you go...

1. Spring Clean: I need to go through my closet and each of the kids' closets and clean out clothes and shoes that don't fit any more, donate them and reorganize for spring and summer stuff.  I also need to clean out my pantry and fridge and get them in shape for spring and summer food too.

2. Clean up yard and patio: Now that our winter weather is over, I need to clean up the dead plants, make room for new annuals, sweep off my patio, clean off my patio furniture and make our outdoor space nice for pretty weather.

3. Buy Swimsuits: My kiddos all start swim lessons this month, so I need to round up some swimsuits for them.  We've never started swim lessons this early before, but I wanted to get it done before the end of school so that once school is out, we can dive right into summer and not have to pause for swim lessons.  (Thank goodness our swim instructor heats her pool!)

4. Run Outside: I used to run outside all the time.  In fact, a long time ago, I was a long distance runner and ran marathons...but now, I prefer classes at the gym.  That being said, the weather is going to be beautiful this month, so I need to embrace the weather and skip the gym a few days and hit the outdoors instead.  Am I the only one that gets inspired by the Athleta catalog?  Seriously, every time it shows up in my mailbox, it makes me want to be a better person ;).

5. Watch Baseball: My world becomes complete once the Red Sox are playing.  I listen to New England Sports Radio all day, I watch every game, I read the Boston world just makes more sense when the Sox are in season.  My goal is to watch as much baseball as I can...but most importantly, enjoy this guy playing baseball the most...

And one last thing...after over two years of Pin-spired...

...Mel, Sheaffer and I have decided to switch things up and do a new linky party instead.  New details are coming, and we think you'll like it even better.  Thanks to everyone who always linked up to us!  You made Pin-spired so much fun over these last two years!

  Don't forget, Meal Planning Monday is on the foodie blog today...

...five simple suppers to make your week a breeze!  Click here.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Fri-day!  We're taking the kiddos to the circus on Saturday, so needless to say, we're super pumped about the weekend!  Today, I'm linking up with my girls Erika, Andrea and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.

On Wednesday, I did my monthly book review...if you need some book suggestions, you should go through and read the comments (you ladies leave the BEST suggestions!).  That being said, everyone needs to read this next... friend Big Mama (a.k.a. Melanie Shankle) wrote a memoir about friendship and if you know me, you know my friends are very important to me.  This book is funny, witty, charming and just so sweet.  I love my girlfriends so much...this book really spoke to my heart.  You and your besties should read it!  Pre-order Melanie's book Nobody's Cuter Than You here.  
It comes out April 7!

Holy hair!  You ladies are even more obsessed with hair products than I am!  After I did my hair product post on Tuesday, the number one question I received was how I did my hair at night when I slept with it wet.  You ladies want to know exactly how I do it.  Listen, my hair is naturally wavy, so  I don't think the exact precision of the bun is as necessary as just not lying on it flat all night.  For grins, here's a pic of my bun a la wet and right before bed...

I just take my hair and pretend like I'm going to put it in a ponytail.  Then I take the "tail" part and wrap it around like a bun,  After that, I take my hair band and wrap it three times around the bun.  My ends stick out but that's okay because my ends aren't wavy.

I use fabric elastics like this so that there isn't any creasing...

...I'm pretty sure I picked these up at Target or Walmart.  I don't wear them out and about because they're not super strong but they work like a charm at night with wet hair.

The second most popular question was whether I slept with it up on nights 2 or 3 and that answer is no.  After I wake up with my dry, beachy hair...I just go about my business and sleep on it down.  Once my wave is in there, it's in there.  That being said, if your wave falls a bit, go ahead and sleep with it up again.

To see the hair post again, click here.  I love that you love hair products :).

I did a post on Monday about Ashby's adoption and her first visit to Scottish Rite and the number one question I had that day was "What version of the Bible do you read?".  So, I snapped a pic of my Bible sitting here on my desk just for's the New Living Translation (I like the one with the commentary at the bottom).  As Kensington would say, that question was "easy peasy lemon squeezy". :)

My Friday Favorite outfit for spring is this.  I'm usually not a yellow person (because sometimes blondes and yellow don't mesh) but I'm in love with this shirt, my jeans and the sandals.  Forgive me if you see me wearing this every single day for the next two months.  This outfit is going on repeat.

And just favorite stud earrings...

...are 25% off right now :).  They come in 16 different colors and I love them all.  These are my very favorite earrings to wear.

Over on Mix and Match Mama, I'm getting into Spring!  Coming up in the next two months...

...spring food is so fun and fresh!  And if you missed my Easy Easter Treats... can see them all here (these pictured plus many more!).

Need a yummy breakfast recipe for your weekend?  You should try my 

...because when you have two veggies in your waffles, it's practically health food, right?!  This means you can enjoy your waffles with no guilt ;).  Click here for the recipe.

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life Lately.

Happy Thursday!!

Last night, we had Smith's first baseball game of the season, and it was so much fun!  I just love watching my boy play baseball :).  So, that's the most exciting thing in our lives lately...and here are a few random pics of other bits of life lately...

On Saturday, we had brunch at our favorite little diner.  Love my peeps so much!

After brunch, I followed these guys back to the car.  Do you see Ashby marching?  She likes to say "march, march, march" as she stomps around.  It is so funny!  I think Kensington taught her this.  She pretty much says it anytime she's walking anywhere with a purpose...march, march, march.

We stopped for a pic :). 

On Sunday, the girls wanted to match for church.  Kensington told me their outfits were laid out in their rooms...and sure enough, when I went up there, both girls had their little matching dresses and gold shoes laying out.  Ashby's pant leg is my favorite part of this pic :).

On Sunday afternoon, Smith took a break from playing baseball in the backyard and watched a movie on his his shorts...with his snow boots on.  He is so sweet.  I wish I could bottle up five year old Smith and save it forever.

 Just a Monday at the grocery store.

 On Tuesday, Ashby and I met Narci for lunch.  Ashby ate a bacon and avocado egg burrito and then a container of salsa.  This girl might have been born in China but her taste-buds were made for Tex-Mex!

Later that afternoon, I went to do some work and saw this when I sat down on the couch with my laptop...I love finding little signs of kid life in my house...especially, when they're away at school.  The ponies made me smile :).

I love this Astro :).

After the game, he told me it was a great day because he had a blue Gatorade :).  Five year old boy life.

That's life lately.

What's for dinner tonight?  Pizza Quesadillas... here for the recipe.

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