Monday, December 22, 2014

Penley, Christmas and the Nutcracker

And just when I thought our holiday season couldn't be any better, we got ourselves a new baby in the family, celebrated Christmas with the Lowes and Kensington was in the Nutcracker.

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la!

After school, we sprinted over to the hospital to meet our new baby Penley Darlene!!

Sean and I have two, it's always just been the four of us and we are extremely close (two girls and two boys...Shay, Sean, Brandon and Brooke).  Brandon and I are the only ones with kids and our kiddos are being raised as cousins (his daughter calls me Aunt Shay and so on).  Kensington Smith and Paisley are all just one year a part (6, 5, and 4), so they haven't really ever appreciated a new baby...until now!  Paisley is now a big sister to Penley and the kids were soooooooo excited!  I was really surprised just how excited the three of them were to get this new baby girl :).

She couldn't wait to hold her new cousin...and she asked me twice when she would be old enough to spend the night at our house :).

It's a joke in our family that I'm the favorite grandchild, Brandon is second and Sean and Brooke are fighting over third place...I personally don't think it's a joke but the absolute truth ;).  Well, I surprised the family and named Smith William after our grandfather William and on this day, Brandon surprised the family and named Penley Darlene after our grandmother needless to say, I think our 1st and 2nd place standings are solid now.  Sweet Smith William was smitten with little Penley Darlene.

These kiddos took in everything about their new cousin.  This was Penley getting her first bath and her blood sugar tested.  I would also like to point out that we are in the labor and delivery room...all 20 of us...yes, there were 20 people in our family (plus the new baby) in that room.  We travel in a herd and don't you dare try and break us up ;).

The next day was pajama day in Smith's class followed by his Christmas party.  I love this sweet boy!

That face.

Later that night, we made our annual trek to see lights and have dinner with the Slaughters.  Five kids, bubbles, a snowman and Bowen squealing for people to stop pushing on him...just another night of Christmas cheer!

Strike a pose!

Erika trying so hard to get them to stand still, look at the camera and smile.  She later put this on Instagram...

...not too shabby!

On Friday night, we celebrated Christmas with my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law.  This is our year to spend Christmas with Andrew's parents, so we celebrated with my parents early.

They're only posing sweet because I said "if you pose sweet, you can open your presents".  This isn't my first rodeo.

I didn't have to bribe C to pose sweet...she does that naturally.

Oh heaven help me.  Growing up, my brother terrorized me with his rubber band gun and now, he bought my almost five year old one.  I heard him say to Smith "I used to shoot your mommy in the face with mine".  Lovely.  I cannot wait until they have kids.  I play to win...they're going down.

There were several of these gifts under the tree from my family too :).

 On Saturday and Sunday, Kensington had her Nutcracker performance.  Her little ballet class did so good!!!  I was so proud of them!

Ebby Lee and Kensington!

Presley and Narci came to watch too!  I took two pictures of these girls and neither one was good.  We thought it was so sweet of those girls to bring flowers and come watch!!

Kensington and her daddy after the show on Saturday night.  And you can see Nixon and Smith being well...Nixon and Smith in the background :).

Papa Jay and Lovie came to watch!  We got Starbucks and looked at Christmas lights after the show together.

My greatest joy is being a mama.  I love raising these kids (with this man) so very much.

Enjoy your last Monday before Christmas!

On the foodie blog, a review of my Christmas menus for this week!

Merry Monday!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Shulls!

Every fall, we have family pictures taken for our Christmas card and this year, once again, my sweet friend (and wonderful photographer) Narci captured the four Shulls...

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas too!

Cards designed by Slightly Askew Designs
Location: Adriatica in McKinney, TX

And to see all of our Christmas cards from years past, click here.

On the foodie blog today...

...a festive Christmas Eve menu for my very favorite day of the year!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

#shayeveryday Week 50

Week 50 friends!  I love December so much, so I'm a little sad that it's already the 18th.  Another year down.

Day 344: I have mastered the carpool, magazines and books.  Smith plays a game on the iPad or watches a movie while we wait and I read.  It is very relaxing especially on cold, cold days (on nice days we walk but on cold days, we stay warm inside).  And listen, I love, love, love my Forever Chic book!!!  This book is about a writer who moved from the US to France and then has stayed for over 25 years and she tells all of the French secrets she has learned from beauty to skincare to hair and manners.  It is just so fascinating (and educational!).  If you like books like this, you will love this witty little read too.

Day 345: He was all dressed up and ready for his Christmas program at school.  He was so excited because this year, he is the big man on campus (Pre-K) and his class sang at the end.

Day 347: The Parade of Lights in downtown McKinney with my favorite people!

Day 348: We hosted our Sunday school class Christmas party and as a class, we catered a wood burning oven was on my driveway making custom pizzas for everyone.  So much fun!!

Day 349: I talked mini sized entrees on Good Morning Texas :).

Day 350: Smith is the Star Student this week at school and when I told him I wanted his picture, he said he wanted to hold the snowman's hand while I took it.  I just love four.  For both of my kids, four has been my favorite age (and in three weeks, he'll be five...insert me sobbing here that my baby is getting so big!).  Sweet boy.

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On my foodie blog today, a yummy Christmas cocktail for your festive season... Cranberry Lime Cocktail can be made with or without alcohol, so it's perfect for all holiday occasions.

Happy Thursday!
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